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Trusted teacher: I am a professional full-time Chinese Mandarin teacher from the North of China where Mandarin comes from. I have been teaching for about 10 years as a teacher. I have my own school and website for studying Chinese. Students' ages are from 3 to adults. They are from all over the world. You can study with me online /come to my office/ Go-home lessons. Classes can be one-to-one or group classes. I have been helping numerous people learn to speak Chinese and do exam HSK. Children always have fun learning Mandarin with me. I teach Mandarin for business purposes, traveling, YCT (for Children and teenagers), BCT (business Chinese), Conversational practice, Advanced level Chinese classes, etc. Any levels are all welcome. Classes type: Daily Chinese HSK class: Level 1--Level 6 HSKK class: HSK speaking test (Beginner to advanced) Chinese grammar class BCT / Startup Business in China: Business Chinese (Beginner to Advanced) YCT class: Level 1--Level 6 for children to teenagers Easy steps to Chinese: 3-12 years old children There are some other classes that welcome you to message me. I grew up and had educations in China. I moved to Europe for teaching Chinese in 2019 November. I am fun, active, very patient, and responsible. I have never come late to all of my classes for more than 10 years. For children's classes, I prepare songs, videos, cartoons, teaching and explaining at the same time, They learn really fast and never feel bored when they are excited with a fun teacher and materials. I believe that interest is the best teacher. So I try my best to prepare before classes and send materials after classes to students.
Chinese · Mandarin chinese
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Sandra - Eindhoven$39
Trusted teacher: Hello parents! My name is Sandra. I am a native English speaker from New York State. I have a USA teaching license and a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Inclusive Education (Grades K-6 and Students with Disabilities) from the State University of New York at Fredonia. My experiences include teaching at primary international schools in Belgrade, Serbia for 2 years and 3 years at international schools in The Hague, Netherlands. I have worked at two IB primary schools. Alongside teaching at international schools, I have 8 years of experience teaching English. I also have experience teaching grade 1 and 3 in elementary schools in New York State. I have taught children from 2-17 years old and adults. My students range in levels from beginners who are new to learning English, to fluent English speakers that need support or would like to further excel or maintain their fluency. Based on my experiences, I have learned to adjust my teaching style based on different students' needs, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning abilities. Lessons are provided to children and teenagers. Lessons are customized to the learning needs of your child. Whether that be learning English for the first time or practicing improvement of speaking, reading, comprehension, pronunciation, listening, writing, grammar, etc. Lessons can be aimed towards learning a topic such as food, animals, sports, emotions, and more. For children who are fluent English speakers, tutoring can be given to further excel in particular areas. Subjects that interest the student such as science, history or world topics can be incorporated into the lesson to broaden their knowledge. Support can also be provided in learning organizational skills, research, and mini projects for older children. I am available to help with studying, homework, or school projects. For online learning, I use a variety of platforms, websites, educational games, and e-books to reach the learning goals of my students. Additional homework can be provided if requested. Depending on the students age, lesson duration is adjusted. If you are looking for lessons for siblings, please reach out to me to discuss the best schedule for your children. My aim is to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment for all my students. I hope you can join my English lessons! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I can provide my resume or reference letters if requested. Looking forward to hearing from you.
English · Elementary school level · Tutoring
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Timen - Eindhoven$57
Trusted teacher: --> Lessons are 50 minutes instead of the shown duration of 45 minutes. <-- - Highly experienced full-time tutor of mathematics A&B and physics since 2012. - Hundreds of good results (recently helped a student with an average grade of 3-4 achieve a 9 within a few lessons, and had someone get a 9.5/10 for the first time). - Holds university Master's degree in Applied Physics. - Co-authored 3 scientific papers. - 2 years work experience in high tech industry (ASML). - Did internship at American institute (NOAA). - Highly experienced in helping students of all high school levels including final exams, and (university) entrance tests, such as OMPT, Boswell, CCVX, WisCAT, among others. - Can also help with general mathematics and physics university courses. After working in the corporate world, I went back to my passion - tutoring. This is something I have a natural talent for, and I love helping students achieve their goals. I tutor in a calm and patient manner. I can empathize well with the student's thought process: through my experience I know what the most common pitfalls are and can quickly see where the gaps in knowledge are. The emphasis during tutor sessions is placed on the student being able to apply the material, so that the student goes to class and to exams with confidence. My friendly, understanding nature allows me to create a comfortable environment where students feel free to ask as many questions as needed. A few (translated) reviews: ________ "My daughter Lisa received 5 physics tutoring sessions from Timen, which were very helpful to her. Timen is very good at painting an overall picture of a task which made the material much more comprehensible to her. Initially she had a 6.8 for her VWO school exam, in the end she got an 8.8 for her central written exam!" - Yvonne ________ "I took 6 lessons with Timen and in that time he taught me the basic rules of mathematics, the subject I had to pass for my pre-master. And I succeeded. Timen is able to explain clearly and comes up with a lot of good and simple examples, so that you can understand the basics and then move on. Also, he is often available, so I could get 2 extra lessons just before my exam for the last questions I had." - Jens ________ "I had tutoring for my pre-master's at the University of Groningen. Timen is very patient and can explain well. I completed the subject with a passing grade, and am very happy with that! I only had a few lessons, but this helped a lot." - A. ________ "I am pursuing a pre-master's degree at RUG and received tutor sessions from Timen on average twice a week and eventually completed the course with a nine. Timen is very patient and very knowledgeable. He adapted well to the teaching style that suited me best. In addition, he respected the fact that I was still a real beginner in math. He indicates well his limits in what he can/can't help in. Highly recommended!" - Sascha ________ "I am very satisfied with Timen. He gave me intensive tutoring in math for 8 weeks. Experiences: - Patient, committed tutoring teacher - Keeps appointments and is available a lot - Good value for money - Adapts his explanations to your level and your way of thinking - Explains from multiple perspectives." - Iris ________ "I had been struggling with Physics at university for some time. Thanks to Timen's support, I learned how to approach the problems in a manner that made them much simpler to solve. Because of this, I performed very well in my exam!" - Nadir ________ "Timen gave our son 3 months of online tutoring in math and physics. His teaching style was perceived as knowledgeable and pleasant. This contributed to an improvement in understanding of the material and positive intermediate test results with eventually two passes on the final list to advance to the exam year. Thank you Timen!" - Carla ________ "For the past few months Timen has been helping our son with his math. Because of Timen's tutoring he now has a nice passing grade again. Timen explains well, is patient and very helpful. Timen certainly shows sufficient knowledge of the subject. The communication with Timen about appointments is also pleasant. A real professional as far as we are concerned." - Erik ________ "Timen has helped our son to get the right insights and knowledge of mathematics. By, with great patience, working together with a positive approach and clear explanations. This gave our son knowledge and skills but also confidence. Since Timen's lessons not a single failing grade in math anymore!" - Wally ________ "We were at our wit's end..... Our son Jason was always our math prodigy in elementary school and all of a sudden in high school (havo/mavo) things went completely wrong. He had always worked hard, studied a lot and still only got poor grades. His self-confidence had already plummeted. Then we went looking for someone for math tutoring, we wanted to try to pull out all the stops. We ended up (fortunately) with Timen. Jason has so far had 8x tutoring sessions with Timen and see there......of grades like 4.1/2.9/4.3 today Jason came home with 9 (!!!!) Timen can explain very well in a very calm, clear way. Their have a good click with each other and Jason has completely regained his confidence thanks Timen. We are going to give it an extra push again before the final test and we have full confidence that Timen will prepare him well for it. THANK YOU TIMEN" - Jasmin
Physics · Math · Tutoring
Looking for a passionate and professional Drum and Transverse Flute instructor for yourself or your child? Look no further! My lessons are carefully designed to not only ignite a love for music and nurture creativity but also to systematically enhance skills based on age and individual abilities. As a dedicated and experienced teacher with a Master's Degree in Drum and Transverse Flute Performance, I take a committed approach to teaching, ensuring each student's needs are met effectively. I offer a range of teaching methods, all tailored to the unique goals and needs of each student. My philosophy is that playing a musical instrument should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and my lessons embody precisely that spirit. **For Preschool Children (Ages 3+):** Are you a parent eager to introduce your little one to the magical world of music? My lessons are designed to be fun and engaging. Through specially adapted piano books, I'll guide your child on an exciting musical adventure, complete with stories and new songs to learn. We'll explore music through singing, movement, and rhythm, fostering a deep and lasting love for music. **For School-Aged Children:** Unlock your child's full potential by teaching them how to read musical notes! Learning to read sheet music not only allows your child to pick up new songs more quickly but also empowers them to play whenever they wish, without waiting for their teacher. In my lessons, your child will discover the wonder of musical notes through a fun and interactive story that introduces each character as a tangible musical note. Carefully selected piano books and additional repertoire ensure progressive improvement in piano skills, all while allowing your child to choose their favorite pieces. **For Teenagers:** Are you in search of a Drum and Transverse Flute instructor who will nurture and support your teenager's passion for music? I offer an accelerated piano book specially designed for this age group, enabling your child to make rapid progress in their piano skills. For students with prior piano experience, I build upon their existing knowledge, further expanding their abilities and creativity. I understand that each student has their own objectives, whether playing for enjoyment or aspiring to be a professional musician. That's why I adapt my lessons to align with your child's intentions. By offering a variety of musical pieces for them to select from and being open to their input, I believe that playing a piece they genuinely enjoy is more effective in maintaining their motivation. **For Adults:** Worried that you might be too old to start learning the Drum and Transverse Flute? Put your worries aside! It's never too late to embark on a new learning journey. As an adult, you bring unique advantages to the table, including greater focus, a solid grasp of music theory, and a strong motivation to succeed. Do you have a favorite song you've always wanted to play but thought it was too challenging? There are plenty of classical and popular melodies adapted for beginners, allowing you to start playing them right away. I'll also recommend a piano book specifically designed for adult learners, helping you build your skills at a comfortable pace.
Drums · Transverse flute · Music theory lessons
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Mai - Woenselse Heide$46
Trusted teacher: English and Dutch in particular and languages in general are my passion and I am passionate to inspire others to improve their language skills. I am currently teaching English at a secondary school in Eindhoven. I have got the NT2 diploma and I can teach Dutch to expats and foreigners. I come from Vietnam and I would like also to teach Vietnamese to people who want to learn and to know more about Vietnamese language and culture. Some quotes that I like: "Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery." – Amy Chua" 'A different language is a different vision of life." – Federico Fellini "Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did." – Sarah Caldwell Qualities that I would like to see in my students: commitment and practice. - Learning a language is like learning a musical instrument. “Commitment is way more important than natural talent" - Learning a language is like running a marathon. “You don’t wake up one day and think: ‘Dude, I’m totally going to run the marathon of Los Angeles today.’ No, running a marathon or any significant distance requires practice and a healthy lifestyle.” My qualifications: - Pre-master of English language and culture, Radboud University, Nijmegen - Master of English Teaching at University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi - Master of Development Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia - NT2 (Dutch as a second languag programme II) diploma My work experience - English lessons to secondary students in the Netherlands for 2 years - English lessons to individuals and classes for about 10 years - English-Vietnamese translation and interpretation for different INGOs for 7 years Engels en Nederlands in het bijzonder en talen in het algemeen zijn mijn passie en ik inspireer graag anderen om hun taalvaardigheden te verbeteren. Ik heb het NT2 diploma en ik kan Nederlandse les geven aan expats en buitenlanders. Ik kom uit Vietnam en ik zou ook graag Vietnamees willen leren aan mensen die dat willen en meer willen weten over de Vietnamese taal en cultuur. Eigenschappen die ik graag zou zien bij mijn studenten: INZET en OEFENING. - Het leren van een taal is als het leren van een muziekinstrument. "Betrokkenheid is veel belangrijker dan natuurlijk talent" - Het leren van een taal is als het lopen van een marathon. "Je wordt op een dag niet wakker en denkt:‘ Kerel, ik ga vandaag helemaal de marathon van Los Angeles lopen. ’Nee, het lopen van een marathon of een grote afstand vereist oefening en een gezonde levensstijl." Mijn kwalificaties: - Pre-master Engelse taal en cultuur, Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen - Master of English Teaching aan de Universiteit voor Talen en Internationale Studies, Vietnam Nationale Universiteit, Hanoi - Master in ontwikkelingsstudies, Universiteit van Melbourne, Australië - NT2 (Nederlands als tweede taal programma II) diploma Mijn werkervaring - Engelse les aan middelbare scholieren in Nederland voor 1 jaar - Engelse les aan individuen en klassen voor ongeveer 10 jaar - Engels-Vietnamese vertaling en vertolking voor verschillende INGO's gedurende 7 jaar
Vietnamese · Dutch · English
Trusted teacher: Who is actually the tutor? I am Michael and with my 54 years a lot of life experience but also experience as a (1st degree) teacher in Mathematics and Physics. My 3 children aged 12 to 18 also make sure that I know how to deal with this interesting but sometimes difficult to understand target group 😏. I have taught at all levels from VMBO 2 to VWO 6 and HBO. Benefits 1 on 1 tutoring 1 on 1 tutoring has the great advantage that the tutor can efficiently zoom in on the specific needs of the student. Results are therefore visible in a much shorter period of time. A result can be higher test results and more confidence in the subject during lessons or doing homework. The result is often that the student no longer looks forward to the subject and even starts to like the subject. In short: it's all about experiencing a successful experience. Activating work forms A student learns best when he or she is actively involved with the material. That is why it is important that every student is actively involved during the tutoring. This applies in particular to science subjects such as Mathematics and Physics. The tutor can therefore better emphasize coaching the student and encourage the student to do as much as possible for themselves. This ensures that the student starts thinking independently about the material. So we go through the process together. Beta subjects For science subjects such as Physics and Mathematics, 3 competencies are particularly important; knowledge, understanding and skills. There are working methods for improving all three competences. So there are opportunities for every student to improve. During the intake lesson it is determined which of the 3 competences (or more) needs the most attention.
Math · Physics
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Een professionele docent Chinese met veel ervaring (Waalre)
I have been taken Chinese classes from Helen since June 2021. From my first contact with Helen I felt very at ease which also contributes to my lessons with her. I find it important that my courses (which I do besides my full time job) fit in my work/private schedule, and Helen has shown immense flexibility on her side, which helped me a lot. After 3 months, we have gone through almost the entire first part of the Course. Helen has adjusted her lessons to my personal needs after the first couple lessons which helps me to stay focussed every single lesson. What I also find very important personally, is that I also have fun during my lectures. I can say with much excitement that not one of my classes has been boring, repetitive or predictable. This keeps me as the student motivated to log on every week and do my homework. After 1.5 month taking Chinese courses from Helen, I travelled to China and it proved her lessons were very effective. I was able to communicate on a general level and have basic understanding from others to get myself travelling through the Xiamen, China. Overall 5-star rate for Helen, based on my fun experience during the online courses, her flexibility and the amazing results after 3 months already.
Review by NICK
American Native English Teacher - English Lessons for Children and Teenagers (Amsterdam)
I recently enrolled my daughter (Dutch native) in English lessons with this teacher and I must say, the experience has been fantastic. My daughter has learned so much in the past few weeks and it's all thanks to the teacher's fun and engaging approach to teaching. The lessons are always interactive and my daughter loves them. She looks forward to her English class every week and I can see a noticeable improvement in her language skills. The teacher has a talent for making the lessons enjoyable and my daughter has a great time while learning. I highly recommend this teacher to anyone looking for an enjoyable and effective way to learn English!!!
Review by ZAINAB
Private piano lessons for anyone who loves music (Eindhoven)
Suzanne makes learning piano truly enjoyable. I’m a mature student with limited sight reading capabilities, little discipline and bad habits! And still she has managed to improve my playing and motivation enormously within a few lessons. I really appreciate her teaching me in English too, it helps overcome the language barrier so I can focus on learning piano. I like her teaching methodology, and her home is a comfortable environment to learn in, complete with 2 pianos so we can play along together. I really like this approach. I highly recommend Suzanne.
Review by LINDA