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Private piano lessons

I am a versatile musician who has performed both as a percussionist and as a pianist in solo and chamber music concerts in major venues in Caracas, in my home country. I took part in several national and international tours with the orchestra and percussion ensembles, playing in Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK. In 2015 I graduated with a Master of Music in Instrumental Performance (piano) from Birmingham Conservatoire, after studying with John Thwaites, Anthony Hewitt and Jan Loeffler. Now I study jazz piano in Paris under the guidance of Valerie Benzaquine at Jean Wiener Conservatoire. I also graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in 2008 from Simon Bolivar University.

I have experience teaching piano to children at different levels, and I have aided them to prepare for different exams and recitals. Additionally I have performing experience in different venues and ensembles.


At teacher's location: Rue du Maréchal Juin, 94700 Maisons-Alfort, France
At student's location: Around Maisons-Alfort, France
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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
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60 minutes

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English, Spanish, French

About Me

I am a versatile professional. My first degree is in Chemistry (with honors) and I also have a Masters in Music (piano) from Birmingham Conservatoire. I enjoy multiple activities, always having excellence in mind.
I believe that every person has an individual way of understanding things. My job is to find the best approach for every student and motivate them to enjoy the learning process.


2015-2019 Conservatoire Jean Wiener, Bobigny
Diplôme d’Études Musicales

2013-2015 Birmingham Conservatoire, UK
Master of Music in Instrumental Performance. Piano

2011-2016 Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela
Master of Music in Instrumental Performance. Percussion
Currently doing research project.

2008-2013 Lino Gallardo Music School, Venezuela
Piano Performer

2004-2010 Simon Bolivar Conservatoire, Venezuela
Percussion Performer

2003-2008 Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela
Licentiate in Chemistry with Honors

Experience / Qualifications

I have been teaching privately at home for five years. I helped students with Chemistry for different modules and exams at school and university. I also have experience teaching piano to children at different levels. Additionally I have performing experience in different venues and ensembles.

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Very nice teaching. I understood how we can be good piano player. It is very helpful.
I have a Bachelor´s degree in Chemistry "cum laude" from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela. I have been teaching privately at home for five years. I helped students with Chemistry for different modules and exams at school and university. I find day-life examples to make chemistry easier to understand. This subject can be more understandable with the write approach

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Ju Young
Private Classical Piano Lessons! All age and levels! (in English)
Hello! I am a 25-year-old South Korean student in Paris. I am currently enrolled at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris learning Classical Piano and in the course of the "Diploma Superieur de Execution". I started the piano at the age of 5. I was born in a musical family; both of my parents being opera singers and my sister a violinist. When I was 8 years old, my family moved to Budapest, Hungary, where I started to have lessons privately with professors at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. In High-School, I enrolled at the Bartok Conservatory of Music in Budapest. I was awarded the Bachelors as well as the Master's Degree at the Franz Liszt Academy and have graduated with the Highest Honors in Piano Performance. I would like to share and teach what took me many years to learn in just a few months. I know that there are those who have and had difficulties like me learning the piano and feeling stuck or non-progressive, or not being able to improve. I have solutions to those problems. If you are one of those in need of quick and fast adjustments, please do not hesitate to contact me! I have a teaching experience of 6 years and all my students were those who needed assistance with international competitions, entrance exams, and general piano learning. If you have problems relaxing your arms, muscle pain, tiring back, or no energy in your fingertips, then I might be able to help you and fix those problems.

Private lessons of music singing, piano, music education
Singing teacher (from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, CNSMDP, and Paris Opera), Music Therapist, conductor gives high quality music lessons. Practicing music is a way to learn to speak the "language of all the worlds", that the music is a free exchange between student and professor it is my stop of the teaching.

Piano lessons in Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine
Swiss-educated piano teacher (concert master) gives piano lessons at home. Children, adults. Classical training at the base which does not exclude the repertoire coming from the neighboring styles (Brazilian popular music, film music, song etc ..) according to your desires and desires. For more information, see the attached CV: Renata Bittencourt de Assis - Pianist and piano teacher - Musical training : 2012-2013: concert master at the Conservatoire de Lausanne, in the class of Ricardo Castro. 2010-2011: unanimous award with Romain Descharmes at the Regional Conservatory of Aubervilliers-La Courneuve, Paris. 2005-2008: Degree in piano with Carmen Fregonnéi and Henriqueta Duarte at the School of Music and Fine Arts of Parana in Brazil. Masterclasses: Frank Braley, Richard Bishop, John O'Connor. - Prizes and dinstinctions: 2013: Georges-Paccot's prize for the best master's work 'Study of Soler piano sonatas' (Switzerland). 2011: finalist of the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe Scholarship Competition (Paris). 2009: first prize at the XXI Edna Habith National Competition (Brazil). 2004: Third prize at the Yamaha National Competition (Brazil). 2003: first prize at the II Infant-Juvenile Piano Competition of the Brazilian Association of Piano Teachers (Brazil); first prize at the XXI Latin American Rosa Mística Competition (Brazil). - Musical experience: 2011-2013: soloist of the Parana Symphony Orchestra, performing The nights in Spanish gardens by Manuel de Falla, under the direction of the conductor Osvaldo Ferreira; piano recital at the Festival Folie piano (Normandy, France); piano recital in the Autumn Musical concert series (Normandy-France); piano recital in the Klavier Abend concert series in Zurich; recital piano / violin and piano four hands at LAC (local contemporary art / Vevey); piano recital at Château Belfaux (Belfaux village / Switzerland). 2003-2010: various recitals in Brazil and didactic recitals at Colegio Estadual do Parana High School in Curitiba. 2009: participation in the Femusc Music Festival (Brazil), performing Camille Saint-Säens' Carnival of the Animals, under the direction of conductor Alex Klein. 2008: Prelude program of TV Culture of São Paulo (Brazil), performing Dmitri Kabalevsky's Concerto No. 3 and Saint-Säens Concerto No. 5 under conductor Júlio Medglia. 2004 and 2006: Furnas musical generation program, recitals during the music festivals of Curitiba / Brazil, at the Auditorium of the Canal de la Musique. - Pedagogical experience: 2010-2013: professor of piano at ICM (Institute of Musical Culture) in Paris. Private teacher in Neuilly-sur-Seine and Paris. 2005-2009: piano teacher at Paideia School of Music in Brazil. - Spoken languages: Portuguese, French and English

Guitar lessons in Paris 12ème in english. Jazz, Folk and Pop.
Learn how to play the guitar with a method customized to your interests and skills! I'm a musician and teacher with a bachelor degree in music performance and a master in pedagogy. Originally from Sweden I now live in Paris. Classes can be given in either English, French or Swedish. My specialization is jazz and improvised music, students who wishes to can take classes to prepare entrance exams to the french conservatoires.

Piano Lesson
Professor of piano at a large institution, holder of the State Diploma of piano teacher and the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, I teach piano to children, adolescents and adults, beginners or confirmed. My pedagogy adapts to each pupil according to his objectives, his desires, his dispositions and his personality. Classes are held at my home in Saint-Mandé on a Yamaha grand piano.

Piano course Graduated from Maurice Ravel Conservatory
Hello, I can help you start, resume or even continue your piano learning, with a conservatory type method. For those who have never read a score, it is recommended that I teach you the basics in music theory so that you can quickly put yourself on the keyboard. My ad is for people from 1st to 6th grade. Classes take place at my home in the 13th arrondissement, on a Obermann und Sohn upright piano. However, it is possible for me to move. Students can choose the piece of their choice. Otherwise, a stack of partitions at any level is available Thank you for your attention. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions Samy.H, graduate of the conservatory. 3rd cycle

Hi, I've been a piano tutor in Singapore for years and am experienced in teaching students of different levels.

Graduate of the Budapest Liszt Academy
"... only good musicians hear what they are going to play." Edgar Willems. This quote followed me both in my career as a musician and as a teacher. Listening is the basis of learning an instrument. The discovery of music is above all a pleasure, that of hearing a rhythm, a melody, an instrumental color, a voice. The work of the pedagogue is to develop this sound imagination of the student, to encourage him in this internalization of music so that his musical discourse becomes convincing. The desire of the sound, to play a note, an agreement, creates the gesture; just as the desire to walk naturally creates the movement of the little child. It is from this observation that it is possible to develop a piano velocity. My work as a teacher tends to stay close to this principle. In private lessons, I also work with the student to understand the written language, the score, and the development of an effective method for learning the works. My classes are open to beginners, advanced students preparing for competitions, and amateurs.

Piano lessons, all levels
Piano teacher with great work experience, DE piano teacher, concert pianist gives classes on the move. Beginners are welcome, as well as experienced pianists. The varied repertoire, the pedagogy adapted to the needs of student. Work, focused on musicality, development of listening skills, the notions of music training.

Student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels gives piano lessons at home
Student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I move home to teach, its duration is 1h, I can if the level of the student requires combine solfege and instrumental practice in the same course. This course is for anyone wishing to learn the piano, to discover it and know how to play it. In addition to bases to install or perfect to play the piano easily, it will also give you the means to be independent in music, to bloom and express yourself. Age is not an obstacle, young or old, music is something universal that everyone can strive for;)

Piano lessons or singing lessons
Graduated from the Conservatoires de Lyon and Paris in piano and singing, I give private lessons for motivated and passionate students.

I am currently in development at the CRR of Saint Maur-des-Fossés (regional conservatory) in recorder (= more than 14 years of practice) I have a price of recorder at the conservatory of Nantes !! I also have a piano BEM, and a CFE solfege (Certificate of graduation) at CRR! I am already in the professional world! I am also in development in History of music at the CRR Saint Maur des Fossés (= Bac +4, Bac +5), therefore I can help students in musicology or the Conservatory. I help for 3 to 4 years several students who are in difficulty at the conservatory or who wish to return! I am speaking to all age groups from 6 years! Otherwise, I am practically bilingual french english !! I can help especially all the elementary school to the terminale in English !! I can move to your home or you can come to my home every week for one or two hours, everything will depend on what you want! Your child can ask me any questions he wishes !! At the educational level, I am someone who opts for a soft method adapted to the needs of the child but with obviously the requirement !! We have nothing without anything.

tuition piano
I am a professional pianist graduated DEM with numerous recital piano experiences and accompaniment of classical musicians (singers or instrumentalists) professionals. I give piano lessons at home since 2003. For beginners, I usually do a part solfeggio and the position of the hands on the piano at the beginning of class before approaching the piano. I try to make musicality work first of all, as soon as possible and whatever the level of the student. I make the student aware that he needs to 'listen' to what he is playing; work also sound, weight. I enter the 'classical' repertoire (ie different periods: baroque, classical, romantic, twentieth, etc.) but also of the variety repertoire, French songs, etc. (I am also listening to the student's requests ). I have a lot of fun transmitting my passion.

Piano lessons for beginners
Piano lessons for beginners to learn how to decipher a score, learn a piece of the student's choice and the theoretical concepts necessary for the complete learning of the instrument. I first emphasize the relationship to music, auditory sensitivity, find what animates the heart of the student and then address the theoretical and practical part.