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Rubén - Valencia$26
Trusted teacher: I have been a Spanish as a foreign language teacher for more than 4 years now in one of the most prestigious schools nationwide. Currently, I am working both as a Spanish for foreign students and English teacher at the Catholic University of Valencia. Thanks to my experience in other schools and my university training, I apply different pedagogic and didactic strategies. I am knowledgeable about various teaching procedures and methods. I adapt to each of my students' needs. I teach students of any age. I consider myself a very extroverted and dynamic teacher. I am really fond of teaching and seeing the progress of my students. Also, I enjoy learning when I teach and carrying out research about language teaching in order to be up to date with it. I do not teach students from then school I work at. Soy profesor de español para extranjeros (ELE) desde hace más de 4 años en una de las escuelas más prestigiosas a nivel nacional. Actualmente, soy profesor de español para extranjeros e inglés en la Universidad Católica de Valencia. Por mi experiencia y formación, cuento con muchas estrategias pedagógicas y didácticas, así como el conocimiento de diferentes procedimientos y métodos de enseñanza. Me adapto a las necesidades de cada estudiante. Soy una persona extrovertida y dinámica. Me encanta enseñar y ver el progreso de mis estudiantes. Disfruto aprendiendo con mis clases e investigando sobre la enseñanza de idiomas para estar siempre al día. Doy clases a adultos, adolescentes y niños. Solo estudiantes que no estén en mi escuela.
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[ONLINE] French lessons with a native, experienced and professional teacher for foreigners. (Charleroi)
Bonjour to the one's who are seeking for a French Language teacher on Apprentus, Likewise you, I have also gone through the process of finding a (good) teacher, and I also did read about two days long the reviews given to the teachers. And finally, decided to take the course from Remi. I have to admit that I do not regret at all. Remi has a very positive attitude, patient, flexible and he does his best to bring over his knowledge to the best with lots of exercises and conversations that helps the best to improve your level of knowledge. Shortly, I believe that you will be very pleased with your decision if you take the course from Remi. I strongly advise. Bonne courage.
Review by SELCUK
Spanish native teacher from Valencia (online and at home) (Valencia)
Miguel has a very personable & flexible approach, tailoring his lessons to what I am looking for or interested in, rather than following a strict study regime on a set path. The lessons and material to study each week are therefore quite free-flowing, with a strong focus on conversation, which suits me. But I am sure he could also set up a more 'by the book' study program if that's what a student would desire. Above all, he's passionate about language & teaching, and it shows.
Review by DAAN
Spanish as a foreign language for students of all ages and nationalities (Valencia)
Have just completed 6 weeks living in Spain studying Spanish and I can easily say I learned more in my 1 hour classes with Ruben than in a 4 hour day at the Spanish school! Great personalised teaching style, he really pays attention to what you need to improve on and has helpful, fun ways to do so. I really enjoyed the classes and find them super helpful and will continue to study online with Rubén until I’m fluent (or as close as I can be). Muchas gracias Rubén
Review by GEORGIA