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Hello everyone! I am 27 years old professional violinist giving private classes for adults and children at all levels. Also, I am working as a tutor to help people to prepare for exams and concerts. I have a master's degree in Music and theatre academy of Lithuania. I am also a certificated teacher and have plenty of experiences in playing in various orchestras of Europe, chamber music, participating in international competitions, master classes and now giving private classes. Currently I am member of the family ensemble of classical music ,,Regnum Musicale" and rock-folk music band ,, Crossroad". I operate classes to your personal needs, and expectations therefore we discuss the plan and repertoire during our first meeting. If you want to start getting to know the beauty of music, the beauty of the violin, enjoy your free time in an artistic way or even improve your current skills I am more than happy to be here for you and enjoy the journey in this magical path together! I also offer violin classes with a lot of love and enjoyable moments for those who want to spend their time in learning something new, and more challenging time working for those, who want to reach their highest point of beautiful sound and performance! Finally ! I provide: - violin lessons for amateurs. - tutor lessons for students. - music therapy sessions for children and adults. - love and hugs. In addition, I can also offer you music therapy sessions or violin classes with the integration of music therapy elements. I am looking forward to meet you soon!:)
Sound (music) · Children's music · Violin
Meu nome é Flávia, eu sou uma estudante universitária na Universidade de Bergen, na Noruega. Eu sou brasileira e minha língua nativa é o português. Eu tenho experiência com o ensino de línguas, sou fluente em inglês e tenho um nível iniciante em norueguês. Eu estudei inglês por treze anos e tenho experiência como professora há dois anos. É um prazer ensiná-lo(a) português desde o início ou te ajudar a dominar a língua. Eu também posso te ajudar com assuntos específicos como entrevistas de emprego e provas universitárias. Em relação a meu método de ensino, eu gosto de escolher um tema para a aula e, dessa forma, ensinar tanto a gramática quanto o vocabulário relacionados ao tema. Eu também gosto de fazer uso de outros instrumentos de ensino como músicas e jogos, pois eu sinto que meus alunos geralmente aprendem e aproveitam mais enquanto se divertindo. Dito isso, eu estou mais do que disposta a me adaptar aos seus interesses e a observar quais desses métodos funcionam melhor com você. Por conta do ensino à distância e as restrições relacionadas à COVID-19, minha rotina está bastante flexível e eu posso me ajustar a você e suas necessidades. Eu amo ensinar e mal posso esperar para trabalhar com você! - My name is Flavia, and I am a university student at University of Bergen, Norway. I come from Brazil and my native language is Portuguese. I have experience with language education, fluent level in English, and a beginner level of Norwegian. I have studied english for thirteen years now and I have two years of experience with being a teacher. I am happy to introduce you to beginner Portuguese or help you master the language. I can also help you specific matters such as job interviews and university exams. Regarding my teaching method, I like to choose a theme for my lessons and teach both the grammar and the vocabulary related to the theme. I also like to use different tools such as songs and games because I feel my students usually enjoy learning more when also having fun. That being said, I am willing to adapt to your interests and observe which of those methods work the best with you. Because of online school and COVID restrictions, my schedule is flexible and I can work around you and your needs. I love teaching, and I look forward to working with you!
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Trusted teacher: I am a German native speaker and general language enthusiast. Besides German, I speak English, Swedish, Spanish, French and Italian. Having learned 6 languages myself, I am 100% convinced that I will successfully teach you German(in a fun and relaxed manner)! Therefore, I offer a money-back guarantee: Should you not be satisfied with the results of a course with me, I will reimburse you! I have been teaching since 2018 and am currently one of the most-reviewed teachers on this platform. I encourage you to pause here and have a look at my reviews. I am confident that you too will have a similar view after having had some classes with me. On top of teaching here on Apprentus, I have taught offline group classes for the Volksuniversiteit The Hague (A Volksuniversiteit (litt. folk university) is an institute for non-formal adult education in the Netherlands). I also taught for and underwent training with Berlitz, which is one of, if not THE largest language school in the world, operating in over 70 countries and 500+ locations. I am 33 years old, have an honours degree from Leiden University, The Hague, am calm, encouraging, and, most importantly, PATIENT. My main objective in classes is to make the student feel relaxed and at ease. I encourage you to speak without fear of making mistakes. In fact, I celebrate making mistakes. "Why?", you may ask. Well, making mistakes means that you are leaving your comfort zone. You are trying something that you are not already skilled at. You don't choose the easy path! People who never make mistakes are stagnant. Therefore, making mistakes should be CELEBRATED instead of shunned! So, good on you for mispronouncing "Nachmittag (Afternoon)", or using the wrong grammar when making a sentence! Here, let me help you get it right this time! :) Do you already have German knowledge? No problem! Instead of building the basics, we can design classes that meet your personal needs and preferences. We can write essays together, you can hold presentations about topics of your interests or topics that I provide, we can discuss current events, hold debates, you can write news-paper article summaries, or we deep dive into advanced grammar. Whatever it is that you enjoy and need: We can do it together. All my classes combine speaking, listening & grammar exercises in interaction with me. Unless you're a very advanced student, we will work with learning materials created by some of the best publishers for language learning in Germany. These materials serve as a red thread for our course that introduces new words, grammar, and exercises in a good pace and interesting manner which keeps you engaged and motivated. Furthermore, I show you German food, music and places. On top of that, I introduce you to the best technological tools (homepages and applications) to boost your language learning and take it to the next level! Another important factor for me is having a personal connection. Unless you prefer to "stick to business", which is fine as well, we typically start our classes by talking about how the weekend or preceding weekdays have been. I don't see my students as a resource to be extracted, but as people for whom I develop a genuine interest. Over the course of time, we both know what is going on in our respective lives and update each other about small or big life events. Having taught many students for multiple years, I can gladly say that I have made real friends thanks to our classes, some of which I even have met in real life. I am extremely confident that you very soon will have the same success that I have had in learning languages! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now to book a first lesson in which we can get to know each other so that I can learn about you, your needs and wishes, which will allow us to design the optimal course for you. See you soon! Bis bald! Sebastian
German · Grammar
Trusted teacher: I am a qualified and experienced mathematics tutor. Graduated from the Free University of Brussels in 2011, I started my career by teaching remedial courses in different schools in Brussels. I then specialized in individual academic support by following educational training at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I have been giving private mathematics lessons daily for over ten years. Pleasantly surprised by the impact of my lessons on the academic career of my students, in 2018 I created Math Coaching, an online academic support platform. The platform offers students around the world quality educational content focused on simplifying the learning of mathematics. The students who follow my private lessons benefit from personalized support. The first session is devoted to an in-depth assessment of the student's mathematical knowledge. The objective is to detect its weak points and understand their origin in order to adapt my courses to its needs. I develop a tailor-made remediation program for each of my students aimed at filling each of their gaps. Over the course of the sessions, the student builds a solid foundation for learning and regains self-confidence. At the same time, I help him acquire a work methodology that allows him to gradually become autonomous in his studies. I have a perfect knowledge of the mathematics program of the College and the High School (from the Sixth to the Terminale). During my formative years, I studied and developed many techniques that make it easier to learn math. The strength of my pedagogical approach lies in my ability to explain in a simple way everything that the student finds complicated. I am passionate about this job because it gives me the opportunity to guide dropout students on the path to success. It is a real pleasure to see them evolve and come to terms with the fantastic world of mathematics. I provide my private lessons in Limoges (at the student's home) or remotely (online via the internet). My distance learning courses take place on an interactive online whiteboard. This board is specially designed to promote student/teacher interaction on the internet. Thanks to this educational tool, my online courses are as effective as home courses. The student only needs an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone to take advantage of it.
Math · Tutoring
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Top-Rated Swedish course (Mörfelden-Walldorf)
I am having Swedish lessons with Sebastian now for 2,5 months since I must get to a certain language level for my new job. I was looking around for someone who could support my own learning strategy to accomplish the best result in 4-5 months. I had an extremely hard time finding someone who stood open for this idea, until I spoke with Sebastian. He immediately supported my wishes, knowing that there are different types of learning methods. During the process so far, he encourages me to speak as much Swedish as possible. By using different ways of learning, each lesson so far contained a little surprise that helped me to stay focused. Sebastian is reliable, patient and stays enthusiastic although I can ask difficult questions sometimes. He gives direct feedback on the work I am doing in a nice manner, but he stays also open to feedback on his own teaching methods and skills. This all makes my learning process and experience efficient, keeps me enthusiastic and curious to learn more. In addition, for me it was also important to have flexibility in the planning due to my work schedule. So far, Sebastian has been very flexible. We never had a week that it was not possible to find a date and time that suited both of us. I will continue my learning experience with Sebastian the coming months, but I hope that you will also give him your trust and choose him to become your teacher!
Review by MARIEKE
Private Maths Lessons - Limoges or Online - Qualified and Experienced Mathematics Teacher (Limoges)
Benoit is friendly and patient and has a good sense of when to challenge and when to take a step back. My son, who is 8, really likes his lessons very much. He loves math, especially working with big numbers, and at school it isn't always possible to work on calculations as he would like. After few lessons he already learned new techniques for calculations he likes to experiment with and Benoit also managed to challenge him to try some new and more advanced things. I think this type of lessons is more tricky to prepare, at least until the teacher gets to know well the capacities and character of the child, as there are not based on the child's curriculum or homework to be done. Benoit is always open to discussion and if my son finds something too challenging, they take a step back and try another way or just agree to try another time when my son feels ready for it.
Review by DIANA
Low budget French courses (beginner - intermediate - advanced) - Online French lessons (La Marsa)
Ranim & Rayen
Rayen made an effort to contact me prior to the lesson to determine my level and inquire what I wished to focus on. She also called at the agreed upon time. These may seem like minor details, but not all teachers do these. She had appropriate level material ready to share and go over for the lesson. She made corrections as needed and readings were repeated as necessary. My only suggestion would be that she speak a bit more slowly. but this is a matter of individual taste.
Review by CHUCK