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18 private teachers in Mannheim

he language of Allah and Muhammad is spoken by over 200 million people in 28 countries from Africa to the Middle East. Muslims in the world revere Arabic as the language of the Holy Qur'an. The Holy Qur'an has preserved Arabic in its purest form in the eyes of Muslims, describing itself as a “clear Arabic book”. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language throughout the Arab world, and, in its written form, it is relatively consistent across national boundaries. MSA is used in official documents, in educational settings, and for communication between Arabs of different nationalities. However, the spoken forms of Arabic vary widely, and each Arab country has its own dialect. Dialects are spoken in most informal settings, such as at home, with friends, or while shopping. Of all spoken dialects, Egyptian Arabic is the most widely understood, due primarily to Egypt's role as the major producer of movies and TV programs in the Arab world. Being one of the quirkiest in the world, the actual script reads from right to left with an alphabet containing 28 consonants. There are various types of Arabic script, some more intricate than others. The best known are “Kufic” and “Thuluth”. Arabic script has been used for decorative purposes all over the Muslim world in mosques, houses and other buildings. This is possible as the writing flows in a beautifully stylized fashion. Today, words of Arabic origin can be found in some European languages such as Portuguese and Spanish, due to periods of Arab reign in those countries. English words of Arabic origin include “zero”, “algebra”, “alcohol”, “mosque”, “tariff”, “alcove”, “magazine”, “elixir”, “sultan” and “cotton”. Overall, Arabic translation services play an important role in todays world.
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Julia - Mannheim$36
Trusted teacher: Learning a musical instrument or staying on the ball is not always easy. For this I offer lessons in a friendly atmosphere adapted to the student for all ages and learning classes. My name is Julia, I am originally from Stuttgart and moved to Mannheim to study human medicine. After more than 15 years of professional, classical training on the piano at a music grammar school, I completed this with a high school diploma in music and piano with a 1.0 and would like to pass on the skills, techniques, knowledge of musicology and musical understanding I have learned. - I am open to students of all ages and every "learning level", no matter how advanced you feel, you are always welcome with me - from many years of experience as a student myself, an open and friendly relationship is particularly important to me. Sticking with it is not always easy and pressure or fear are not part of a hobby for me, a pleasant atmosphere is important in order to develop further in an art like music - As with everything, a little bit of discipline is required, but we are happy to speak personally about the desired progress, personal goals and the weekly expenditure of time and together we can find a good measure - Learning the correct technique to play the piano (hand position, etc.) has become particularly important to me in my own classical training (for health and success) and will also be part of my teaching from the very beginning - The joy of music and the fun of the hobby are still the most important :) Do you want to start over or continue learning and are you still looking for a suitable teacher? Please contact me and we can talk about more detailed ideas and learning content. I am looking forward to your message.
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Learn Arabic and Darija Learning ( Grammar, Communication and Writing ) Transcription included (Casablanca)
I booked my first Arabic initiation with Acine and I absolutely loved it. Acine was very accommodating with our first class. I had a last-minute delay, which resulted in starting the class later than scheduled. He reassured me that it was not an issue and he still managed to maintain the class. My learning experience was also great, he is truthfully the best private teacher I've had. He teaches efficiently, we viewed many subjects for a first class and it was also a fun moment. To sum up, Acine is not the regular teacher you would have at school, he is a great teacher who puts an emphasis on sharing a good moment with his student.
Review by ARTHUR
French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Rabat)
Fawzi is friendly with an approachable manner. He is quick to understand your level of French and what needs to be achieved. He explains French very well and makes you feel comfortable even if you are inexperienced and looks for the positives in your approach to learning. I am happy with our training schedule so far and I hope to develop and gain confidence in my pronunciation of French and speaking.
Review by GINA
Arabic, Moroccan Arabic and Berber teacher with more than 5 years of teaching experience.
Soufiane is a great teacher, his classes are both enjoyable and informative, with personally tailored content and a friendly ambiance. He is passionate about teaching and that clearly comes through during the sessions with him. I can only recommend taking a class with him!
Review by ELLIOTT