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A music producer has one of the most important roles in music creation. Either solo or working with a band, he/she is responsible for framing musical ideas for a project, which can be a song or full album. When working with a band, he/she oversees the entire process of the recordings and pre-production in order to help them develop their music. This class will touch several topics and subtopics (see bellow), depending on the student's level and objective. It can be focused on a specific topic, like working with compressors, mastering a song, as well as, the entire music production course (from composing to mastering). It can also target a specific genre in dance music, like dubstep, house, trap, or cover general aspects in order to produce/mix music solo or for a band. - Music Production and Electronic Dance Music: Instruments and plugins (drum machines, synthesizers) Recording Composing Arrangement Instruments (Percussion and Melody) Sound Design Dance Music and other genres - Multi-genre Mixing "in-the-box": Musical balances and Tonal balances Arrangement Headroom and Clipping Gain Controllers (EQ, Compressor, Limiter) Ambience Generators (Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, etc.) Equalization (focus) Compression (Sidechain and Parallel Compression) Saturation & Distortion Panning and Widening Automation techniques Vocal processing Effects Summing - Mastering: Equalization Dynamic Equalization Multiband Compression Saturation & Distortion Limiting The goal here is to make each student & artist produce original music, on his own.
Audio production · Sound (music) · Music composition
English language is the second most popular language and also widely spoken throughout the world nowadays. '' English is a West Germanic language first spoken in early medieval England, which eventually became the leading language of international discourse in the 21st century. '' - Wikipedia In my classes you will learn how to use English grammar correctly, as well as everyday used vocabulary to help you communicate with others, get help and use the language proficiently, wherever you go. I specialize in teaching English to others, effectively and patently as I, once, was in your shoes! I learned how to speak English as a young child because I moved to a country where English was the language used by everyone. I was inspired to teach English in my early years from teachers who have helped me to use it on everyday basis, and without the help I wouldn't be using this language as good as now. So in my spare time, I would like to help others as much as possible. I, now, have TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and certification, successfully achieved and completed. My goal is to keep students motivated to learn English, I will assign homework after every class so you can keep practicing and learning more everyday, also providing report, to let you know how you are doing. I will keep our lessons fun and helpful, not boring! I can teach Polish students, as I'm a Polish national but I will mainly use English as much as possible. Everyone, no matter from what country, is welcome! Also, I can teach face to face, at home or online using Zoom, Google Meet or other platforms that will suit us both. Please note: Due to Covid-19, I would highly recommend online meetings as much as possible.
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Learn French in an interactive and efficient way! A1-C2 (DELF preparation) with a French native (Amsterdam)
Angelique is very competent and professional with a direct approach, you can tell she is seasoned in her experience and her English, when required, is also very good. I am looking forward to her teaching / learning method - I know from past experience it is very hard to teach me French language - if anyone can teach me I am sure Angelique can!
Review by GINA
Learn English for all levels of experience from 'Hello' to 'Goodbye' and everything in-between (Lisbon)
Jack has a great style of teaching! He is very precise in assessing the student's level and he plans the class structure accordingly. From the very beginning, Jack has ensured me that teaching another language is more than possible even if you don’t have a language in common - he is the prime example of an excellent teacher!
Review by DARIA
Russian language course for adults.Russian Test Prep Tutoring. (Amsterdam)
Liudmyla seems very experienced with younger people, she's teaching in an interesting way using videoes and songs not only boring books and notes. She can easily find a problem (in grammar or so...) and fix it by exerciseses, she is also friendly, helpful and patient what me and my sister appreciate a lot!
Review by MICHAELA