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Private chemistry lessons

I have a Bachelor´s degree in Chemistry "cum laude" from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela. I have been teaching privately at home for five years. I helped students with Chemistry for different modules and exams at school and university. I find day-life examples to make chemistry easier to understand. This subject can be more understandable with the write approach


At teacher's location: Rue du Maréchal Juin, 94700 Maisons-Alfort, France
At student's location: Around Maisons-Alfort, France
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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
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60 minutes

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English, Spanish, French

About Me

I am a versatile professional. My first degree is in Chemistry (with honors) and I also have a Masters in Music (piano) from Birmingham Conservatoire. I enjoy multiple activities, always having excellence in mind.
I believe that every person has an individual way of understanding things. My job is to find the best approach for every student and motivate them to enjoy the learning process.


2015-2019 Conservatoire Jean Wiener, Bobigny
Diplôme d’Études Musicales

2013-2015 Birmingham Conservatoire, UK
Master of Music in Instrumental Performance. Piano

2011-2016 Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela
Master of Music in Instrumental Performance. Percussion
Currently doing research project.

2008-2013 Lino Gallardo Music School, Venezuela
Piano Performer

2004-2010 Simon Bolivar Conservatoire, Venezuela
Percussion Performer

2003-2008 Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela
Licentiate in Chemistry with Honors

Experience / Qualifications

I have been teaching privately at home for five years. I helped students with Chemistry for different modules and exams at school and university. I also have experience teaching piano to children at different levels. Additionally I have performing experience in different venues and ensembles.

Reviews (1)

Very nice teaching. I understood how we can be good piano player. It is very helpful.
I am a versatile musician who has performed both as a percussionist and as a pianist in solo and chamber music concerts in major venues in Caracas, in my home country. I took part in several national and international tours with the orchestra and percussion ensembles, playing in Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK. In 2015 I graduated with a Master of Music in Instrumental Performance (piano) from Birmingham Conservatoire, after studying with John Thwaites, Anthony Hewitt and Jan Loeffler. Now I study jazz piano in Paris under the guidance of Valerie Benzaquine at Jean Wiener Conservatoire. I also graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in 2008 from Simon Bolivar University. I have experience teaching piano to children at different levels, and I have aided them to prepare for different exams and recitals. Additionally I have performing experience in different venues and ensembles.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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Learning in funny way math-chemistry-english with Narimene
"Learning in funny way" I give English lessons, using innovative and customized methods according to the need. I also offer help with homework and tutoring for schoolchildren, high school students, high school students. Patient and attentive, I gave French lessons for students and engineers in Poland.

Courses in Chemistry, Maths, French, Physics, English, History, Geography ...
Engineer graduated from a large school, I offer help throughout the year for homework or CP examinations for graduate studies. I adapt to each student and his difficulties to make it progress quickly while giving him tips. I was able to give a lot of private lessons during my studies but also to be an assistant of exercises within my engineering school! I propose to teach all scientific courses but also literary. Do not hesitate to contact me to build together an adapted and effective work plan.

Professor Certified Teacher in Chemistry at all university levels Preparation for Paris competitions
Confirmed chemistry teacher and graduate. Holder of a thesis in chemistry and several post doctorates, I teach chemistry for several years in universities and colleges. I have worked as a research teacher in major research institutes around the world. I will ensure a good understanding of chemistry (organic / bioorganic / physical / analytical) for all levels of education (high school / BTS / IUT / competition / universities / grandes écoles). I adapt my speech at the level of the student. Everyone can understand, just take the time to explain. Possibility to organize group sessions. I move on all Paris.

Maths and physics is life! Work too: ^)
I am currently studying in fifth year in engineering school following a preparation in mathematics-physics (MP *). I had my scientific bac in Togo where I finished first of my country. These experiences taught me one thing: talent exists, but through work you can get to be talented. I am not even "talented" in math, but I am aware of the work and training necessary to be good in science and in any field with me. What I try to convey in my classes, more than science, are notions of work and training necessary to become good at science.

Private Course in Math - Physics Level College High School
Student at Paris-Dauphine University and having done a math-physics prep at Faidherbe high school in Lille. My goal is to prepare the student to excel in these areas using my own experience and different approaches from college or high school. Course knowledge is central to understanding and solving problems. This is why the course will begin with a synthesis of courses to know imperatively and then the resolution of standard exercises to grasp the reasoning. The load of homework is flexible depending on the expectations of the students and their motivation.

particular course in mathematics, physics chemistry or mechanics
Second-level teacher with a good experience in private lessons gives courses in math, physics-chemistry or mechanical engineering. My goal remains the youth's success, so no failure has occurred, and I expect it to stay that way.

tutoring in maths - physics - chemistry - biology (SVT)
Currently in the first year of interdisciplinary scientific license "Borders of the living" in Paris Descartes, including training in research, I am willing to give tutoring courses in mathematics, physics-chemistry and biology (SVT) for students of the 6th at the Terminale and all subjects combined for primary school students. Patient and pedagogue enough, I aspire to bring the student to develop his own reflection by building on his achievements and giving him the tools necessary to better control the material worked so that he can assimilate durably the concepts discussed . I adapt to the rhythm of each student and illustrate my explanations of examples that often facilitate the student's understanding.

Tuition in maths- physics- chemistry
I am a student at the Higher Institute of Electronics and Digital (ISEN Lille) after a preparatory scientific class MPSI and PSI. I offer homework help and personalized support to help you progress. Level: From College to High School (Scientific Series)

to learn to box, to learn the mastery of both and the help to the concentration
Graduate teacher offers an individualized pedagogy, a help to concentration, self-confidence, flourish reduces stress, also learn to defend themselves. my goal is to make the student aware of his ability to understand pedagogically what he does

Student engineer gives private lessons in math & physics
Student in the 2nd year of the engineering cycle in Paris, after 2 years in preparatory classes (mp) (bac + 3), offers to give private lessons in: - Math for high school students - Math and physics for college students I have one year experience in private lessons. I begin by explaining the course to the student then we work direct applications of courses and finally exercises. For more information do not hesitate to contact me

Physiotherapist gives classes in maths and physics-chemistry
Need a punctual or regular help to progress, prepare an exam ...? I volunteer to help you all year long, even during the holidays! Aged 21, I am dynamic, patient and pedagogue. My classes always take place in a good mood, I share many tips to optimize his time, to retain his classes more easily, and to succeed his exercises! It's been 5 years since I give private lessons and I like it more and more! My journey : September 2016: last year in physiotherapy school September 2012 to April 2014: physiotherapy June 2012: Bac S international mention Bien I teach maths up to the final level, and up to the pre-physics level for physics and chemistry. I did two years of prep physiotherapy and have reviewed and push the program of terminal, so I know it at your fingertips. I often use the following method: (re) explanation of the course seen in class or some misunderstood points, a series of exercises guided by myself, then a series of exercises in autonomy. I also do small interrupts regularly, rated or not depending on the profile of the student. For students preparing an exam (baccalaureate or patent), I am also typical subjects (usually these are annals that I rearrange as long as the entire program has not been seen) in a limited time to prepare them at best. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Private lessons in mathematics, physics, chemistry
I am a student at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris 6, in Master of Mathematics. I give home classes in Maths, Physics and Chemistry for all levels (primary, middle school, high school). I like to help students who want to improve themselves by offering them methods to better assimilate their courts and providing them with a maximum of tools to solve a given problem. Wishing to teach my profession, I take pleasure in giving classes and sharing for my taste for science. My past experiences: 12 high school students, in Maths and Physics 4 middle school students, in homework help (level 3, 4th). Possibility of intensive courses during the holidays. I move in the Paris region.

Tutoring Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Natural Sciences
After my baccalaureate, I did two years of prep physics chemistry before joining an engineering school, having had my engineering degree, I am currently a master 2 research. With my great experience in private lessons and tutoring, you will never be disappointed. Good experience in school support of 2 years

Private lessons in Physics / Chemistry (College and High School)
I am a bachelor student in Mathematics and Physics at the Pierre-and-Marie Curie University (Paris 6) and graduated from a Baccalaureate with honors. I propose to provide my methods and my knowledge for students in difficulty or needing a plus. Being a young student myself, I am able to put myself in the students' shoes and better understand their expectations. I am very patient (I occasionally babysit) and I want to offer a real follow-up of the progress of the student. My pedagogy is based on methods acquired from experienced teachers. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me!

I am an engineer in food industry graduated in 2014 from Montpellier SupAgro engineering school in Montpellier-France. I have a master's degree in food sciences and human nutrition with distinction from the faculty of bioengineering of the Catholic University of Louvain UCL. Through my academic and professional background, I have consolidated my skills and knowledge in the different disciplines of life sciences (biology, chemistry, ecology, animal and vegetable sciences, food sciences) and sciences for life sciences. the engineer (industrial technologies and physics). In addition, I have affirmed my teaching skills through the tutoring I provide since September 2014 so far in Lorraine in France and Luxembourg because of 15h / week. I offer you my school support and support services for your success. Do not hesitate to contact me via the site.