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    Tango, Milonga, Vals, Couples Dance, Brussels Aires

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    Professionel / Teacher: Argentine Tango at / at Brussels & Paris

    I am passionate dancer of Tango Argentin at Nosotros Tango Brussels. Since I was young I have been dancing couples' dances, and as soon as I could, I taught tennis, folk and salsa.
    I give regular tango lessons, and I do not stop training myself even more, especially with the Maestros who come to our school and my teachers Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez.
    All our team of dancers and great teachers of Nosotros tango are to discover on the site!


    I'm an avid Argentina tango dance and teacher at Nosotros tango school. I've been dancing partner when I was 14, and I was teaching classes of tennis, salsa and folk from very early on. I give regular classes in tango, and continue to train my own dance with the teachers that come to my school and my own maestros Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez. The whole team of amazing teachers of Nosotros can be found on the site.

    Extra information

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    Hello, please to meet you, I'm happy to meet you ...

    Some rules for 100% clarity, some rules so everything 100% clear

    24h beforehand. If not invoice will be sent.
    A course not canceled 24h or more in advance will be charged.


    At teacher's location: Rue de Dublin, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
    At student's location: Around Ixelles-Elsene, Belgium
    Online via webcam

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    General info



    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Latin

    About Me

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    Professionel de Tango Argentin à/at Brussels Paris; Personal Styling, Choréo , Technique, Tango Brussels

    Je suis danseur passioné du Tango Argentin chez Nosotros Tango Bruxelles. Depuis que j'étais jeune je danse des danses de couples, et dès le moments que je pouvais, j'ai donné cours de tennis, folk et salsa.
    Je donne des cours réguliers de tango, et je ne cesse pas à me former encore plus, surtout avec les Maestros qui viennent à notre école et mes profs Sebastian Achaval y Roxana Suarez.
    Tout notre equipe de danseurs et profs génial de Nosotros tango sont à découvrir sur le site!


    I'm an avid Argentine tango danser and teacher at Nosotros tango school. I've been dancing partner dances from when I was 14, and I have been teaching classes of tennis, salsa and folk from very early on. I give regular classes in tango, and continue forming my own dance with the teachers that come to our school and my own maestros Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez. The whole team of amazing teachers of Nosotros tango can be found on the site.


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    Mundial de Tango, European tango chamionships

    Shows in Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Buenos Aires, all over.

    I work in Brussels and paris and Ghent at the moment.

    Experience / Qualifications

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    9 years of Argentine tango - 5 years of Salsa - 13 years of Folk
    Ballet and contemporary notions.
    Lots of interest in kinesitherapie and muscle workings.

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    Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

    Online reputation

    • Instructor since March 2018

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Dance animation and entertainment at parties and other type of events
    If you're looking for quality entertainment and dance animations I'm happy to offer my services and help you organise a successful event! Dance quizz, performance, class... Feel free to get in touch and we'll discuss the best options to achieve great success as a host or an event planner.

    Learn to dance, let go and take care of yourself
    My classes are dedicated to anyone wishing to discover or progress in dance. My goal is to make you progress, to make you discover your potential, whatever your level. Formed between Nice, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, I offer courses in Street jazz, courses on heels (focused on femininity), relaxation classes and oriental classes. I currently teach at the Espace Temps Danse and at the Royal Ballet School in Brussels. Do not hesitate if you have any questions. Opportunity to move to the student.

    Private lessons in Argentine Tango in Brussels (1, 2 or 4 persons)
    With sensitivity, intuition and experience , Daniela will induce within a short period of time the pleasure of dancing , you will soon be able to improvise a dance with your partner. Daniela started as an assistant . Then during 17 years, she developed her own method of teaching, combining communication and technique , as well as interpretation of the music. She was the teacher chosen to play a role in the film Tango Libre in 2011. She is known as a teacher who can point out a difficulty and find an easy solution , explained in a patient way. During your private classes, you wll of course learn movements , but mainly how to do them nicely and elegantly . With patience, humor, skills and kindness ... yours, D. NOTE : price of the lesson is per person. Tariff decreases with the number of students .

    Dance Class / Yoga Class / Body Workshop / Wellness
    Being a professional dancer, I propose courses in contemporary dance, hip-hop. Also beginner yoga classes. Improvisation course, composition technique, support and assistance to the artistic project. Dramaturgy. It can be people of any age.

    Old language courses for high school students
    My name is Serdane and I offer language courses for students in grades 1 to 4 who would find it difficult to find a way of working that suits them. Extrovert and bubbly ... and above all, a lot of humor! Everyone learns in his own way. This is why I do not have a rigid method but adapt to the contrary to the specificities of each student. I evaluate its level, its strengths, its possible weaknesses or delays, and I develop my course accordingly. My priority is to give the student confidence: Latin and Greek are within everyone's reach when they are well explained! I believe in active teaching methods: I try to involve the student as much as possible, to make him discover what works for him, so that he can pursue his career independently. Finally, I bring specific help when preparing questions or exams in a more difficult subject. My price includes a complete tutoring (private lessons, the possibility to ask questions outside class hours, writing and correcting questions, etc.).

    Salsa lessons with Colombian Prof learn and practice!
    I am Daniela, Colombian, psychologist and dance teacher for over 7 years. I have experience teaching salsa, hip hop, jazz, classical ballet and choreography for weddings. Before I gave salsa lessons in Barcelona, ​​and now I'm in Brussels to continue spreading the joy of salsa. Normally I teach either an hour or an hour and a half, and you can choose if you want to do several hours a week. Also you can choose to take classes alone or in pairs. The course begins with a warm up of the body to activate the muscles and go into salsa mode, then, depending on the level, exercises to understand and learn rhythm, basic movements or steps or more complex tricks and we end up with a free practice to strengthen also the ability to improvise, because finally the salsa is that ... It is a dynamic course, which maintenance and which will allow you to work the coordination, the rhythm and to have a good time. I can give classes in French, English or Spanish.

    Private & Group Dance Classes and Choreography for Kids & Adults
    There is never a dull moment in class! Each specific class and lesson plan are catered to specific age groups from Pre-K to adults. They consist of engaging movement activities, warm-up, and complex movement combinations. I am an energetic and patient teacher who seriously takes into account the needs and skill level of the student in preparing the lesson plans and material. My use of dance vocabulary and physical demonstrations allow me to teach the material accurately and effectively. My positive attitude and constant words of encouragement keep students motivated and engaged in the lesson. Students will increase their knowledge and physical vocabulary of the movement style and leave each lesson a better dancer, performer and person. I encourage students to bring writing materials to each lesson to take notes for any learned vocabulary and each lesson will follow with a recorded video of the movement for the students to refer to until the next lesson. All Private Sessions Include/Cover: -1-on-1 lesson including a warm-up, body conditioning, stretching, & cool down -Recordings of Movement Material -Music Playlist Listing -Copy of the Teacher Lesson Plans -Written Log of Corrections and Improvements​​

    If you always wanted to try tap dance here is your chance! :)
    Always has attracted the world of musicals, loved watching Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers or Eleanor Powell? Do you like tapping your feet on rhythm? Come and join my group lessons from beginner to advanced level or explore tap dance on a private class! It's okay if you don't have any prior experience, dance skills, here you will learn everything you need for expressing yourself through rhythm. What's more, you can also try what you learned on the lesson at our tap jams one of Brussels's best jazz clubs (The Music Village) with live band :) Hope to see you soon!:) Kat

    Argentine Tango Course
    Great passionate about the arts of the show, wish to make enjoy the art of the Tango as well to the neophytes as to the initiates. Dancers, choreographers and teachers, they are recognized for their style and interpretation ... As teachers, they try to make the essence of Tango ... The basis of their teaching is listening to each other on music. In tango, steps are important and necessary, but emotions, dialogue, creativity are essential. Their tango classes aim to provide the tools necessary to understand and analyze the movement, to learn how to mark the different fundamental technical elements that define this dance of improvisation. (caminata, ochos, sacadas, giros, guide and be guided ...) The discovery and the analysis are done with the help of exercises which are explained in a clear and simple way (Mechanics of the movement, why and how to make the brand feel its partner)

    Argentine tango for begginer and intermediate dancers
    For the last 4 years I have dancing tango intensively in Zagreb in Tango Zagreb school. Under the supervision of genuine Argentinian teacher Osky Casas and his Croatian wife Tajana. Last 1,5 years I have been teaching tango to Tango Young community, had two regular classed every week. Now I am in Brussels for work and I wouldn't like to forget how it is to teach. I am not a fully professional but I can give you some glim how it is do dance tango, both leaders and followers. And also I can improve your knowledge that you already have. I am in the first place a social dancer and I dance 3-4 times per week in local milongas. Also I go to many marathons and tango festivals. When I am going back to Croatia I take lessons so I can improve myself even more. I wont teach you fancy stuff but I will show you how tango can be awesome.

    Couple dance learning / koppeldansen leren
    [Fr] For example, learning a couple's dance for a wedding will give you a good foundation for getting started on the dance floor. I will gladly prepare a small choreography on a chosen music. But also for the perfecting of the guiding game to be guided. I am available every Monday and Thursday evening, other availability on appointment. [Nl] Ik kan jullie helpen bij het aanleren van koppeldansen, bijvoorbeeld voor jullie openingsin maar ook om u te helpen zich te perfectioneren en het spel van het leiden en volgen. Ik kan voor jullie ook een persoonlijke choreography voorbereiden en aanleren. Ik ben elke maandag en donderdag avond beschikbaar, andere mogelijkheden op afspraak. Tot ziens!

    Spanish class
    I am an Erasmus student of translation and interpretation and I give private home Spanish lessons. I adapt to all levels: beginner, professional, whatever domain. I learn grammar, conversations or Spanish fraseology. I also studied 3 years of Latin with very good results. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

    ACCORDION / BANDONEON lessons for all levels and ages
    Hello! My name is Kaspar. I am a professional accordion & bandoneon player from Estonia and currently based in Brussels, Belgium. I'm holding a bachelor degree in jazz music (accordion, keyboards) from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and master degree (bandoneon) in World Music / Argentine Tango from Codarts / Hogeschool voor de kunsten (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). During my prior studies, I have found, that I would like to specialize in Argentinian tango/folklore and combine my previous knowledge and skills in jazz and world music as an interpreter and composer. I have been teaching accordion, bandoneon, jazz piano, and music theory for the last 9 years and I have experience with students of different ages and levels. I'm offering accordion and bandoneon lessons for all ages and levels. Topics: - Technical aspects (scales, modes, exercises, patterns, timing and tone control) - Improvisation and phrasing in different styles - jazz, tango (traditional and tango nuevo), Argentine folklore and classical music and how to adapt them on accordion/bandoneon - Music theory - How to make the accompaniment and to build chords More information about me: For the last 6 years, I have been a composer and a leader in a band called Abraham’s Café. The group has given more than 150 concerts around Estonia and abroad at different jazz clubs and festivals. We have recorded 2 albums – “Journey to Haran” (2013) and “Berber Cinema” (2015). The music of the last album “Berber Cinema” was mainly composed for the Estonian-Palestinian documentary film “Rough Stage”, for which they also toured in Palestine in autumn 2015. For the last five years, I have involved bandoneon into my performances and played Argentinian music in duos with guitarist Martin Lopez Muro (ARG); accordionist Jaak Lutsoja (EST); Martin-Eero Kõressaar (EST); Isabel Bermejo (ESP), Trio Maag (EST) and bigger ensembles - Gran Orquesta Típica OTRA (NL) , Septeto Camaleón (NL) etc.

    Contemporary and stretching classes, average body condition
    I am offering contemporary dance classes including a very conscious warm-up and stretching session after the class. Depending on your level I adjust the class for your personal needs and interests. I am also offering average body condition and figure development classes. During the last 15 years of constant studying beside my main focus the contemporary dance I had the possibility to learn other dance styles as Bulgarian folk dance, jazz ballet, classical ballet and related arts like yoga, capoeira, pantomime, theater and juggling. I would like to share some of this knowledge as well, if interested.

    Percussion Lessons. All levels and all ages. Afro-Latin-Jazz
    I am an experienced percussionist, specialized in various types of instruments as congas, bongos, cajon, berimbau, djembe, etc. I am also involved in various musical projects like duos, trios, cvintets, big bands. My interest broadened to include live sound effects, body percussion, music arrangeur.