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Trusted teacher: I am a 30-year old guitarist, songwriter and composer based in Den Haag, songwriting, composition, electric and acoustic guitar, in combination with music theory. I teach in English or in Greek. I am half Greek and half Scottish and I have been living in the Netherlands for the last 4 years. I offer lessons in all styles, to all age groups, and for any experience level (ranging from students who have never written a song before, up to experienced songwriters who are looking for fresh ideas and improving their skills to really make their songs shine). Face to face lessons are preferable, but I also teach online. I am a patient and open minded teacher, and my desire is to help you learn what you want to learn, and make sure you enjoy and take pride in your songs, learn to express your musical ideas as best as possible and nurture your curiosity and excitement about the world of music creation ! My Credentials: I hold a Bachelors of Music degree from Birmingham Conservatoire (UK), and a Masters of Music from The Hague Royal Conservatory. My experience as a songwriter and composer ranges from writing songs and singing in indie / off-beat rock bands, solo guitar and vocal performances, home-production of my own songs, creation of instrumental post-rock music, collaborative songwriting in bands, composition of works for classical players, creation of ambient, experimental and electronic music, creation of music for film, and I even some experience in beat-making. I have written songs, I have written orchestra pieces, I have worked as a DIY home producer, I have released albums, and I've performed in concert halls, rock venues, squats and festivals. I My music has been performed in and has taken me to several countries, including Portugal, The Czech Republic, The U.S.A., Canada, Korea, Greece, The U.K., The Netherlands. My Teaching style: My emphasis is to teach you based on your interests and your needs. The lessons are based around each individual student. You bring me the music you are creating and the skills you want to develop as a songwriter, and I build my lessons around that. My primary goal is help you develop your voice as a songwriter, so the starting point for our lessons will always be your music, and then I build our lessons around that. My aim is always to help you find what the heart of the song is about, and help you to bring this out and really make it shine. To help illustrate ideas about topics we discuss I will bring examples that can help inform the music you are creating, we will explore ideas of arrangement, orchestration, band leading and / or production to help flesh out your songs, and we will explore music theory too when that is helpful for us and / or if that is interesting to you. For more experienced songwriters we can explore how to write parts for other players, how to notate and orchestrate songs for acoustic instruments, how to record songs, or how to get the best playing out of your bandmates to help your song shine
Song writing · Music theory lessons · Music composition
Trusted teacher: Hi all, this is Sarang from S.Korea who's been working as a jazz composer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, improviser, conductor, producer and lecturer since 2008. I've played the piano since the age of 4, so music is just part of my life. My students have said that I am talented at making different topics easy to understand, and for me to see their growth as artists is a great pleasure and a big part of my life. In short, I love teaching. :) Through this lesson you will learn about various aspects of music with piano from my experiences and backgrounds, because I’d love widening my musical spectrum and improving my own musical language by exploring different genres of music. (You will see it through my albums linked below.) What you could learn from this lessons are : 1) playing pop music with piano with chord reading 2) playing jazz music with nice voicing & soloing 3) making your own songs with nice chord progression 4) how to read and write rhythms easily 5) how to make a music score using tools like Sibelius or Musescore 6) how to work on Logic with midi-related stuffs (on Mac) ... etc. Well, as you know, it just depends on your goal. Whatever you need, bring your thing. :) And add to that, if necessary, according to your level, you could have to start learning from the very basics like how the chords are structured and how to make your muscles (especially your hands, fingers and elbows) soft. Looking forward to meeting new students/friends through this platform! * [Attention] I can reject giving lessons after the 1st meeting with you, according to your attitude or in the case I don’t feel safe. Well, just to make it clear. ;) For more info, see the below.
Jazz music · Piano · Song writing
Trusted teacher: Did you ever ask yourself what your life would look like if you had more confidence? With me, your goals and self-esteem are my #1 priority. It’s estimated that roughly 85% of people worldwide have low self-esteem. This can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and have a dramatic impact on our personal and professional lives. To combat this, we must take special care of ourselves and I believe that working towards finding our individual voices is a fantastic way to do so. Working on a creative skill cultivates greater emotional health and builds our confidence as we improve. I’m the right tutor for you if: You’re ready to take action to build your confidence You want to overcome fears around performing You want to expand the range of notes you can sing You want to discover your voice You want to improve your vocal tone You want to stabilise and strengthen your voice You want tools to manage anxiety and become a better a singer through work on breathing techniques You DON’T want to spend hours on scales or music theory I wasn’t born a naturally good singer and have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’m now a professional singer and singing coach, signed to a record label with over 3 million streams and although I still experience anxiety, I’m far better equipped to cope with it thanks in part to breathing techniques. It’s safe to say, I know how impactful the right guidance can be. You can see it in the reviews from my students too - through my coaching, confidence blossoms alongside the voice. Make this the turning point of your life. Why not take the first step to building your self-esteem and sign up for your first lesson now? You deserve to nurture yourself!
Singing · Song writing · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: Welcome to the complete music composition and production course for emerging artists! Here you will find everything you need to become a successful songwriter and producer, from creative conception to release on digital platforms. During this online course, we'll explore a wide range of musical concepts, from lyric creation and melody development to harmony and music theory. You will learn to capture and express your artistic ideas effectively, and through a didactic method, you will be able to immediately apply these concepts in your own songs. But that's not all: I will also teach you the fundamentals of music production. You will discover how to record, mix and master your own songs, using professional tools and techniques. You will learn to work with production software, to use samplers, synthesizers and other resources to create the atmosphere and the perfect sound that you want to transmit. Also, I will guide you in the process of releasing your music on digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and many others. I'll show you how to prepare your audio files, how to create a compelling artist image, and how to promote your music on social media and other relevant digital channels. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced musicians who want to take their composition and production skills to the next level. No matter your preferred musical genre, be it pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop or any other, this course will be tailored to suit your individual needs. Get ready to explore your creativity, develop your musical skills and take your songs to the next level. Join this music composition and production course and start your journey to success in the music industry!
Music composition · Audio production · Song writing
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Singing Lessons (Individual) - Pop, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Rock (Amsterdam)
Not just a singing teacher, but by the way also the best vocal coach you can get hold of at this moment and in this area of the Netherlands (so take your chance...;-)). For about 3 years I had a serious problem with my vocal chords (incomplete closure) and a dislocated larynx. I started to be in contact with Stefano by chance asking him to show me some (singing) exercises additionally to my treatment at the ENT-department of Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen as well as an ongoing therapy at a professional trained speech therapist. To cut a long story short: Within a couple of lessons and dedicated exercises he succeeded in re-positioning my larynx and got rid of my incomplete vocal cords closure, meanwhile the medical specialists had decided that the only cure could possibly be an operation... As a ‘side-effect’ I am now able to sing and control my voice like I have never been able before and could never have imagined that this was possible to achieve by just some simple but individually chosen exercises and practice. Grazie!
Review by JANA
Guitar, music production and songwriter lessons for students of all levels in the Lake Zurich area (Adliswil)
Pedro is teaching to my daughter Alice (6 y.o.). He is very organized and punctual teacher. Every week prior each lesson at our place he shares the program with the parents. He is talented in teaching to young kids, he can grab their attention and interests with small musical games, (co)writing music and lyrics while learning chords and rhythm with acoustic guitar, electric guitar or (even!) ukulele. Moreover, he can provide advice to parents in buying gear and equipment which we really appreciated! I really recommend Pedro to all parents looking for a guitar teacher in the Zurich area
Guitar MADE EASY ♫ including theory and composition! (Stuttgart)
Oscar is an amazing instructor! His ability to teach how to play the guitar is incredible. He is patient and encouraging. He applies philosophy, wisdom and experience into his teaching practices. Before going to Oscar, I was not very confident on playing the guitar. Now, after only two lessons, I am playing better and have more confidence in my playing ability. I definitely would recommend him to anyone hands down!!
Review by LENEE