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65 private teachers in Yverdon‑Les‑Bains

Aspiring or lifelong music lover Have you always dreamed of grooving with an electric bass, creating your own basslines and rocking the notes that drive your favorite music? Do not look any further ! You've come to the right place to start or improve your bass guitar skills. My name is Yoann "MAY", and I am a music enthusiast with over 20 years of experience as a professional bass player and pedagogue. I had the chance to play with various bands and artists, and I am delighted to share my knowledge and my passion with you. Why choose my bass guitar lessons? Personalized approach: Each student is unique, which is why my lessons are adapted to your objectives, your level and your musical preferences. Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your game, I am committed to guiding you in an efficient and caring manner. Solid Foundations: Whether you want to learn the basics of bass guitar or aim to master advanced techniques such as slap, tapping, thumb pluck or improvisation, I'm here to teach you the essential foundations that will lead to create your unique game. Applied Music Theory: Understanding music theory is key to playing creatively and fluently. I'll help you demystify the theory by linking it directly to your bass guitar playing, so you can play with confidence and understand what you're playing. Varied repertoire: Learning the bass guitar doesn't just mean playing repetitive exercises. We'll work on tracks and styles you're passionate about, whether it's rock, funk, jazz, blues, death metal or other genres. Auditory Enrichment: I will help you develop your musical ear, recognize rhythms and improvise in harmony with other instruments.
Bass guitar · Music composition · Music theory
Trusted teacher: • Do you like to sing, do you want to tame the possibilities of your voice? • Are you part of a choir and would like to gain vocal comfort and autonomy? • Do you need coaching to work on your stage presence, your diction, your interpretation? • Do you want to discover the vast vocal repertoire of early music? I would like to help you move forward on the long and mysterious path of the voice. Let's meet to learn together around this fascinating and multifaceted instrument, both the most universal and the most intimate. MY VISION OF TEACHING Trained as an opera singer, I have been teaching students of all ages and levels since 2015, individually or in small groups. I know the classical repertoire well, and also the so-called "old" music. But I'm interested in all styles: musical, variety, traditional... For me, teaching singing is: • stand next to the student, look with him what the obstacle is, and look together for solutions to overcome it. • always show kindness, empathy, patience, non-judgment. I ensure that these values are present in every lesson I give. COURSE DESCRIPTION Audience: adults, teenagers from around 16 years old. Course of a typical lesson: • 1st part: warm-up and technical exercises (posture, breathing, resonances) • 2nd part: work "in context" on a piece (recovery of technical elements, diction of the text, interpretation) Individual lessons or in small groups (2 to 4 people). If you have any special requests, please let me know. If you don't know how to read music (this is the case for a number of my students): that's not a problem! There are plenty of ways to learn and progress. MY MUSICAL CURRICULUM My background is quite eclectic: after a university course in art history and archeology in France, I studied at the Haute École de Musique de Genève-Neuchâtel where I obtained a Master's degree in Concert in lyrical singing. . I acquired, during my studies and my professional activity, a lot of experience of choral practice, and I was able to attend many choir conducting classes. Finally, I had the opportunity to specialize in early music: Gregorian chant, medieval music, Renaissance polyphonies, 16th and 17th century baroque music, ornamentation, notation, theoretical treatises, facsimile reading... In summary, I like things that are off the beaten track!
Singing · Opera · Voice (music)
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Gives music lessons all levels at home (Neuchâtel)
It was a pleasure studying classical piano with Xiang and i recommend him as a teacher for piano. Xiang gave me guidance on hand relaxation, horizontal movements, rhytm and other ways of practicing, scales tips, pedalling, fingering and general tips. over few months of (bi)weekly lessons, he gave me guidance on few Czerny pieces and Chopin etude 12 op 10. Xiang can “sight read” some Chopin etudes at the speed that takes me several week to practice, this was amazing and inspiring to observe!:)
Review by IVAN
Learn Chinese language and culture (all levels) (Lausanne)
Excellent plus. If you want not just spend time and money, but have result - choose Wēi. I strongly recommend. Wēi has a talent to teach you Chinese. With her it is not difficult.
Review by EVGENII
Hello, I offer cello and piano lessons at home (Lausanne)
Lots of fun to discover a new instrument! Catherine is a very competent teacher, explaining the basics very well and showing a lot of patience with me as a beginner.
Review by JANINE