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Trusted teacher: Setting up businesses in Africa ,especially Nigeria is very hard due to a number of factors .Raising fund for investors with ideas ,is a lot difficult because banks may hardly listen ,with loads of bottle neck and cumbersome process. Another factor that is obvious is idea bereft ; being unable to come up with realistic solutions to solve the African-Nigerian needs has eluded many even the highly skilled professionals,the truth is our own economy requires a special type of home-grown business skills to achieve something worthwhile,if this resonates with you,then a take deep breath,sit-back and relax as I reel out the realest content you need to grow and scale up your ideas for Africa .It is often said that Africa(Nigeria) is an emerging economy ,this automatically makes her a 'graveyard' of untapped environmental business potential,you may just be thinking in the right direction by thinking Africa ,specifically Nigeria as the next hub of your small-scale to large scale with Africanized cost-effective and cutting edge solutions. In this class I will go into full throttle to explain my 5-5 crowdfunding African model .Summarily ,it involves helping to hone your ideas ,like A/B split testing it,if it survives this crucible we can go ahead with the next stage which involves like-minded people who have the same inclinations to financially buy into your idea. This is where the name 5-5 crowdfunding is primarily derived,but not limited to this in scope. People invest and you spread the risk for medium-scale business; people invest expertise ,know-how,experience to make simple and small ideas work.I have a tonne of turnkey business ideas and solutions in case your ideas do not fly,they may not make 'etymological' meaning to you- in other words may not be what you are passionate about ,but sure makes business meaning .My 5-5 crowd funding business model is Hydra -headed and multi-faceted ,this is why you have to enrol now for my series.It is expository,it is fiery, practically 🔥.I'll sure blow up your mind. I am an honest bloke ,realest in my niche ,a hard-nose ,I just make it work from small to big,getting my hands dirty with hands-on techniques and simulations where it is needed.What are you still waiting for,why won't you make this leap jump and enrol and re-enrol into this University of business discovery .5-5 crowdfunding model,let that stick.A trial has always convince them; it must convince you too.
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Trusted teacher: Do you notice that the changes in the world are going faster and faster? Are you running behind the facts or would you prefer to choose yourself? Technology is gaining more and more influence. Will you let that all just happen to you? Of course not. Technology can also make your life easier. You must know how. Together we will discover how we can make your life more enjoyable, easier or more interesting by exploring your future. If you keep doing what you did, you keep the results you are used to. But if you want more or better or different, how are you going to achieve that? What do you achieve with it? - You are better prepared for the future - You can apply for a new job more easily - You can better understand the usefulness of certain subjects in your studies, which gives you more motivation - Your company responds better to new developments than your competitors - Everyone wants to talk to you at network meetings, because you have something interesting to say. Who is this suitable for? - You are still in school but you have doubts about study or work after school - You have been working for a while, but you feel that there is more to you than comes out now. You just don't know how to change that. - You haven't been working for a while, but you want to get back to work. How do you get a nice job that really suits you? - You get crazy about all beeps and notifications but only get stressed out of it. How do you arrange all that technology so that you benefit from it? - In your work you notice that little has changed in the last three years. Everything is exactly as it was then, while technology is racing past. How do you get your department or your company involved in innovation? How can you take advantage of everything that you can find online nowadays for almost nothing? As Commissioner of the Future, I have been helping people and companies for many years to better prepare for the rapidly changing world. My focus is on technology, on a human scale. So don't implement very large and complicated software systems or purchase all kinds of machines. No, it could be smarter. Because of this I work in different fields, I can let you learn from the discoveries of others. In addition, I read more than 50 books a year on various topics related to new technology, science, innovation and management. You benefit from it without having to read them all yourself.
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