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Trusted teacher: I have been tutoring French and English for the past 20 years to students of various ages & origins and of numerous backgrounds: children, teenagers, adults, professionals, and also sometimes even seniors (85+). Why am I teaching both languages? I’m bilingual and of American & Swiss/French origins, and... I live in Ireland! This is what makes my teaching strong and relevant because I understand both cultures and therefore I can adapt my classes depending on the language of my students. While I was studying social work in French-speaking Switzerland, I was giving French/English private lessons in order to earn a side income. And I genuinely enjoyed doing it! After I graduated and started working full-time, I didn’t give up this activity because I loved meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. My teaching is always interactive in order to hold my students’ attention during the whole length of the classes, using numerous learning tools (photos, newspaper articles, music, videos, etc.) Naturally, I will focus on the priority of each student. Some students will want to improve their pronunciation, grammatical, and vocabulary skills, others will need to prepare a presentation or a speech at school/work, while others just want to learn a new language to enrich their general knowledge. And sometimes too, parents want their younger children to master a new language. Thanks to my education and experience with children, I’m also able to run a class dedicated to them! What you will gain from my course is not only good pronunciation and vocabulary/grammar improvement but also a deeper knowledge and understanding of the culture that surrounds one language! When you speak a language it’s important to appreciate the lifestyle, traditions, and heritage of the nation(s) speaking it. Both French and English are spoken in many countries around the world, as primary languages, and with so many different accents: the learning process is unlimited! Besides that, I’m also a genealogist, I’m running Spiritual (non religious) seminars in the West of Ireland and I have a passion for vegetarian & vegan cuisine. I hold a Degree in Early Childhood Education for many years I owned a private “Before & Afterschool” facility as well as Summer Camps for children aged 4 to 12 I’m looking forward to meeting you!
French · Grammar · Vocabulary
Trusted teacher: TECHNOLOGIEËN VOOR HET LEREN. Hallo, Mijn naam is Laurie en ik ben een onafhankelijke FLE-leraar, afgestudeerd in het Frans en Romaanse talen en literatuur sinds 2012. Ik heb vijf jaar ervaring onder mijn riem (in het buitenland en in België). Ik heb LangMethod gemaakt, een leermethode voor online cursussen. De cursus omvat: -Het materiaal (artikelen, video's, oefeningen van afbeeldingen en teksten, grammaticale theorie, links naar de oefeningen ...). Ik gebruik Google Doc, dus het beste is om een ​​Gmail-adres te hebben om er toegang toe te hebben. -De correctie van oefeningen buiten de les (de schriftelijke uitdrukkingen worden gecorrigeerd buiten de les, of met de student, volgens zijn behoeften). -Toegang tot een applicatie (gratis) om woordenschat op uw smartphone te bestuderen. -Een woordenschatblad - uitspraak - grammatica / vervoeging, verzonden na elke cursus. -Indien nodig, een vocabulaireopname (voor beginners). -De realisatie van online oefeningen en tests uit de verzonden vocabulairebladen. -Motivatie, gelach, goed humeur :-) Mijn methode: - Het is gebaseerd op spreken. -Voor grammatica gebruik ik een vraag / antwoord-methode (geleerd tijdens de training in het CERAN-centrum). -We werken aan de uitspraak met de verbotonale methode (oefeningen om je stem te zetten, voor ritme, enz.). Ik zou je misschien zelfs laten zingen! :-) -Alles gaat door het gesproken woord voordat het geschreven woord wordt doorlopen, maar ik pas me duidelijk aan aan de behoeften van de studenten. -De cursus is een beetje anders voor kinderen en adolescenten: ik gebruik interactieve games en kaarten via de webcam. Tot binnenkort! Laurie NB: Mogelijkheid om een ​​factuur te maken voor particulieren of bedrijven.
French · Grammar · Vocabulary
Welcome to all students and families My name is Sophie, I am a certified french teacher with 10 years of experience with adults, teenagers, and children. My goal is to help all my students to feel more comfortable with their learning experience. Learning a new language is sometimes challenging and I am here to guide you to reach the best results. During our first classes together, we will start by playing with words in french to break the ice. Then, I will evaluate your level and your needs. All my classes are tailor-made to fit your goals. To make learning fun and stimulating, I use interactive exercises, educational games, real daily-life materials such as restaurant menus, magazines, photos, songs, videos, poems... We will be focusing on improving your listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills but you can also bring your favorite french songs to work on prononciation. If you need extra help for your french GCSE exam's preparation or for french language DELF DALF certificates, I am here to help! If you are a very shy student, this class will be perfect for you as well. During the last 10 years, I helped hundreds of students to improve their level significantly, get their language certificate with success, find a better job in the francophone community, and feel happier about learning a new language. To book your class or for any questions, please message me and I will do my best to reply within 48 hours. If you need to cancel a class, please let me know 24 hours beforehand to be able to arrange another time for the session. Looking forward to seeing you online for our first french lesson together! à bientôt! Your french tutor Sophie
Grammar · Vocabulary · French
Je suis Professeur de français langue étrangère au Maroc. J'ai une expérience d'enseignement du français langue étrangère dans les établissements scolaires (publics et privés). Je suis diplômée d'un Master et je suis doctorante . J'ai enseigné le français tous les niveaux (débutants adultes et enfants, élèves, collégiens, lycéens) . Je suis également encadrante pédagogique et formatrice des formateurs .Je suis très dynamique, bienveillante, patiente et à l'écoute de tout le monde.Mes cours s'adressent à toutes personnes, du niveau débutant au niveau avancé.Mes cours de français FLE ; Communication orale et écrite, lecture et compréhension, je parle arabe, français et un peu espagnol et anglais. J'explique mes cours en français, en arabe selon votre choix.Pendant la séance j'explique le cours en l'adaptant aux besoins de chacun. Il y a aussi l’occasion de créer une séance d’échange orale ouverte afin qu'on puisse parler couramment et éviter les lacunes syntaxiques et linguistiques. A la fin de ma séance de cours , je revois tout ce qui a été fait pour une meilleure mémorisation, et comme devoir à la maison je donne de la lecture, un film, des jeux de langue et de lecture….Dites-moi ce que vous souhaitez étudier ou améliorer, je m'adapterai à vos besoins. Pour mieux aider mes condidats je travaille sur de nouvelles compétences linguistiques. En effet, l’évaluation des différentes compétences linguistiques qui sont l’expression orale la compréhension orale, , la compréhension écrite et l’expression écrite ;qui permettront d'améliorer le niveau et d'acquérir une facilité d'expression orale et écrite. Je propose des cours interactifs efficaces pour aboutir à : Un excellent niveau de communication orale et écrite , une bonne compréhension , un orthographe impeccable, un lexique et un vocabulaire riche, Je suis à la disposition de tous pour aider à démarrer une belle aventure linguistique ; Nous découvrirons ensemble le monde merveilleux de la langue française. Très cordialement
Grammar · Vocabulary
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Private French lessons for adults and teenagers with native French speaker in Co. Mayo (Newport)
It is always a pleasure to meet Phil for our weekly online French classes. He is a patient and kind teacher and always full of energy for our class. Phil is interested in a wide range of topics, so we always have something to talk about based on an article he selected as 'homework'. What I really appreciate about his way of teaching is that he corrects me during our conversation without breaking the flow of our talk, so I can really feel my confidence in speaking French increasing each class. I woulf highly recommend Phil if you are looking for a French tutor :)
Review by KELLY
Learning Dutch in a playful way for children up to and including 10 years old
Lessons with Carolina are fun, varied, and interesting! She always finds ways to challenge my skills and help me constantly improve my Dutch. I speak more Dutch in real life than before having lessons with Carolina, which shows that her method is working! I think Carolina is a great teacher, and I would recommend her to everyone - young, old, less and more skilled in Dutch, etc. :)
De technologie om je Frans te verbeteren. Lessen met een gecertificeerde native docent. (Geneva)
'Langmethod' French Lessons are an excellent method to learn French. Laurie is very patient and speaks French throughout the lesson, and even though I have to crack my brain sometimes to understand it, it helps in the long run. I started with 10 lessons with Laurie, and will continue to further improve my French, thanks Laurie! :)
Review by STINE