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Trusted teacher: I am Dr. Salmane, founder of an online medical learning platform. With a passion for medical education, I have spent the past three years teaching online and working as a private tutor. During this period, I had the opportunity to share my medical knowledge with medical students and healthcare professionals around the world. I developed skills in teaching online, creating interactive educational content and using technological tools to facilitate distance learning. As a private tutor, I have worked one-on-one with students, helping them overcome specific challenges they face in their learning journey. I was able to provide personalized support, answer their questions and guide them to develop a thorough understanding of medical topics. This experience has allowed me to develop a pedagogical approach tailored to the individual needs of learners, fostering a supportive learning environment and encouraging active student engagement. I wanted to share my knowledge and my experience more widely, by offering quality online courses to help medical students succeed in their studies and prepare for internship and residency competitions. I believe medical education is a combination of solid theoretical learning, interaction with experienced professionals, and practical application of knowledge. Through this platform I am committed to providing a holistic learning experience and helping students reach their full potential in their medical journey. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with you and supporting you on your medical learning journey.
Anatomy · Biology · Usmle test preparation
Trusted teacher: I have 10 years of experience in medical education. primary conducting tuition for medical schools subjects . I also tutor in boards examinations like Usmle exams ,royal college for physcian part 1 ,Ifom exam and Plab . I took usmle step 1 on 19th jan 2023 (pass) and usmle step 2 on 19th Feb 2023 (test score 264 -90 percentile ) .united state medical license examinations is tract pathway for USA and may international medical students .Usmle is unique because the requirements for examinations is vast .with Usmle step 1 covering the basic sciences( pathology ,pharmacology ,,,,,,,) and usmle step 2 and step 3 covering the clinical sciences (internal medicine ,pediatrics ,,,,,,) the preparation for the exams is hard and commitment is obligatory to pass and score a high marks .Step 1 was considered the most vital and difficult part of the examinations .now with exams report in pass and fail format the preparation for the test become easier but yet need effort full preparation .hospitals adminsteration now weighted Step 2 exam mark more and used as merely filtering to choose participtant so scoring a high mark on usmle step 2 is very important .mastering the clinical sciences is the key for mastering basic sciences so preparing well for step 1 exam will help you a lot for step 2 exam .I have 10 years of experiences in medical education .I start teaching since I was in medical schools .I teach all subjects required for medical school curriculum. working as a tutor helped me in completion of the examinations fees .once I secured my finances I decided to take both Usmle step 1 and step 2 exams on the same eligibility periods with usmle step 1 on 19th January 2023 (pass) and step 2 on 19th February 2023 (test score of 264) . I always try to individualize my teaching to match each student requirements and abilities .pateint teacher who always try to get the best of his students .bedside to usmles exams I conduct preparation in Ifom ,Plab and royal college exams for physician.
Medical prep · Usmle test preparation
Trusted teacher: 🔔 Education and Experience : ⭐ I’m among the top 10% of students in my medical school ⭐ I have experience teaching medicine for 6 years ⭐ I Passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1, which is one of the most difficult international medical exams for medical licensure in the United States ⭐ I have experience in teaching the following subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Histology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Parasitology, Biology Microbiology, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics ⭐ In addition to medical subjects, I can teach you the subjects related to the School of Pharmacy, as I have studied them in detail (even in more detail than the pharmacology students do) 🔔 Languages : ⭐ Arabic ⭐ English 🔔 My skills and what I can offer you: ⭐ I am going to teach you the medical subjects in a simple way starting from the basic concepts to the advanced ones, thus your study will be based on solid knowledge, and you are going to be a successful student in each level of your medical study ⭐ I am against memorization without understanding, therefore I use imagination, mnemonics, and visual explanation to enhance your understanding and visual memory. Consequently, you will be able to understand and memorize the information quickly, perfectly, and in an interesting manner without being stressed or exerting a big effort ⭐ I am going to teach you the skill of dealing with complicated exam questions to end up with the correct answer in a short time ⭐ I will teach you how to study and prepare for exams with minimal effort to get high grades and be a qualified future doctor ⭐ I will teach you how to manage your time as a medical student between your medical and social life
Medical prep · Biology · Usmle test preparation
Greetings! I am Dr. Payal a dedicated professional, healthcare and medical freelancer & a researcher. With a solid background in medical and theoretical knowledge, combined with over 7 years of experience in teaching, academic writing, and research in Medical Sciences, I am well-positioned to assist you in achieving your educational and professional goals. As a tutor, I excel at breaking down complex concepts, facilitating comprehension of high-yield topics, and guiding students through challenging scenario-based questions. As a writer and researcher with a medical background, I can tailor my work to cater to the needs of your target audience, whether it requires a professional or casual tone. My areas of expertise, research and tutoring experience include: 1. Cell Biology 2. Human Anatomy (Upper & Lower Limb, Thorax, Abdomen & Pelvis, Head & Neck, Neuroanatomy) 3. General & Systemic Histology 4. Medical Physiology 5. General & Systemic Embryology 6. Biochemistry / Molecular Biology 7. Pharmacology 8. General & Systemic Pathology 9. Radiobiology & Medical Imaging 10. Genetics & Oncology As your Medical Tutor, I offer: 1. Customized, engaging lectures 2. Interactive and concept-based learning 3. Assessment tests and practice exercises 4. Current content from respected medical authors I am dedicated to ensuring your success by: 1. 90-100% success rate and satisfaction 2. 24/7 availability and customer support 3. Timely delivery of work If my expertise aligns with your needs, please feel free to send me a message outlining the topic(s) to be covered. Together, we can develop an effective plan to achieve your goals.
Usmle test preparation · Microbiology · Pharmacology
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General Pathology for medical students-usmle prep or first timers (Ataşehir)
Great help & support for IB Molecular Biology lessons. Highly recommended Sadia for IB Biology classes.
Review by ANGELA
Acing medical field, USMLEs and Occupational English Test (OET) (Al Rayyan)
Very clear and explained concepts thoroughly.
Review by MASHAEL
Course in Reasoning, Empathy, Communication and Ethics for the entrance examination of Medicine and Dentistry EXMD (Uccle)
Très bon prof
Review by LYVAS

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