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Trusted teacher: Hello ! I am an IT Security Engineer in Tours, I have been teaching since 2019 (See comments and feedback on review sites!). I offer support for middle and high school students, university / engineering school students but also for individuals, especially the elderly. I am available for regular follow-ups with medium / long-term objectives to be achieved (ex: preparation for the Bac, other diploma, weekly follow-up ...) but also occasional interventions (help to prepare for a partial, project, .. .). ============ = Method ============ I adopt a rigorous and methodical approach that allows me to optimize and maximize the results of all students, whatever their basic level and their objectives. To do this, we will first carry out a first exchange of messages, aimed at clarifying the student's situation, his shortcomings and his expectations. Following this, I propose a session plan (s) to the student that would allow him to meet his needs. During the session: After answering all the questions that the student may have prepared before the session, I myself suggest points that I consider very important or clever and give applications. I make sure that the student has a good understanding of the different aspects of the course before going through exercises and problems that allow the student to understand the usefulness and the extent of the effectiveness of each theorem or trick . For students preparing for partials, I adopt a more pragmatic approach based on tutorials / annals in order to allow the student to channel his efforts and focus on the parts that will allow him to have the best grade. At the end of a session, the following objectives are met: - Allow the student to master his course from start to finish. - Allow the student to do and understand the TD exercises while ensuring that the writing of the solution is correct and rigorous (especially in preparation). - Allow the student to establish a work plan that allows him to better manage his time, to work in a more orderly and methodical manner and to obtain better results.
Computer basics · Computer science · Information systems
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French as a Foreign Language for Beginner, Intermediate (Tours)
Rado is a wonderful teacher and person!! And on top of that, he was always very prepared, on time, and focused throughout our lessons. He was also easy to communicate with in planning our times to meet. When teaching, he was clear and patient in explaining things to me. Rado c'est un excellent prof!! Je ne parlais pas français quand je commençais avec Rado. Et j'ai appris beaucoup!! Je voudrais plus de leçons, pour apprendre plus, mais je no suis pas en Tours, alors je vous recommande d'apprendre avec Rado!! I recommend that you take lessons with Rado. I think he would be very good at teaching any level. He is great!
Review by EMMA
Fashion Design, Pattern Making, Draping, Sewing, Couture Finishing and Embroidery Tutoring (Paris)
I definitely recommend her as a great tutor! I am still taking repeated lessons with Brigitte in Paris. I am currently preparing for my portfolio for fashion school and making garments in preparation. She is very knowledgeable and always prepared to help me through the process of making patterns and draping the pieces. She even went to buy the sewing machine with me outside of class since I did not have much knowledge of how to choose the sewing machine and also assisted me in where to buy the materials that I needed! I hope my review will help you guys choose Brigette as your tutor.
Review by ASHLEY