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Louana - Corsier$77
Trusted teacher: After 5 years of teaching piano lessons / music theory in Geneva and at the request of many parents for their youngest children, I decided to open a class specializing in rhythm / music theory, allowing an introduction to music through movement, listening, discovering percussion instruments or learning notes using the xylophone. In these courses we will learn: Children 3-5 years old: Lv. 1 - Dancing in the rhythm 💃 - Tap on percussion instruments - Sing in tune (name of notes) - Music listening 🎵 - Know the basic typologies of musical notes - Discover certain percussion instruments as well as the xylophone composed of the C major scale. - Understand the difference between high/low - The expression of music by drawing ✍️ colored notes - etc. Children 6-9 years old: Lv. 2 - Play music - Write the music - Recognize the sounds of orchestral instruments - Symphony orchestra / instruments - Note recognition by ear - Beat the measure in rhythm 2/3/4 beats - Tap simple rhythms just right - Know the names of each typology of musical notes 🎶 - Know the various symbols of musical writing and their function - Interactive educational games related to classical music Children from 10 years old: Lev. 3 - Tap or beat time while saying complex rhythms just right - Sight reading of sheet music 🎶 - Knowledge of costings and composition according to costing - Knowledge of varieties of intervals & chords - Knowledge of all ranges - History of music (famous composers) - Practice of classical improvisation - Simple songwriting (composition) - Interactive educational games related to classical music - etc My teaching techniques are the fusion between the Conservatory of Music and the Jacques-Dalcroze Institute, brought up to date with new innovative ways of learning while having fun! For the moment, the lessons for the first requests will be at home, but in the long term we will bring the children together in a classroom in the center of Geneva. While remaining at your disposal, please accept my sincere greetings. Louana
Children's music · Music theory lessons · Music theory
Trusted teacher: I am a student in Master 2 Teaching philosophy (U. Rennes 1) and hold a Master 1 in research in philosophy. I am currently preparing for the teaching competitions: CRPE, CAPES and Agrégation de Philosophie. I propose to give lessons in Switzerland Chêne Bourg and Geneva (Leman Express line) but also in distance according to the requests of the students, according to their preferences. Regarding my services, I give courses for the levels below: Elementary: all subjects College: all subjects High school: all subjects (except SES and sciences) University: I offer general methodology and philosophy courses. As far as my prices are concerned, they are determined according to the level of the student and the trip. Regarding my professional experiences, I am currently working in the extracurricular activity sector in Annecy, which means that I have a good knowledge of children in elementary school, I still currently provide lessons to a child in difficulty who is in CM2. Regarding college, I gave tutoring lessons to a group in difficulty (January-June 2018). Last year, I gave lessons to foreign students in final year class and I worked with the company Complétude in Ile de France. All these experiences gave me different axes in the way of developing my relationship and my work with the students while maintaining communication with the parents. I offer face-to-face and / or distance learning courses in the cities specified above. Thank you for your reading, do not hesitate to contact me for further information and if you are likely to be interested. Brieuc
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Initiation to Graphic Design, Visual communication skils (Jussy)
Marijena is very professional with great skills. She is an artist and knows how to transmit her passion. The classes are very serious and my son loves them. She has wonderful creativity and she guides my son with her insight
Photoshop, Illustrator, for beginner and intermediate (Geneva)
Benoit definitely knows Adobe products and gives clear easy to follow instructions. I really appreciated his patience and calm demeanor with my many questions. I would highly recommend Benoit
Review by KRISTI
Private lessons of Piano and Solfeggio for Beginners / Intermediates (Vandœuvres)
Luana is such a wonderful and vibrant teacher , my daughter enjoys piano classes with her . She is very patient and very resourceful . We are very happy that we found her
Review by JELENA

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