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My name is Han-Yin. I come from Taiwan and have been living in Germany since 2017. I have been playing the violin and piano with great enthusiasm since I was six. As a teenager I played the violin in various orchestras, took part in many concerts and was able to gain a lot of experience on stage. In 2012, I started my bachelor's degree in music in Taiwan at Kaohsiung University. In addition to my major in violin, I studied piano as a minor for 3 years and I also studied conducting for 1 year. During my time as a practicing musician, I have gained a lot of experience in different orchestras. In 2013, for example, I passed the entrance exam to the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra and played there as first violinist for three years. On tour tours with the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra through China (including Shanghai and Beijing) I played at many concerts. During my university days I took part in many violin master’s courses, which were led by international violin masters such as Ivanov, Repin and Boulier. In 2016 I was accepted into the Summer Academy of the Asia Young Orchestra. With the orchestra members, who come from all over Asia, I have played concerts in various Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan. In 2017 I started my master’s degree in music at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne. During my studies I also played chamber music with colleagues and won 3rd place in the Brigitte Kempen competition in Aachen. In 2019 I was accepted into the orchestra of the Aachen Theater, where I not only played symphony pieces, but also various operas in collaboration with actors. I am currently studying orchestral playing in the second master’s course at the Robert Schumann Music Academy in Düsseldorf. My experience as a violin teacher: During my university days in Taiwan, I gave violin lessons to children aged 9 and over, teenagers and adults. Among other things, I successfully prepared young people for the entrance examination for the music college. My teaching goals: There are different goals, depending on the age, development, interests and needs of the student. For example, it is important to me to adjust myself individually to the person who wants to play the violin. In addition to the classic method, which is more suitable for older adolescents and adults, there is the Suzuki method, which I would use with children who have not yet had any experience with an instrument. It is my concern to strengthen the self-confidence of the children with the help of music and playing the violin. I want to encourage the children to develop an enthusiasm for music and to learn to play the violin with enthusiasm. The focus is on fun and motivation, which results from regular small successes when practicing the violin. But stamina should also be trained, and music theory is gradually being added to. I would also like to cater to the different needs of children, adolescents and adults who already have experience playing the violin. I give my professional support to students who want to improve and refine their violin playing. I also specifically prepare students who want to study at the music college for the entrance exam. My role model function: I am very enthusiastic about music myself and love to play the violin. I want to convey the joy of music and the violin as an instrument. I am very patient and persistent, I can listen well and see what the students need to formulate and achieve their goals. Due to my good ability to observe, I can adapt flexibly to the students and thus teach them according to their needs. Many Thanks!! 多特蒙德 的 小提琴 老師 從 六歲 開始 學習 鋼琴 和 小提琴, 一路上 就讀 音樂 班, 大學 在 高雄 師範大學 就讀 音樂 系, 碩士 來到 德國 深造, 先 在 科隆 音樂 院 拿到 碩士 演奏 文憑, 之後 在 亞琛 歌劇院 單 一年 的實習生, 目前 就讀 第二 個 樂團 碩士 在 杜賽多夫 音樂 院, 我 提供 小提琴 和 鋼琴 家教, 在 多特蒙德 或 附近 的 城市 都 可以 提供 到 家裡 教學 的 服務. 非常 高興 能 收到 您 的 訊息.
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Monika is a very friendly person and a good teacher. I am enjoying learning with her. I am glad that I found her and she is helping me with my German studies.
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Learn guitar or bass? Music is simple and beautiful! (Bochum-Hordel)
He is a very nice and friendly teacher. I enjoyed my first class and looking to learn more:))
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