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5 vocabulary teachers in Copenhagen

Trusted teacher: I'm a certified Dutch as 2nd Language Teacher and will tutor both primary school children (7-12) who need/want to maintain their Dutch in view of a possible return to Belgium or The Netherlands or just want to talk to family and friends, as well as adults who need Dutch as a 2nd language for their job or partner/family. I use material as 'Taal Actief' (primary) and 'Nederlands in Gang' (adults) but also develop tailored courses per student. I focus on grammar - spelling - vocabulary - pronunciation - conversation - writing - reading - preparation for CITO. I can also do: correction and revision, review of papers and theses, translations. I can give tips for reading-material. I'm working as a teacher Dutch language and culture at FUNS (Dutch School) in Hellerup. In Belgium I also taught introductory courses in Dutch as a 2nd language for foreign students and volunteered teaching Dutch as a 2nd language to parents of foreign origin. From this I learned many different methods of teaching and learning Dutch, from young children right up to adults. I also have a background as a docent in Communication, Marketing and Media at a University College in Belgium (students 18years +). Example course for adults: - Beginners crash course: 10 lessons of 3 hours with basic understanding of Dutch (culture), most important spelling, pronunciation and voc for easy everyday use (shopping, transport, meeting people, numbers, weather, ...). - 20 lessons of 2 hours to bring you from level 0 to A1, or from level A1 to A2. - Easy pace, for those with limited time: one hour weekly during a whole year, to bring you from level 0 to A1, or from level A1 to A2. Example course for children: - one hour weekly with focus on reading and voc, or on spelling and writing, or on comprehension (reading, listening). - 2 hour with break weekly: focus on reading and voc, writing and spelling, and talking. Dutch culture during break. - short holiday course: 4 mornings or afternoons of 3 hours at teachers home
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Andrea was very helpful and on point. She explained everything in details about the test I wanted to take. I definitely recommend her!
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Awesome teacher!
Review by IRENE
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