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    singing and vocal singing technique.

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    Whether you are a beginner or already advanced in your practice of singing, whether you want to sing alone or in chorus, I propose to work your voice, with attention to the breath, posture, specific exercises, to put a good and healthy technique serving your pleasure of singing.
    You can bring the pieces you like, classic or not, and / or I will propose a repertoire adapted to your voice and your desires. I can also help you decipher the pieces or your choral scores, give you notions of music theory singer in order to be more autonomous in your choral practice for example.Work on the connection to the breath, the opening of the body and the resonators, the accuracy and the interpretation, discovery of the repertoire adapted to each voice, exploration of the tessitura, preparation for entrance exams for conservatories, choir parts for choristers. But also for all the other styles (variety, gospel, soul, pop), learning techniques that will allow you to expand your expressive palette: voice of chest / voice of head ..., all supported on a solid technique of breath .
    The work on the breath and the voice also allows you to better place your spoken voice, to manage your stress, the public speaking, to gain confidence.

    Extra information

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    Lyric singer, practicing on various national and international stages as a soloist for twenty years, I want to share my professional experience to better target your work and progress goals.
    I had the chance to meet singers, conductors and directors from whom I learned a lot. Through their experience, their know-how, their advice I have constantly sought to improve and refine my vocal technique as well as my musical interpretation; scenic as well as my approach to pedagogy.


    At teacher's location: Avenue de la Division Leclerc, 92320 Châtillon, France
    At student's location: Around Châtillon, France
    Online via webcam

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English

    About Me

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    Lyric singer, practicing on different national (and international) stages as a soloist for twenty years, I want to share my professional experience to better target your work and progress objectives.
    I had the chance to meet singers, conductors and directors from whom I learned a lot, through their experience, their know-how, their advice and have constantly sought to progress and refine also well my vocal technique as my musical and scenic interpretation.
    it has never been possible for me to make a choice between my career as an artist and teaching.
    The voice is my passion, it is a magical instrument that reveals many things to us ...


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    National Conservatory of Tours Region
    First price of music theory
    First singing prize
    London Guildhall School of Music and Drama
    Diploma of advanced studies
    International Opern Studio Zürich
    : State Diploma of Singing

    Experience / Qualifications

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    Professor of clarinet music school Château Gontier
    Assistant Professor of Music (solfeggio) National Conservatory of Tours Region
    Singing teacher Fleurines music school
    Singing teacher municipal music school of Breteuil
    Music school singing teacher "Music in herbs" in Amiens
    Trainer in vocal technique for ASSECARM of Picardy (association for the expansion and coordination of regional musical activities)
    Trainer in vocal technique for the center of polyphonic art of Auvergne and member of the regional octet.

    Singing teacher at the Regional Conservatory of Clermont-Ferrand
    Trainer of the regional choir of Picardie
    Artistic teaching assistant at the Châlons Conservatory in Champagne.
    : Artistic teaching assistant at CRR Amiens
    : Artistic teaching assistant at the CRD of Ivry sur Seine

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    Luisa Trejos
    Singing and singing lessons at Notre-Dame de Paris
    Hello, my classes are for singers of all levels. I adapt to the personality and needs of everyone and I remain fully open to the repertoire you love. There are no pre-requisites for singing, just want to do it! :)

    The art of singing: breathing techniques, ancient music, lyrical, interpretation, theory
    Lyric, Baroque and traditional singer gives singing lessons, vocal technique, interpretation, musical culture at home (Paris 8) After studying in Poland (Master of performing arts - opera singing) I came to France to deepen my knowledge of Baroque repertoire, style and period ornamentation. Early music becomes my specialization, however my second passion is contemporary music, however I master the classical and romantic repertoire. My mind is open to all musical styles: I practiced realistic song, singing variety and - with great success - the traditional Slavic song. Since my musical education is established by the theoretical foundations (Bachelor in musicology at the Sorbonne), I would be delighted to share my experiences in this discipline during singing lessons, or to teach them separately. I also teach small piano lessons and music theory lessons for beginners. Classes are conducted in French, but when I am Polish, I could give in Polish or English too. A course can last from 1h up to 1,5h. It's up to you. In exceptional cases I can come to your home, but mainly I give lessons at home (Paris Rome-Batignolles). It's a joy for me to be able to introduce myself as a teacher. I think it's a very responsible and fascinating job that can lead to very nice encounters and exchanges between priceless people!

    cours de chant : apprendre les techniques respiratoires et celle du chant
    contre-ténor de formation j'ai une véritable passion pour le chant que j'aime transmettre, j'enseigne également les différentes techniques respiratoires nécessaires à la pratique du chant, apprendre la pulsation musicale l'intégrer, ainsi que le solfège rythmique font partis aussi de mon enseignement. Patience et pédagogie sont des qualités que je pense posséder et qui permettent un cours détendu nécessaire au chant. Grace à un travaille effectué pendant 2 ans en neurophyscologie et orthophonie. Il m'est aussi possible d'intervenir sur des blocages créés par de mauvaises habitudes installées à notre insu soit par le corps soit par le mental.

    Singing lessons: Pop, R & B, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Opera (Prof ITALIEN)
    Italian Teacher Singing Course Teacher of singing and piano since 1990. Lyric and modern singing - Italian diction for opera singers - Choir - Solfège Italian baritone singer, senior teacher, graduate of the Conservatory of Music and the Lyric Academy Leo Nucci from Bologna gives home classes: The spoken voice - The sung voice Internal breathing Voice Placement - Finding Your Voice The personal voice - Personality of the voice Improvisation Interpretation

    Singing Class in Paris all levels
    I am a professional vocalist with a lot of experience on stage (musicals, concerts, cabaret and music hall) and as a teacher. Graduated as a Vocational Instructor in Italy and France at the Richard Cross School with a particular attention to the vocal technique, to the proper breathing of the singer but also to the interpretation and the good posture. my method is to advance students with awareness by giving tools and solutions very different and personalized, but especially with patience, gentleness and a smile to discover and exceed oneself. This is also why youngsters and beginners are welcome.

    Professional lyric singer offers lyric singing lessons
    Graduate of the master conservatoire of lyon music, and professional singer in prestigious ensembles, I propose courses of lyric singing varying styles and eras. I rely on an individual work, technical, interpretative and musicality.

    Singing and breathing on Paris, interpretation, diction for singers
    Italian opera singer (soprano) with a Master of Lyrical Singing from the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin offers classical singing and dictionary courses in Italian, English and Spanish for singers. Ten years of experience. Work on breathing, posture, vocalizations, technique, music theory, interpretation. For all ages and all levels. At home in Paris.

    SOLFEGE / PIANO / LYRIC SONG Learning of Singing and Piano
    Student at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, and classical pianist since childhood, I offer lessons in operatic singing, but also piano and solfège. I have been practicing music for over fifteen years, and I will be delighted to be able to share with you all that I have received during these Conservatory years. I especially want to work in a demanding way, but in a constant good mood and in the love of music.

    Singing lessons with lyric singer graduated in the 14th
    Hello, graduated from the DEM CRR Versailles and the concert diploma of operatic singing and chamber music Schola Cantorum; I offer singing lessons, lyric or not, at my home. Adults and children, beginners or advanced; I can also, for children, take the opportunity to make an introduction to music by singing and piano. Having been a flute teacher in music school and conducted flute initiation workshops in primary school; I am very comfortable with children and young people. I am also a consultant in the lyrical workshop of amateur singers organized by the Company of which I am a lyrical singer.

    Learning and perfecting singing for all styles and all tessitures in Paris
    Learning and improvement of singing for all styles, all tessitaries, all levels in Paris. You want to learn singing or perfect your singing? I propose you my knowledge and my techniques: all the styles (variety, pop, musical comedy, lyric singing, sacred song, J-pop, etc.) all the tessitura and on all the levels. Indeed, the techniques of lyrical singing can apply to all styles, so we work breathing, relaxation of the body, vocalizations, singing ... For lyric singing, I provide the scores, for other styles, you can bring the scores of your choice, whatever you want to work. For singing and FM, the court can be held either at my home with a possible duration of a minimum of 30 minutes or at home all times possible with a minimum of 1 hour per yard Preferably be equipped with a piano or keyboard, duration min 1h / yard

    Private lessons of classical singing in Paris and Picardy in all serenity!
    Teacher at the end of my studies at the Schola Cantorum in Paris, I offer classical singing lessons. My teaching method allows my students to progress at their own pace in a benevolent environment. Various exercises of support of the breath, search for sound resonance punctuate the course before the actual singing. I invite you to discover my teaching method during a first class at your convenience. Hope to meet you ! Beginners welcome with joy!

    Private lessons of music singing, piano, music education
    Singing teacher (from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, CNSMDP, and Paris Opera), Music Therapist, conductor gives high quality music lessons. Practicing music is a way to learn to speak the "language of all the worlds", that the music is a free exchange between student and professor it is my stop of the teaching.

    Singing lessons for all levels Paris and southern suburbs!
    After studying 9 years at the conservatory classical harp and singing, I decided to turn to composition, exploration and vocal improvisation. I approach singing by relaxation, and pleasure. Each session begins with a time of physical warming then vocal, to finally work on the songs of your choice, by appropriating them! I also offer Harp lessons, music theory and musical awakening for children. Hope to meet you !

    Singing lessons and musical awakening for children
    Hello, I propose singing lessons for the youngest ones wishing to discover the music and the field of the voice. And also musical awakening lessons that brings together the discovery of music, piano and solfège. The course starts with stretches and then vocalizations and ends with the pieces that the student studies, then if it's a musical awakening class, we work the rhythm and notes of the staff and we finish by working the scales on the piano and small pieces depending on the level of the student.

    Voice, Singing and Interpretation Course
    Course given by Magali Based on singing techniques, this workshop offers actors and singers (or neophytes!) The tools they need to perform in order to "resonate" in their voice the richness of their inner world. Course objectives: - Learn to find "your voice" - To relax by the work of breathing and the vibrations of the voice - To propose to the actors the tools of a good diction, without falling into an outrageous theatricality - Take your first steps in the approach of singing, possibly useful for those who have a multidisciplinary approach - Learn to interpret text by singing using the tools of the Actors Studio method