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Trusted teacher: Hello! If you would like to learn how to play cello or to develop your solfege, piano and theory knowledge, I truly believe that my class is the best place for you! In my classes, you would have the possibility to discover more about the instrument and its history. We will learn all the technics that are used when we play. Together with the beginners, we will make the first steps in music theory, solfege and piano. Those important steps are a part of the study of an instrument, they allow the musician to have the complete freedom to perform and to create his music. As a person that has been playing the cello since the age of 7, I know all the difficult steps that are accompanying this adventure. Because of that, my goal is to support and to motivate my students, to be their friend but also an example of how hard they have to work to achieve their dreams. Let me tell you a bit more about myself (more detailed information you could find in my profile). My name is Vyara and I am 26 years old from Bulgaria. In June 2021 I have finished my first Master in music performance in Haute école de musique de Genève and at the moment I am doing my second Master in Pedagogy in the same institution with Denis Severin. I have graduated the National music school in Varna, Bulgaria and later the National academy of music in Sofia, Bulgaria. All those years of study gave me lots of experience not only as a violoncellist but as well as a person. During my studies I have had all types of music classes such as harmony, music history, music theory, pedagogy, chamber music, violoncello, piano and many more. Following my preparation from young age, I am proud to be a prize-winner of many international competitions. I have performed not only as a soloist but also as a member of a classical piano trio, with which we have been on many stages around the world. At the moment, I am dedicated to teaching. I work as a private violoncello teacher since 3 years. I can honestly say that work with other cellists gives me pleasure and makes me feel fulfilled. Following the graduation of my first Master, I was invited by my professor Denis Severin to become his assistant. I have traveled with him around Europe on a group of master classes, where I had the opportunity to work with a class of 15 students. I truly believe that with my professional experience I would be the best choice for you to learn more about the music world! Feel free to write me if you are interested! All my best, Vyara
Cello · Music theory lessons · Music theory
Trusted teacher: Philippe de Villiers is well and truly back in the political arena. If the former minister had never really left the public scene, multiplying the speeches over the publication of his numerous works, it had been a long time since the founder of Puy du Fou had actively participated in an electoral campaign. . It is now done, since Philippe de Villiers formalized his support for Éric Zemmour a few days ago – support reissued on Monday December 20 on Europe 1. Denying the accusations of racism or coldness, the most famous Vendéen in France painted a glowing portrait of the former journalist, depicting him as an "ultra-sensitive, humble, open boy with a refined mind". The three big replacements But much more than the personality of Éric Zemmour, whom Philippe de Villiers has known “for 36 years”, it is his political combat and his findings that seduce the former minister: “We are experiencing three major replacements: a replacement of population and civilization, both visible to the naked eye, and a replacement of a millennial society by a hygienist, eugenicist and transhumanist society". A final reference to the government's health policy, which Philippe de Villiers criticizes more firmly than Éric Zemmour: "We are governed by people who practice state lies", he estimated, castigating the turn towards compulsory vaccination taken by the executive. Here is Éric Zemmour and Philippe de Villiers reconciled. A few days ago, shortly before the Villepinte meeting, the second had nevertheless expressed doubts about the seriousness of the journalist's candidacy, castigating his entourage in particular. But since the meeting and the now famous "Villepinte oath", Philippe de Villiers is convinced: he was able to observe "a powerful speech", and note "the transformation of the journalist who has become a statesman". As for the role that the Vendéen will play in the campaign, it remains unclear. Rigolard, the founder of Puy du Fou has in any case chosen his role: that of a “graying eminence” of Éric Zemmour.
Math · Physics · Computer science
Trusted teacher: Wir unterrichten landesweit die wichtigsten Fremdsprachen. Tausende von Privatkunden sowie Mitarbeiter großer und kleiner Unternehmen, Institutionen und Behörden haben von der LFG-Methode profitiert. Wir passen unsere Kurse an Ihre Bedürfnisse an, auf jedem Level, und basierend auf dem Kenntnisstand unserer Kunden. Wir helfen Ihnen, so zu lernen, wie SIE es wollen! Für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene gleichermaßen. Warum wir? Wir bieten: - 1-zu-1, Einzelunterricht vor Ort - Semi-privater Unterricht (1-2 Personen in einer Gruppe) - Französischkurse und Deutschkurse für Firmen: Gruppenkurse - Privatkurse - Executive Coaching - Online-Unterricht (verschiedene Plattformen - Zoom - Skype - Messenger- Wire) - Echte Flexibilität: jeden Tag / überall Montag bis Sonntag, von 8 bis 21 Uhr, mit Skype-Nachbereitung - Intensivtraining (bis zu 5 Stunden pro Tag) - Französisch- und Deutsch-Prüfungsvorbereitungen (DELF-DALF, FIDE / TCF, Goethe-Zertifikat) und die Vorbereitung auf die Schweizer Staatsbürgerschaftsprüfung - Fachwortschatz und Kommunikation in der gewünschten Fremdsprache: Themenbezogene Lektionen aus den Bereichen Wirtschaft, Recht, Finanzen, Medizin, Gastronomie und Bauwesen - Schreibkurse zum Erlernen von schriftlicher Kommunikation (Briefe, E-Mails, Lebensläufe) - Ein Smartphone-freundliches Tool zum Üben und Verbessern des schnellen Lernens - Erschwingliche Tarife und monatliche Zahlungspläne - Zufriedenheitsgarantie: Sie können den Trainer wechseln, wenn es nötig ist.
English · French
Trusted teacher: Kundalini yoga is different from other types of yoga commonly practiced in the West, in that it is less focused on postures and more geared towards self-awareness, meditation, mantra chanting and breathing. Kundalini yoga is therefore a set of powerful techniques that allows us to focus and fully enjoy our being, our soul and our environment. Thus, these techniques make it possible to:  deepen breathing;  become aware of the meridians and energy centers in the body (the chakras);  strengthen the nervous system;  purify the blood flow. The ultimate goal of this tool is to balance the sensations of the physical body with the mind and soul. While Kundalini yoga remains a spiritual practice, it has no religious appeal and can be applied by everyone, with adaptations for some people. It is particularly suitable for a public having and facing psychological difficulties (anxiety and trauma). Typically, a Kundalini session lasts 1.5 hours. It is divided into 5 parts: - chanting of the opening mantras - warm-up with a sequence of postures with breathing exercises - sequence of kundalini (kriya) which generally focus on a specific theme - relaxation - meditation (accompanied by mantra or / and breathing and concentration exercises) In addition, “Vinyasa” simply means “sequence of postures”. This type of yoga is based on Hatha yoga, which means the physical side of yogic philosophy. Indeed, the goal of yoga practice is to enter a state of meditation, which is facilitated by focusing on the body at first. In the West, since the spread of yoga at the beginning of the 20th century, Hatha yoga has mainly spread. Vinyasa uses the basic postures performed in Hatha yoga, chaining them together to enter into a kind of "dance", "flow". On a physical level, this type of yoga:  strengthens the heart rate;  works all the muscles of the body;  improves posture by strengthening the spine. On a more subtle level, Vinyasa allows you to:  stimulate the 7 main chakras, starting from the base to go up to the crown;  release the energies produced by the body during the session;  release a general feeling of well-being by gently stretching the muscles. A Vinyasa session lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. It can be divided into 3 parts: - stretches to gently open and warm the body; - sequence of postures (declined by sun salutations, starting with anchoring postures to gently raise the spine); - relaxation to channel the work of the muscles.
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Professeur expérimenté pour enseigner le chinois et les mathématiques aux adultes et aux enfants chez vous ou en ligne (Saint-Genis-Pouilly)
Had my first lesson with Cuihong and really enjoyed it. She helped me with basic pronunciation (so good help for a complete beginner like me) and taught me some interesting tidbits. She was also very quick and reliable to answer my mails through Apprentus, and is a friendly person. Looking forward to continuing lessons with her!
Review by EILISH
Private lessons of Piano and Solfeggio for Beginners / Intermediates (Vandœuvres)
Luana is such a wonderful and vibrant teacher , my daughter enjoys piano classes with her . She is very patient and very resourceful . We are very happy that we found her
Review by JELENA
Organized. Has professional materials. Is good at using technology and working virtually.
Review by SARAH

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