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I can provide you classes from the basic levels to advance levels of all these topics listed above (see heading). Students need not be panic. Mathematics is very easy to learn. I will teach you with good examples Nowadays, mathematics is used as interdisciplinary in various other fields like physics, biology, and so on. Vectors and 3-d geometry includes :- Algebra of vectors:- representation of vectors, types of vectors, algebra vectors, position vector, section formula, collinear and non collinear vectors, collinear points, components of vector, coplanarity, linear independence and dependence, vector along bisector. Scalar and vector products of two vectors :- the scalar or dot product and its properties, angle between two vectors, applications, tetrahedron, vector or cross product and its properties, applications, area of quadrilateral, moment of a force, moment of a couple. Scalar and vector products of three vectors:- scalar triple product and its properties, applications, volume of tetrahedron, vector triple product and its properties, applications, reciprocal system of vectors, solutions of vector equations. 3d coordinate system:- co ordinates of a point in space, signs of co ordinates of a point, distance formula, section formulae, direction cosines and direction ratios, angle between two lines. Plain and straight line in space:- plane, intercept form of a plane, vector equation of a plane, equation of a plane in a Normal form, equation of a plane in a parametric form, plane parallel to a given plane, straight line, reduction from unsymmetrical form to a symmetrical form, angle between two lines, plane through intersection of two planes, distance of a point from a plane, planes bisecting the angles between two given planes, distance of a point from a line, image of a point in a plane, reflection or image of a point in a straight line, shortest distance between two straight lines and two skew lines, angle between a plain and a line , condition of a line to lie in a plane, coplanarity if two lines.
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Calculus 1 for IGCSE, IB, DOSS (Canadian Sec. Certification) (Al Qurayn)
Amazing knowledge in Matt and great approach with student
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