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12 sport coaching teachers in Ixelles‑Elsene

Trusted teacher: EMS ELECTROSTIMULATION COMBINATION ems chatelain brussels electrostimulation wifi - personal home coach Brussels BW / BF EMStraining Bruelles Explore the most effective and fastest workout! ensity  Innovative product design  Bluetooth® wireless technology  Control via easy-to-use software  Long-life Li-Ion battery  Ultra lightweight combination of high-tech antibacterial fibers  Dry electrodes without the need for humidification  More than 30 programs developed scientifically! Efficiency increased tenfold because the combination of electrostimulation alone recruits 100% extra deep muscle fibers than a conventional training. 30 different programs conducted by your Avatar! Health, fitness and above all time saving! Performance: 100% of your potential. Great time savings! When we want and where we want: Technology has finally created Freedom! A gym in A combination to be ahead of its time and competition thanks to technological innovations: 1. Dry combination, without water: light, fast, hygienic and comfortable 2. Wireless, cable for mobility and total freedom 3. Portable train where you want and when you want (even while traveling) 4. Avatar: autonomous training 5. Whole or targeted stimulation of your choice 6. Studio or private solution 7. Point of sale enjoy additional income Stress, cardiovascular or metabolic sessions in static or dynamic form can be performed in conjunction with traditional training methods, indoors and outdoors. The EMS (Electro-Myo-Stimulation) allows different frequencies of intensities and depths with electrical pulses on the muscles in endurance, resistance or strength. True sports well-being with full or targeted stimulation to choose from. Effectiveness increased and results faster! Scientifically developed and proven both in the paramedical field and for performance and aesthetics: increasing muscle mass and power, reducing fat percentage, toning, neuro-muscular rehabilitation, back pain, correction of posture, weight loss, bodybuilding, relaxation, firming, circulation, toxin and lymphatic drainage, rehabilitation, muscle aches, cellulite, rehab, oxygenation, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, circulation, recovery, pain relief and physical fitness.
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The content of the course is based on a first complete analysis of what the student needs to develop in terms of skills, methodology but also knowledge. Then, based on the lessons, exercises and homework of the student, I prepare my sessions in advance to be sure to cover all the required material while pressing on the important and missing points in the student. Thus, this allows the student to develop a regular work rhythm as well as a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the course in question. I also like to give practical advice to my student. And this, because I carried out an integrated preparation to enter my business school. This allows my students to receive a lot of advice regarding excess work or the organization and distribution of their work periods. I keep insisting on regularity. Lesson, break and exercises. I find that courses can only go better with sympathy, exchanges with the student and finally, rigor. It is by forging links with the student that he will respectfully give his tutor real moments of attention. I calibrated the duration of the tutoring after testing many configurations. The 2-hour format allows subjects to be dealt with in depth and to take the time to practice exercises. However, for the classes at the beginning of middle school, I also offer a 1 hour slot, because the amount of work required and the level of autonomy of the students are not always compatible with 2 consecutive hours of work. I can, at the parents' request, follow up by telephone or by email a report of the work provided by the student. I also like to take the time to organize interviews with parents to follow the progress of each student.
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Hypopressive abdominal class (Low Pressure Fitness) (Brussels)
Great instructor, attentive and friendly, checks posture and breathing for all participants. The group is small, which makes the session very efficient.
Review by ZSU
Learn useful and native Spanish with my dynamic lessons (Tokyo)
It was great lesson.The teacher was really kind and polite. I will keep studying with him hereafter.thanks.
Review by MARI
SPORT classes to do exercise and have excellent HEALTH and BODY!! (Auderghem)
Very good, I think Luis understood my requirements and helped me achieve what I wanted.
Review by MIRUNA