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    Public Speaking for Beginners: Learn the basic skills of writing and delivering your own speech

    This class is specially designed for beginners and would like to learn how to become a public speaker or an excellent presenter. This class will cover all the basic necessary skills in writing and delivering your very own masterpiece.

    It is a step by step guide that allows the new learner to follow along with the pace and focus on details for every each lesson.

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    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)

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    60 minutes

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    la Clef de
    Prise de parole en public - Art oratoire - Débats, Médias
    Enseignant diplômé avec beaucoup d'expérience de travailler avec les personnes de tous les milieux. Méthodes rapides et efficaces. Approche personnalisée, que vous soyez débutante/débutant ou un oratrice/orateur confirmé mon aide sera utile. Vous tirerez profit d’une riche expérience issue des techniques théâtrales et du monde de l’entreprise. Vous travaillerez sur les postures et les comportements qui facilitent la prise de parole. Vous explorerez également les dimensions de la voix et de la gestuelle qui améliorent l’expression orale et renforcent votre impact sur l'auditoire. Nous vous garantissons la confidentialité et l'ambiance décontracté.

    FCours intensif Anglais/Allemand for Students and Adults
    Buts? Apprendre à Apprendre, Motivation, Confiance en soi, Autonomie Contenu? Se présenter, Présenter quelqu'un, famille, métier, école, Raconter un évènement, S'orienter, maison, Demander son chemin, Parler de ses goûts, Faire ses courses, Aller au restaurant, pour ou contre, Donner avis, Exposer son opinion Objectifs? Remise à Niveau, Conjugaison, Temps des verbes, Prononciation, Syllabes, Alphabet, Orthographe, Ecriture, Vocabulaire, Lecture, Grammaire, Conversation avec supports variés Supports? Vidéos, écoute sonore, livres, brochures, fichiers, jeux interactifs si nécessaire Nombre de personnes? 1-5

    Presentation Design, Speech Writing and Orathorical Practice
    They say talking in public is the no1 fear in the world. How about preparing for it intensively, so when the moment comes, you will be confident, engaged and clear, even if your knees are still shaking? I have been coaching debate and public speaking to young people for 4 years. I have a lot of experience in speech writing and helping others prepare for talking in front of a crowd. What we can achieve together: - learn to compose a good speech -> with all the necessary elements in order to have a persuasive effect - design a killer presentation -> complicated ideas sometimes require visual aid for the public. Learn to let go of comic sans and how not to undermine a good talk with outdated graphic work - practice speaking -> 99%blood sweat and tears. I can help you present over, and over and over again until you are satisfied and confident that nothing can go wrong. Remember that all the great speakers of this world made history by practice, not by intuition or accident. My main goal for this course is that you would acquire autonomy to write your own speeches and manage presentations with less effort by being more and more persuasive.

    Enhance your English speaking ability by joining my English dialect class!
    In my class you will learn techniques to enhance your level of speaking English. Whether you are just starting to learn English or have mastered the fluency level, you have the ability to practice your English pronunciations and dialect with my class. You will learn new techniques and have homework to practice these techniques throughout the week. It is my goal to not just have you speaking more like a native English speaker, but have the boosted confidence when speaking! You may need this class to help your English is your school, work place, or to prepare you for the next big promotion. I have the knowledge, technique, and passion to insure you are successful to reach your goals.

    Zangles en Stemcoaching - Complete Vocal Technique (CVT)
    singsing! is de privéschool en coaching praktijk voor zangers en sprekers van Sarah. Je stem strategisch, creatief, functioneel en gezond gebruiken? Leer het hier!

    Pitch and Public Presentations: how to prepare yourself
    Being able to express your ideas and projects in public is a fundamental ability for your professional career. In the audiovisual field where I have been working for fifteen years, giving a good convincing pitch was the only way to find investors for my documentary projects. Later, working as a teacher at a Faculty of Media and Communication, I had the opportunity to help students prepare their presentations, and very especially their Final Thesis Presentations. All and all, I have my personal toolbox for preparing anyone (welcome shyness!) to feel confident and at ease in order to communicate with the verbal language, the body language, and the visual language.

    Mohamed Rushdie
    Apprenez à rédiger des présentations PowerPoint efficaces qui laisseront un impact bénéfique sur vos audiences.
    Ce cours vous permettra de découvrir un canevas efficace pour la rédaction de vos présentations PowerPoint à usage commercial ou autre. Comment structurer vos idées ? Comment les enchaîner ? Quels médias utiliser ? Quelles règles typographiques utiliser ? Comment présenter vos contenus texte ? Comment atteindre efficacement votre audience ? Tous ces points seront traités et vous permettront d'acquérir un schéma directeur efficace d'élaboration de présentations applicables à diverses situations.

    Nula, Grace And
    English classes taught by a native Three native speakers. Able to teach to whatever level. Gain a unique experience as you learn through three different perspectives. We are three university students from Great Britain teaching English as a foreign language.

    English Language, Literature and Acting / Drama coaching
    I specialise in teaching English to students studying up to their final school exams, as well as English as a foreign language. I assess a student's level, strengths and weaknesses, in order to help them achieve their exam potential. I am an actress, professionally trained in London, who can coach students through admission auditions for Drama schools, or help anyone prepare for public speaking. I have experience in teaching English Language and English Literature to students aged 11-18. I also have experience tutoring early years development to small children, such as the basics of reading and writing, shapes, colours and counting.

    English Speaking Practice For Any Occasion You Need
    This class is designed to make the student more confident in their English speaking abilities. This class is designed for those who already have a background in English but want to learn from a native speaker how to have everyday conversations. The class includes both formal speaking and slang components as well as everyday conversation and more formal speaking. I always tailor my classes to the needs of the individual. We could have classes focused on English speaking to prepare you for studying abroad, to prepare you for a job interview in English, or for any reason you could imagine.

    CHANTEUR PRO, BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Sciences-Po Paris (prof au bureau des Arts)
    CHANT / TECHNIQUE VOCALE / PRISE DE PAROLE EN PUBLIC LE SOUFFLE, LA PRÉSENCE, ET LE SON. VOIX PARLÉE - VOIX CHANTÉE Par le biais d'exercices ludiques, l'objectif est de vous faire connaitre puis maitriser votre voix et ses nombreuses possibilités. Il s'agit de développer cet outil magique, souvent mal et sous utilisé. Au delà des applications directes au chant ou à la prise de parole en public, le travail du souffle et de la voix apporte bien-être et meilleure connaissance de soi. Problématiques abordées : mise en place de la colonne d'air et exploration des souffles, unité souffle / émotion, recherche de l'identité vocale et utilisation saine de l'organe, exploration de toutes les facettes de votre outil vocal (grave / aigu / fort / doux / soufflé / ...), maitrise de vos différents registres (poitrine / tête / passagio), construction / renforcement de techniques spécifiques (belting / twang), travail de l'oreille (précision mélodique / harmonique), homogénéisation du timbre, interprétation (adresse, gestuelle, sens). Compétences acquises après le cour : - projection de la voix sans dommages pour les cordes vocales - unité corps / souffle / émotion - fluidité et précision du chant - développement de la palette vocale Cours de 30mn, 1h ou 1h30. TOUT NIVEAU. Les exercices sont "sur-mesure"

    English, Test Prep Tutoring, University Applications, Business English
    I am a professional, experienced English teacher who loves to get to know my students and truly understand their language learning goals, and it is my passion to help them reach those goals! I have been teaching in public and international schools for over 10 years. I understand the challenges of learning English and I love coming up with fun and interesting ways to improve my students' English. I have worked with students of all ages. Being a business owner, I can help those learning at the professional level get ready for an important presentation or prepare for a big meeting with their overseas clients. I am also a certified ESL in the Mainstream course instructor, which means I am able to teach other educators how to meet the English language needs of their students in any classroom. This has also helped me understand language learning demands in other subjects as well. I am sure that together, we can learn, have fun, and make reaching your goal a reality!

    Italian Language Class
    Hello, my name is Luca. I am a tourist guide in Paris. I am italian, thanks to my father, I have always spoken the language! If you are looking for a fun and serious teacher I think I might be just what you are looking for. One half of my Italian family comes from the North of the country and the other from the South. Therefore, I can deeply translate to you the culture and differences of the rich Italian culture and language.