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139 private teachers in New Cairo

Trusted teacher: As-salamu alaykum 👋🟢 I'm Rahim, a 26-year-old individual who has spent over five years(and still) serving as an imam, leading prayers and fostering spiritual growth within a community. My journey has been marked by qualities that I hold dear — compassion, patience, and kindness. In my approach to teaching, I firmly believe that it goes beyond the mere imparting of knowledge. While knowledge is undeniably crucial, the true essence lies in the ability to be patient and compassionate and to understand how to deliver knowledge in ways that resonate with the diverse types of students I encounter. Teaching, to me, is a dynamic exchange where the heart of learning lies not only in what is taught but in how it is shared. I focus on creating an environment where every student feels seen, heard, and valued, and where the journey of knowledge is guided by empathy and understanding. To ensure that our learning journey is a harmonious fit. It's an opportunity for you to experience my teaching style and for us to determine if we are a suitable match. I firmly believe that sharing the teachings of the Quran goes beyond any monetary value. I offer the following skills and guidance to enhance your Quranic learning experience: 🟠 Master the correct pronunciation (makharej) of the Arabic alphabet. 🟠 Apply Tajweed rules effectively during Quranic recitation. 🟠 Gain an understanding of the meaning of the Quran. 🟠 Camera-Based Sessions for Enhanced Communication: My online Quranic learning sessions are not just about sound; they are camera-based to ensure a more profound and personal connection. By incorporating video, we create an environment where every nuance of pronunciation and expression is visible, fostering better understanding and communication. 🟠 Interactive Screen Sharing: My use of screen-sharing technology allows us to explore the Quranic text together. Whether it's delving into the pronunciation of Arabic alphabets, or exploring the meanings of verses, the screen-sharing feature adds a visual dimension to our learning experience. Online Quranic Learning: Experience the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home through engaging online sessions. Whether you're near or far, we can connect virtually to explore the beauty of the Quran together. Offline Quranic Learning: For those who prefer a more traditional approach, I am also available for in-person Quranic lessons. “Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!”
Arabic · Religious studies · Religion & spirituality
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Tutoring at home (privet courses ) /ALL Subject For IG,SAT,IB & National System WITH International Education Academy For IGCSE, SAT, IB (Cairo)
Eng. Mohamed
Mr. Mohammed is a great teacher. He has been very friendly and patient with my son. He always assigns homework after every lesson and revises with him the previous lesson to make sure that he has fully understood the topic. This has improved my son’s math skills in a short amount of time. His personality is great as he makes the student feel comfortable by asking questions. We are happy to continue to work with him long-term as well.
Review by يحي حسين
Learn the basic of arabic (reading,writing,speaking,listening) تعلم اساسيات اللغة العربية(قراءة ،كتابة،تحدث واستماع) (New Cairo)
Nada is an amazing teacher, is kind, very patient and makes you feel confident. She speaks dialect and fusha. I recommend her indeed!
Review by TAMER
Math.I love teaching students what they need in math subject ,equations and functions.Teaching them geometry and trigonometry . (Cairo)
Best Teacher
Review by EMMANUEL