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74 private teachers in Temara

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French, language and communication teacher (Rabat)
As a native English speaker, attempting to learn French in my retirement while living in Rabat has been a challenge for me. I knew that I needed someone who had a strong command of both languages and could be sympathetic to my unique situation. Miriam has been an excellent instructor and has developed a curriculum perfectly suited to my level of competency. She is extremely organized and flexible and possesses a strong command of the technical components of French. Miriam is also keenly aware of the differences between “proper” French and the French which is spoken on the streets in Rabat! She has been a tremendous help in developing a communication plan to aid in my day-to-day interactions in the community. She sets realistic goals for me and under her guidance, my competency and confidence has grown tremendously! I also benefit from her fluency in Arabic and when I can converse fluently in French, I will be asking her to teach me Darijian! She is extremely patient and has a great sense of humor too! I cannot say enough good things about her and how fortunate I am to have he as a teacher!
Review by JASON
Small Group Training "Strengthening, relaxation". (Rabat)
Very good perfect coach
Arduino, Robotics, C & C++ Programming, Python, Microcontroller, IOT (Rabat)
Review by AHMAD