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Bass guitar · Ukulele · Guitar
Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Martin, thank you very much for visiting my profile. I am Belgian although I have recently lived in Madrid. It's been more than 10 years since I started playing the guitar self-taught, thanks to the teacher;...Youtube. My beginnings began with the ukulele, later I moved on to the guitar and quickly fell in love with the bass, although I like to experiment with all the gadgets that make noise, especially the drums. I like to listen and learn a little about everything, so, regarding my musical profile, hmm, I would define it in a few styles such as; psychedelic rock, pop, folk, bossa nova, Latin music, jazz and classical music but what I like the most is improvisation. In recent years I have delved a lot into the language of jazz and Latin American rhythms, although previously I have had more concerts based on pop and rock. I also do music production with the Ableton program based on experimentation and electronic music. I have trained with teachers of the stature of Guillaume Vierset, François Delporte, Bo Vanderwerf, Olivier Stalon, Michelle Massot and Laurent Blondiau in Belgium. I have studied at the Jazz Studio school in Antwerp, at the MAI center in Nancy (France), and at the Jazz Cultural Theater in Bilbao with Joshua Edelman. After all my journey, I consider that starting out as a musician can be difficult, but magical at the same time. No methods! Each student is different, and that is why, depending on your abilities, demands, perseverance and tastes, I will adapt to your way of working. My objective; have fun from minute zero while working hard.
Guitar · Bass guitar · Ukulele
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Instrumental Teacher ( Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele)
Mary has been great in our interactions. At the moment, we are meeting twice a week for an hour each session. She started with a class in which we got to know each other and she listen to my goals. Then, she prepared exercises and lessons specially designed to help me reach those goals with practice and also prepared lessons to help me continue growing as a guitar player. Moreover, she goes often out of her way to get songs challenging to my level, but that are doable with enough practice. In all, I am enjoying quite a lot of our classes and I am always looking forward to them.
Piano/Guitar/Ukulele Lessons For Children and Adults (Barcelona)
Sanja is fantastic! Her attitude towards how she teaches is refreshing as she let's her students, and actively encourages, making a song their own. I organised this for my fiancée as a surprise birthday present and she absolutely loved the experience! She is a very visual learner so the worksheets that Sanja had prepared were perfect, despite being aimed at kids, they worked wonders for her! I was allowed to sit close by too so I could enjoy the whole experience which was lovely. Thank you so much!! And we have already organised the next lesson.
Review by NATHAN
Guitar classes, how to start playing guitar, how to play your favorite song in a short time (Warsaw)
I recently started taking guitar lesson with Vasyl and I'm really happy with my experience so far. As someone with zero knowledge about playing guitar, I was a bit nervous to start, but Vasyl has been incredibly patient and encouraging. He's a great teacher who knows how to motivate his students to keep going, even when things get challenging. I feel like I've made a lot of progress in just a short amount of time and I'm excited to continue learning from him.
Review by JENNY