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Svilen 27 years of experience in several Martial arts! Personal Information: Address: Oldenzaal, Nederland Professional experience: 2020 Personal Instructor Self - defense, Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Aikido. 2019 Instructor Self - defense in Navi Academy "N. Yo. Vaptsarov" Varna, Bulgaria. Work with army police. Seminar “Piper”/ knife fighting/, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 2016 Seminar “Pekiti Tirsia Tactical”/knife and tomahawk fighting/in Rouse, Bulgaria with Tuhon Rommel Tortal, Chief instructor of Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Ass., USA 2014 – 2016 Regional director of “Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Federation Bulgaria” for Northeasern Bulgaria/Filipino martial arts/. 2014 - 2015 Member and racer of dynamic shooting club “Agrus”, part of IPSC. 2014 Safe Handling of weapons certificate. Seminars with Tuhon Jared Wihongi/ Director of Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association/, USA Security certificates. Six Monts like security in Varna Mall, Varna, Bulgaria 2011 Aikido practice in aikido club„Ten Chi Riu” with Shihan Brian Stockwell /7 dan aikido /, UK and MMA practice, Barnstaple, UK 2007 - 2019 Instructor of small group Filipino Martial arts in Varna, Bulgaria. Training camp with Pavel Velchev, Cheef instructor of “Free Stick Fighting ” Sofia, Bulgaria 2007 - 2020 Like aikido instructor at “ATAPIS” LTD in more then 20 kindergardens in Varna, Bulgaria. Training on children classes /3 – 7 years old/. 10.2006 2nd dan black belt aikido aikikai certificate. 07.2006 Founder and chief instructor of aikido club “Aikido Center – Varna”, Varna, Bulgaria 2009 - 2010 Instructor of two aikido seminars/aikido weapons – jo, bokken/ Kranevo, Bulgaria 03.2004-08.2004 Weapon expert in stuntman club “Ongal”, Varna, Bulgaria 2003 – 2005 Member of judo club “Yavara”, Varna, Bulgaria, Green belt 2004 – 2006 Member of aikido club “Dojo Aikido”, Varna, Bulgaria 02.09-29.09.2005г Aikido practice at ”HOMBU DOJO”- Tokyo /Japan/ 02.2003-01.09.2006 Aikido practice at „IBARAKI BRANCH DOJO”- Iwama /Japan/ 2002 - 2003 Seminar ”Submission grappling” with Grand Master Gokor Chivichyan/USA/ in Sofia, BG 1995 - 2004 Aikido practice in aikido club “Shudokan”, Varna, Bulgaria. The last two years like a sempai /help instructor/. 10.1994 – 12.1994 Aikido practice in University of Economy Varna, Bulgaria 1991 Kick – boxing/ for six months/, Varna, Bulgaria Specialized: Martial Arts Weapons – eged weapon, single/double stick fighting, kubotan, tactical pen, tomahawk, telescopic baton Traditional Japanese weapons/jo, bokken/. Empty hands fighting. Real Street fighting. Tactics and strategy of the fight. Qualified in: Tuition Personal Skills and Competences: Languages: Bulgarian English Russian
Self defense · Aikido · Kali
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Let's enjoy learning Korean! Easy Korean/Koreaanse cursus/Real beginner-advanced level/Tutoring (Hengelo)
I already had a few lessons with Sanghee and I can definitely recommend her! Her patient and interactive teaching style work very well together with her well planned, organized lessons and her nice personality. Her classes are completely in Korean so that in itself teaches you a lot and will improve your speaking abilities immediately, especially if speaking in Korean is still difficult for you. If you don't understand something she of course will switch to English. The homework also keeps my study drive going and I already have the feeling that I can express myself better in Korean. :)
Review by LILITH
Math Tutoring: Algebra, Calculus, Probability Theory, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry... (Enschede)
Anmol helped me with my statistics assignments and I am very happy with the level of support I received: He is very patient and repeats things when needed but also allows me to try my own approaches and give my own reasoning for the problems. He also provided me with a lot of additional material to further my learning. I highly recommend!
Review by FEDERICO
Bass guitar lessons, basles in Enschede, for young and old (Enschede)
I had a good lesson. From my first lesson I felt like I am taking a step towards improving my bass skills. I am really thankful. It was a straight forward conversation and rules were clearly explained. Looking forward for upcoming lessons!
Review by ROJAN