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Tania - Sachseln$54
Trusted teacher: Opportunity to work online with a highly experienced (and fun!) recruitment specialist and staff development officer - 'Chartered Institute of Professional Development', MBTI and SHL qualified. I have many years of experience working in diverse working environments and teams so I understand the challengers and potential opportunities. Are you applying to: < United Nations (UN) < Private/public sector job; < Internship or, < Something similar. Do you want to: < Acquire skills (Inc. applying search engines) to find the job that aligns to your experience, skills, values and career goals < Understand what the job description is saying and evaluating if you are a good match < Write a successful job application that attracts the recruiter's attention (often there are 200 applications for one job) < Prepare for a test - often a mandatory step in the recruitment process - so you are more ready for the test questions < Learn competency-based interviewing techniques through Skype role-playing so your are excellently prepared for the actual interview Do you want to develop professionally so you can: < Work more effectively within your team < Acquire skills to manage your team more effectively < Learn skills and acquire specialist tools to achieve conflict resolution and harmony < Build confidence, manage stress, and stay calm even when under pressure. Contact me, I have years of experience in recruitment and building the capacity of staff in the UN and private and public sector. I train, coach and mentor people at all levels and help them secure jobs and develop professionally. Let's discuss your objectives so you can walk away with the practical skills and tools to improve your opportunities, manage stress and enjoy work-life balance.
Career development · Resume writing · Presentation skills
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Public speaking · Presentation skills · Personal training
Trusted teacher: Hi, I am Sarah, Language Teacher, Professional Actress and Acting Coach, native of the United States with over 10 years of experience giving online classes for all levels and for all ages (child, teen, student, adult, executive, professional actor, etc.). Please read the ad to the end before responding. I mainly give private lessons through Zoom / Facetime etc. Face-to-face course not possible at the moment. For the available slots, please understand that the list is not always up-to-date. I can help you prepare for a TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge etc exam, a job interview in English, learn English or improve it quickly and efficiently. School support in English for children / teenagers. For executives etc. I can help you improve your presentations in English. For the children we use songs, drawings, videos and I always try to make the lesson interesting for them. For actors, speaking English fluently and with less emphasis is important for an international career and we work in English using different scenes, roles, accents. For singers, less accent in English is also very important when considering an international career. The courses are both practical and theoretical (grammar, pronunciation, writing texts, improvising and thinking in English, etc.) thanks to my career as an actress and also marketing / the business world (master's degree in Marketing Communication & Languages and the experience of international companies). I use improvisation techniques, communication etc, and in my lessons, each lesson is personalized to the student and his needs. Taking lessons through Zoom / Facetime is a fantastic way to learn, flexible and it's very intensive, even more than a face to face lesson, and especially now during Covid-19, it's the best way to study. See you soon!
English · Presentation skills
I privately coach personalised Speech courses in London or online via Zoom, Skype or Google Meetings. Speech training has helped millions of people throughout history, including myself, find command and confidence in speech. Following five years of the highest standard of training up to Masters level I have a rounded knowledge of many tried and tested training techniques, from Linklater technique to Taoist voice practice. If you want to learn to use your voice as a tool and stop seeing it as an obstacle, you’re in the right place! In any speech course of training I run, in our first session, we will discuss and identify your specific goals. Then, I will detail a strategy to achieve those goals. All the following features will be considered as I teach you, but we will prioritise different features at different times according to my recommendation. 1. Body: Posture, Movement, Muscle Tension, Vocal Tract Sensation, Health and Exercise. 2. Breath: Placing and Control. 3. Channel: Face, Lips, Jaw, Tongue, Soft Palate, Pharyngeal, Laryngeal. 4. Phonation: Qualities of Phonation, Phonatory Stamina, Onset. 5. Resonance: Features of Head, Oral and Chest Resonant Quality + Focus of Oral Placing. 6. Pitch: Centre, Range and Intonation Patterns/Variety. 7. Loudness: Overall Volume of Speech, Variety and Control, and use in Emphasis. 8. Articulation: Consonant and Vowel Clarity, Pace, Pause, Fluency, Rhythm. 9. Accent: If you would like we may discuss accent training as well. I am a highly reputed voice and speech coach who has worked internationally for large companies and with high profile private clients. You can not get better training in this field than I have received, completing training in Cambridge, New York and London including a masters in Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a 3 year Conservatory training at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Throughout my career, professionals across numerous sectors have engaged in speech coaching from myself. From doctors to architects to actors, all have expressed total satisfaction with my coaching. To clarify, working with me will help you to fill rooms with your voice, capture people’s attention and show off your natural, previously untapped charisma. Above all, it is very important to me that each student discovers the full potential of their voice. When you think about it, we have to speak so often. Consequently, when talking makes you feel inadequate and self-conscious, every day of life can have nightmarish qualities. Instead, discover a way to use speech to always feel powerful, competent and satisfied.
Communication skills · Presentation skills · Speech
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Get that job - Skype - Develop professionally - Former UN Staff Development Officer (Sachseln)
I am in the process of looking for a new job in the public/corporate sector as an economist, and on this occasion, I thought I'd get advice from an expert coach to review my CV and cover letter. Among the many available tutors, I chose to work online with Tania. Initially, this decision was based on her detailed presentation and our initial conversation. I felt that she was the right choice for me. I was right. Tania is an extremely prepared professional coach able to guide you along the various steps needed to write professional CVs and cover letters aligned to each specific job description. Tania is a "gold mine" in terms of information and suggestions, very patient, empathetic, and clearly passionate about developing others and creating successful outcomes. I highly recommend her.
Review by CATERINA
MAKING ONESELF HEARD! (For Public Speaking & Presentations) (Casablanca)
Public speaking classes with Jay were top-notch! Even though we held the classes online, he has the rare ability to make you feel at ease in a second and I felt fully engaged. Jay covered a variety of subjects regarding tone, speed, volume, pronunciation, etc. with different exercises. I've noticed continuous progress throughout the classes and I have now a better control of my public speaking skills, which will be of great use both in personal and professional contexts. I highly recommend!
Review by NORA
Professor from Berlin; exam preparation (Goethe Zertifikat), job interview preparation, medical German (Lausanne)
Great first course with Oliver! I changed to an online course last minute and he adapted well. We got to know each other and he asked what and how I wanted to learn. I will definitely continue my courses with him.
Review by LAURA

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