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Berin - Istanbul$40
Trusted teacher: Hi everyone! I have been teaching private courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics for 9 years. It is my passion to prepare my students for the future with school and exam studies. When I won the Anatolian Teacher High School in Istanbul in 2008 and Boğaziçi University in 2012, my biggest goal was to be a reliable role model for my students in the future. I am very happy that I have now made this dream come true since the year I entered university. Until this time, I have taught private lessons at secondary, high school and university level to numerous students from Turkey and abroad. I still continue to give private lessons on the online platform and teach Physics at an International School in Istanbul where California Education Standards (Cognia) are adopted. It is my passion to prepare my students for the future with school and exam studies. I am currently teaching for SAT Exam Preparation. SAT Subject Tests includes Physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology. I can teach both IB and American Curriculum as well. I teach my lessons on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, depending on the student' request. Inquiry Based Learning which I have adopted as a teaching method; it enables me to teach lessons based on inquiry and always keeping the student & teacher dialogue dynamic. I strive to progress depending on the age and level of the student. For this, I aim to explain myself, the way I study and understand my student's expectations and level. After the level has been determined, it is of great importance for me that the student knows the lesson plan and draft as well and adheres to the jointly agreed schedule. I share pdfs and documents that I have prepared before the class and use the books by Pearson, Serway, Nowicki, Sarquis and so on for University & Secondary School Level. For Middle School, I use HMH Science Modules etc. I do emphasize the importance on giving homework/assignment and return as giving ''feedforwards'' for my students. As someone in love with her job, it is my greatest motivation to direct the students to professions they can do with love. In this course, you will be able to learn following contents: Ch 1. Introduction to Natural Sciences Ch 2. Properties of Matter Ch 3. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics Ch 4. Mechanics Ch 5. Relativity Ch 6. Electricity Ch 7. Magnetism Ch 8. Waves, Sound, and Light Ch 9. The Universe Ch 10. Atmospheric Science Ch 11. Geology Ch 12. Biomolecules Ch 13. Biology of the Cell Ch 14. Biochemistry Foundations Ch 15. Chemical Nature of the Gene Ch 16. Cellular Reproduction Processes Ch 17. Introduction to Plant Biology Ch 18. Human Anatomy Ch 19. Animal Reproduction, Growth and Development Ch 20. Genetics Ch 21. Ecology Ch 22. Evolution: Theories and Principles Ch 23. The Origin and History of Life On Earth Ch 24. Phylogeny and the Classification of Organisms Ch 25. Human and Social Biology
Clep test preparation · Physics · Science
Trusted teacher: Liseyi bitirdikten sonra Mısır'a dil eğitimi için gidip 8 ay Arapça üzerine bir dil eğitimi aldım. Ardından Suudi Arabistan'a lisans eğitimi için yapmış olduğum başvururun kabulü gelince Suudi Arabistanda ki eğitim hayatıma başladım. Bu süre zarfında Suudi Arabistanın Riyad şehrindeki İmam Mohammad Ibn Saud Üniversitesinde üç yıllık dil enstitüsünü 81 derece ile bitirdim. Ardından eğitim görmüş olduğum üniversitede dört yıllık lisans eğitimimi tamamladım. Pandemi sebebiyle Master eğitimime uzaktan eğitimle mezun olmuş olduğum üniversitede devam etmekteyim. Özellikle fasih Arapçada ana dil seviyesinde okuma, yazma, konuşma becerilerine sahibim. Ondan fazla noterde Arapça yeminli tercüman olarak yemin zabtım bulunmaktadır. Gene İstanbul Adliyesinde Adli Tercüman olarak hizmet etmekteyim. Uzun zamandır gurbetçi ailelere ve gurbetçi ailelerin çocukları başta olmak üzere Türkiye'den de bir çok Arapça öğrenmek isteyen kişilere özel dersler vermekteyim. Bununla birlikte bir çok noterde yeminli tercüman olarak hizmet vermekteyim. Verdiğim ödevlerin yapılması şartıyla hiç Arapça harflerini dahi tanımayan birinin 6 ders gibi kısa bir sürede Arapça harfleri okuyabilecek ve kısmen yazma seviyesine geleceğini temin ederim. Pandemi sebebiyle derslerimi internet üzerinden, özel dersler ve grafik çizimler için hazırlanmış olan bir grafik tabletle işlemekte olduğum için dersler sınıf ortamında geçmektedir. ilk dersten yaptığımız çalışmayla zaten sizde aklınızda yer edinen internet üzerinden yapılan webcam derslerinin ne kadar faydalı ve verimli geçtiğini takdir edeceksinizdir.
Arabic · Grammar
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CLEP Exam Biology Preparation with Experienced Teacher (Istanbul)
Berin is a great teacher that has a lot of material and practice questions you can use for studying and reviewing your knowledge. Her explanations are clear and she’s a patient teacher which is helpful when grasping new topics. Overall she’s a good teacher that has lots of experience and I would recommend her specially if you need help preparing for a college level exam.
English teaching general or business /online lessons for different ages and levels. (Doha)
Awni is a really good English teacher. He is really patient and flexible. He is good at teaching the oral part (speaking and accent) and also the written part (grammar and vocabulary). Thank you!
Chemistry and Physics IGCSE, Chemistry AS and A Levels, IB, Chemistry AP, General Chemistry and Advanced Organic Chemistry. (Istanbul)
Good teacher explains clearly topics of chemistry and helped me to build knowledge from level 0 up to first year of bachelor's degree.
Review by FILIP