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    IB and A levels and IGCSE Business and Management tutoring

    I specialize in tutoring IB Business Management and IGCSE and A levles business studies.
     20+ years of experience teaching and mentoring students and teachers in private and international schools in Syria, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, United States and China; 5+ years of experience teaching Business and Management in IB World Schools
     Served as the Head of IB Diploma Programme, leading the IB authorization process
     IB Certified Examiner of Business and Management, Administrator (Completed Cat. 1 Administrator IB training in Singapore), Business and Management Teacher (Completed Cat. 2 IB training of Business and Management in China)

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    About Me

    As a teacher, I have 20 years’ experience in teaching Business Studies and Accounting to O Levels, IGCSEs, A Levels, and IB diploma at various institutes in different countries including United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, China, Syria and Pakistan.

    Most recently, as an IB Programme Manager at Roots Millennium School I led the authorization process, successfully managing the implementation and development of the school from candidacy phase to authorization and post-authorization. This included training and guiding 15 teachers on various topics including curriculum development, course outline, IB philosophy, external and internal assessment, and linkages to Core (Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS).

    My project-based position with the Birmingham City Council’s Education Department as a Lifelong Learning Officer merged social policy formulation and execution with administration, event planning, coordination and outreach for 42 projects. I was involved in the entire gamut of the Department’s service areas, from Early Years to Adult Education, from Family Learning to Youth Service, as well as the city’s libraries. In addition, I was responsible for the Business Planning cycle within the Community Learning and Libraries Division. My responsibilities included writing Business Plans, as well as implementing and monitoring the delivery of the action plan. As a top official, I represented the Division at various events, organizing Lifelong Learning awards and the Year of Lifelong Learning Dissemination event.

    To a great extent I attribute this success to my resistance to intellectual and professional complacency – I am continually learning new things and keep myself abreast of innovations in my disciplines. As a teacher, a planner and an administrator, I am committed to seeing things from multiple perspectives, and to confronting situations in flexible ways. I consider myself a sensitive cosmopolitan, an enthusiastic learner, a committed worker, and a problem-solver – and my various personal, educational and professional experiences have continually affirmed and encouraged this.


    M.Sc. Master of Science in Marketing and Management Birmingham, England | 2002 University of Central England (Dissertation: “Ethic Minority Businesses & the Role of Government Support Agencies in Birmingham”)

    M.B.A. Master of Business Administration (Major in Finance and Marketing) Karachi, Pakistan | 1989 Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

    Experience / Qualifications

    IB Programme Manager for Roots Millennium School Islamabad, Pakistan | 2015 – 2017 • Led the authorization process for IB Diploma programme, successfully managing the implementation and development of the programme from candidacy phase to authorization and post-authorization • Trained 15 teachers according to IB diploma program guidelines including teacher training on curriculum development, course outline, IB philosophy, external and internal assessment, and linkages to Core (Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS) • Executed a thorough admission process by conducting interviews, testing and other evaluations to enroll students, securing 30+ students in first cohort • Organized and monitored weekly collaborative meetings with the Head of the departments and IB teachers for 15 subjects • Conducted teacher performance appraisal for IB Diploma teachers and monitored individual IB students’ academic progress • Promoted understanding of IB Diploma programme through directing website content, community meetings, seminars and publications

    IB Teacher at Canadian International School of Beijing Beijing, China | 2013 – 2015 • Taught Business and Management to 40+ IB students, including teaching through hands-on experiences e.g. educational business field trips to key companies and factories • Organized a number of fundraising events attended by 200+ students, faculty and parents e.g. international food fair, henna painting, face painting and the 2015 graduation ceremony • Marketed the school to the international community through various events, showcasing cultural diversity of students

    Teacher at The Edlin School Reston VA, United States | 2010 – 2013 • Taught Introduction to Business as an elective subject to a group of 20 students in the 8th grade as well as English, Math and Science to primary classes • Organized multiple field trips to embassies, multinational companies and book fairs helping students learn and explore different concepts in Business

    Teacher at Headstart School Islamabad, Pakistan | 2007 – 2009 • Taught Business Studies and Accounting to O and A Level students; Awarded ‘Teacher of the Year’ award for having more than 75% of students receiving As and Bs in Business Studies and Accounting in O Levels and A Levels • Acted as a mentor and counselor for students struggling with schoolwork and personal issues

    Teacher/Administrator at Raffles International Christian School Jakarta, Indonesia | 2005 – 2007
    • Taught Business Studies and Principles of Accounting to IGCSE, A level, and IB students • Managed the school budget and prepared financial statements • Organized a graduation ceremony attended by over 200 people • Provided guidance to students performing poorly due to lack of proficiency in English

    Lifelong Learning Officer at Birmingham City Council Birmingham, United Kingdom | 2002 – 2004
    • Managed project and strategic planning processes for lifelong learning programs e.g. prepared a key Lifelong Learning Business Plan and Equalities Plan • Developed policies, guidance and procedures relating to lifelong learning issues consistent with departmental and corporate objectives • Maintained and monitored 43 education projects, analyzing and auditing project budgets and financial statements • Assisted in seeking opportunities for external funding to support the Division’s objectives • Worked as a Coordinator for the Community Learning and Libraries Division’s five-service areas: Adult Education, Youth Service, Family Learning, Early Years, and Birmingham Libraries • Organized Lifelong Learning awards e.g. Lifelong Learning Dissemination event attended by 1,000+ people • Prepared key annual reports for the Corporate Lifelong Learning Strategy Group, Chief Officers’ Group, and Cabinet Member for Education & Lifelong Learning and Scrutiny Committees

    Teacher at Roots School Islamabad, Pakistan | 2001 – 2002
    • Taught Business Studies and Accounting to 100+ O and A level students

    Teacher/Administrator at Overseas Pakistan Foundation Islamabad, Pakistan | 2000 – 2001
    • Taught Business Studies, Marketing Management, Accounting, and Business Communication to graduate and undergraduate students

    Administrator of Business Studies at Pakistan International School Damascus, Syria | 1996 – 1999
    • Taught Business Studies and Accounting to 100+ O and A level students • Conducted research on new courses, helping develop high school courses in coordination with the British Council • Assisted high school students in different research projects related to marketing, finances and human resources

    Branch Manager at International Housing Foundation Limited Islamabad, Pakistan | 1994 – 1995
    • Managed the Islamabad branch of the World Bank project titled International Housing Foundation Limited • Marketed housing loans to various multinational companies, residential colonies, embassies, and private borrowers • Prepared financial statements and assessed applications for loan approval

    Product Manager at Fisons Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi, Pakistan | 1992 – 1993
    • Designed and implemented marketing strategies for pharmaceutical products • Managed and trained a team of 40 sales representatives
    Commercial Officer at AEG Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi, Pakistan | 1990 – 1991
    • Conducted financial monitoring of different electrification projects • Summarized tender documents
    Lecturer at IBA Karachi, Pakistan | 1989 – 1990
    • Taught Business Communication and Marketing to M.B.A and B.B.A classes

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Operations Research & Engineering Probability and Statistics
    I am PhD student of Industrial Engineering at University of Bologna and have several years of teaching experience either at university or privately. I teach most Industrial Engineering (Engineering Management) lessons and courses such as: Operations Research (OR), Engineering Probability and Statistics, Engineering Economics, Inventory Control, Project Control, Facility Location, etc.

    Help with homework. ES / L Bac Preparation, BTS, PGE Competition, TAGE MAGE, TOEIC.
    PhD student in management sciences and teacher (Toulouse School of Economics) offers an individualized pedagogy at different levels. - Help with the preparation of interrogations or written and oral exams (Bac, BTS, Professional or research memory) - Assistance in the preparation of the Grandes Écoles program competitions (Tage mage, Toeic, interviews) - Courses for newcomers, beginners or reinforcement in French. - Possibility of help with homework (primary level and college) in French or English.

    Flexible, Fun and Engaging Lesson - Experienced EFL Instructor / Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Personal /.Business
    I have a relaxed personality - I am friendly, easy-going, acquire extensive experience and qualification, good interpersonal skills, computer skills, art talent and flexibility so I hope to make my online teaching more efficient, engaging, useful and interesting! I have been teaching English online and in-person since 2010 I moved to Japan in 2015 and have taught at over 12 public schools (elementary, junior and senior) around Tokyo with the Board of Education of Akiruno, Hachioji and Minato Every weekend, I would organise a conversational lesson at Mitaka City Hall I teach everyone from all ages I would love to share my creative ideas and experiences to help you develop your abilities and enjoy your learning journey I have developed some practical methods, like BCCI, SQA and Sounding Script, to help learners improve their pronunciation, intonation, speaking fluency and confidence Hopefully you will be interested and find them useful! My beliefs and methods - I believe that learning should be an exciting and an enjoyable process It is a win-win process - when you're happy, I'm happy! When you are learning, you are actually creating a new and better self! Amazing, isn't it? I am really looking forward to sharing and learning with you! Feel free to contact me See you soon! :)

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    35 years experience in selling everything from vacuum cleaners to complex global networks for AT&T, brings insight to the real needs of people facing clients and struggling to improve their sales and product penetration. This class aims to help beginners and the more experienced, trouble-shoot your issues and point out strategies to get your sales figures up, by generating a better understanding of your client.

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    English is without a doubt the language to be mastered in today's and tomorrow's world. Having a B2 / C1 certified level, I can make courses for a level Kindergarten / College / High School to improve the level of English of students. Indeed I offer help for writing / listening / speaking / reading, all you need to succeed in improving in this foreign language. As far as the management of organizations is concerned, this is a course more for STMG students, having more than 3 years of study in this field, as well as a very good mention in the STMG, I propose courses / abstracts / cases etc. in order to master this fundamental subject in these fields.

    dipolomed ESCP europe teacher gives courses for STMG, ECT, HEC and BTS prepas
    Dipolme of ESCP europe I give courses in all the subjects of the prepas HEC branch ECT, I help the students also to prepare for the orals of the big business schools like HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, EDHEC etc. Over the last 6 years I have accompanied a hundred students in first and final STMG, in all specialty subjects and maths too, I also attended college. I also helped about twenty prepas students in their preparation for the written and oral exams to access the Parisian business schools Besides, I taught 3 years of STMG and BTS MUC in different high schools of the island of France. My working method is mainly based on practice, exercises and explanation with concrete examples. This method works in my private lessons and works in my courses in High School and BTS.

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    Don't know your MVP from a VC? Learn to speak tech with cofounders, developers and venture capitalists. My name is Madeline and I was the only female founder accepted to my tech incubator cohort in New York City. I am offering to teach you everything I learned for a fraction of the price. This is a limited time offer. Sign up today! MK Founder & Incubator Instructor Join COWORKN in New York for 30-day bootcamp in Spring 2019!

    Marketing, Human Resources, Economics, Law, Accounting, English
    I followed a course allowing me to have skills in Marketing, human resources, economy, law, accounting, English. I like to share my skills and make sure that my advice is understood and especially assimilated.

    Strategy Training for Professionals and Students
    Modules: Business strategy Commercial Strategies Business Model Price Strategy Digital Strategy International Strategy Work Material: Training manual provided by the trainer. This course can be given to groups.

    Bachelor's degree STMG - all subjects
    Hello, currently in the 2nd year of preparatory class for high schools, I offer courses to STMG students to prepare their baccalaureate. Having obtained 17.07 in 2017 at the Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems, I am able to assist you in all subjects of the program, including the different specialties.

    Become Fluent in Business English and Professional Speaking
    This class is ideal for learning the vocabulary and speaking style of modern Business English. Whether you're an English Learner or an advanced speaker, I'm sure I can add value to your ability to communicate in a professional setting. After University, I spent four years working in Private Equity and Venture Capital and have since been traveling through Europe and China teaching Public Speaking and Business English while also privately investing in Real Estate. Feel free to shoot me any questions regarding the class and otherwise, I hope we can work together!