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20 science teachers in Luxembourg

Trusted teacher: Holder of an industrial engineering diploma and a master's degree in management sciences, I have in-depth professional experience of more than ten years in the field of academic support. My specialty lies in the teaching of mathematics, physics and chemistry, covering levels from secondary education to higher education (university and high school). My teaching method places particular emphasis on methodology and self-confidence, essential elements allowing students to more easily understand the subjects taught. I offer personalized support throughout the year, including individual monitoring for each student. This includes establishing efficient working methods, preparing for exams, as well as optimizing and managing time. My services include homework help, revision sessions, preparation of revision sheets, exam correction, as well as personalized advice adapted to the specific needs of each student. Depending on the level, difficulties and needs of my students, I design a program aimed at promoting progression and mastery of subjects. My approach generally takes place in several stages: Review of the theoretical bases necessary for carrying out the exercises. Detailed explanation of the methods to be applied to solve given exercises. Active supervision of students when solving standard exercises. Finally, to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts, I offer a series of exercises to complete before the next class. My commitment aims to provide comprehensive support, adapted to the individual needs of each student, thus promoting significant progress and in-depth mastery of the subjects taught.
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Trusted teacher: Are you struggling with math concepts? Do you want to excel in your math studies? Look no further! I am an experienced math teacher with a passion for helping students succeed, and I am here to offer private lessons tailored to your needs. 🎯 Lesson Highlights: - Personalized Approach: I understand that every student is unique, and I tailor my lessons to match their learning style and pace. - Comprehensive Curriculum: I cover a wide range of topics, from basic arithmetic to advanced algebra, geometry, calculus and computer science. - Problem-Solving Skills: I emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to help students tackle math challenges with confidence. - Exam Preparation: Whether it's preparing for standardized tests or school exams, I provide targeted guidance and practice materials. 🌟 Benefits of Private Lessons: - Individual Attention: Private lessons allow for personalized attention, ensuring that students receive the support they need. - Flexible Scheduling: I offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy students and their families. - Boosted Confidence: By addressing specific areas of difficulty, students gain confidence and develop a positive attitude towards math. - Accelerated Progress: With focused attention and a customized curriculum, students can make rapid progress and achieve their goals. If you are ready to take your math skills to the next level, I am here to help! To schedule a consultation or inquire about my private lessons, please contact me. Let's embark on a math journey together! Don't let math be a roadblock to your success. With my expertise and dedication, we can conquer any math challenge and unlock your full potential. Reserve your spot today and let's make math enjoyable and rewarding!
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Science and math tutoring for primary and secondary school students (Şişli)
I am pleased to share my positive experience with Mavi. Mavi's professionalism and deep knowledge of mathematics. Mavi's teaching approach is organized, clear, and engaging. She possess a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to all students. The personalized attention given to each student's learning style ensures a comprehensive understanding of the material. What stands out about Mavi is not only her expertise but also their commitment to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Students benefit from a supportive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and open communication. In summary, I highly recommend Mavi as a math teacher. her professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to student success make them an invaluable asset.
Review by ANTONELA
Tuition in Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Math), Mathematical Part( GRE and SAT) (Luxembourg)
Narayan is a really good teacher. I urgently needed someone to teach me physics for two different medical school entrance exams. He was able to do it very fast and well. Every lesson started with him explaining a specific concept, and then he gave me practice questions to ensure that I was confident in solving them. Additionally, after every lesson, he shared his notes with me to study from them later on. I truly feel confident and prepared for my exams. Thank you so much!!
Review by KATERINA
Math, Physic, Engineering, English and Turkish Language (Esch-sur-Alzette)
Kivanc is a very kind and friendly tutor, he responded to my messages very quickly and is always on time. Once connection was established communication was via phone messages and he communicates very well and effective. He is very knowledgeable and interacts well with my son.