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31 private teachers in Sheffield

The class is to provide any supplementary help with Sociology at A Level. The aim is for it to be casual but to still have focus and clear intent. Sociology allows you to study the world around you. It is in our everyday lives! And, as you might have seen, a lot of theories come from old bearded men in the 20th century. So how can they possibly write about stuff that happens or is relevant in today's society? This is where you can use critical analysis to test how sociology works, and importantly, to use the tools it has given you to question what we take for granted. This is the main task of sociology; to defamiliarise the familiar. My teaching method is very much student-led. It is based on the problems that are brought to me so that they can be dissected, analysed and we can work together to see how to solve the issue. I know how it feels to feel like your question or problem is not worthwhile, or that you might feel a bit silly for not understanding something. However, I can absolutely say that you will never be the only person that has struggled with that particular concept or question (or whatever it may be!). I work on a no-judgement basis! Saying this, a lot of the time, students have an inkling about an answer, or partially understand concepts and theories, and more often than not they have the analytical tools to get there, but might get confused along the way or lack confidence in their abilities. It is simply about working through the issue logically. Sometimes just talking about it out loud can make it clearer! You generally know more than you think you do. It is about having confidence in your ideas. I am on track to receive a high class undergraduate degree in sociology, so hope to utilise the skills I have been developing over the past few years to help you in your studies!
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