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133 physics teachers in United States

Math · Chemistry · Physics
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Mounir - New York, NY$76
Trusted teacher: Give your child the future they deserve with exceptional math lessons! Hello, I graduated from Arts et Métiers ParisTech and followed a preparatory class, accumulating more than 10 years of experience as a private teacher in mathematics. My goal is to help your child reach their full academic potential in mathematics and develop skills that will prepare them for a bright future. Why choose my courses? Would you like your child to: Significantly improve your math results? Join a selective curriculum? Become independent and confident in your abilities? Over the last 5 years, I have had the privilege of supporting more than 30 French students, from middle school (sixth, fifth, fourth, third) to high school (second, first, terminale), towards academic success. My students obtained good averages, passed the certificate, the baccalaureate and the preparatory classes, while strengthening their self-confidence. My teaching method in 3 steps: Short term: Immediate improvement in average by assimilating the course and preparing for assessments. This includes assimilating the course, taking notes, practicing standard exercises, anticipating teachers' expectations and test questions, as well as acquiring writing methods. Medium term: Integration of reasoning and working methods. Your child will learn to work regularly in this order: assimilation, training exercises, preparation for assessments and analysis of results. Long term: Establishing clear goals, building the steps to achieve them, realizing the SIMPLICITY of mathematics, building confidence in your abilities and unlocking your child's potential. Details of the formula: One to two sessions of 1h30/2h per week to assimilate the course and prepare for the evaluations. Classes delivered via Google Meet for effective online learning. Use of a virtual whiteboard to facilitate the assimilation of concepts. Access to an online library including 10 mathematics reference books. Over 1000 online exercises to strengthen math skills. Questions ? Contact me now on Apprentus, and I will respond quickly. Together, we can give your child the future they deserve through an exceptional math education. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Book today for outstanding results in mathematics.
Math · Physics · Chemistry
Trusted teacher: Don't settle for anything less than excellence. I am an Aerospace Engineer with a Master's degree in Quantum Physics and have completed Ph.D. work at the University of Cambridge. Additionally, I have 4 years of experience developing MATLAB and possess deep programming skills in MATLAB/Simulink family, C/C++, Fortran, and Python. With over 12 years of tutoring experience, I have successfully guided more than 50 students worldwide to achieve distinction in various fields. Consistent results are my priority, and I strive for excellence in all aspects of my teaching. My lessons are customized to meet each student's unique needs and are designed to be engaging and insightful. Whether you are at a school level or require advanced or professional-level instruction, I offer support in the following areas: - University levels (undergraduate and postgraduate) - Preparation for IB/IA, A-Levels, GCSE, University Entry, or equivalent - Assistance with specific projects at a professional level, including interview preparation - High school studies and diploma programs - Extensive experience working with children Every lesson is meticulously planned in advance to ensure that it aligns with your goals and targets areas for improvement. I prioritize a dynamic and interactive learning experience, with one-on-one sessions tailored to your individual requirements. Lessons will be conducted via webcam, enabling you to connect from anywhere. I have a highly flexible schedule and can adapt to accommodate your needs. If you have any questions about my teaching method, availability, or pricing, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am here to assist you and provide the support you need.
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Mouad - Montreal, 10$39
Trusted teacher: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 👨‍🎓 With 4 years of experience in distance education, I am a mathematics teacher specializing in support lessons and private lessons. I also teach physics and chemistry as well as scientific subjects in general. I hold a Master's degree in Operational Research (Applied Mathematics) and I have been teaching private lessons for more than three years, mainly mathematics for middle and high school levels. ✏ I have taught students from different schools, whether public, private, following the French program (mission), Belgian, Swiss, Spanish (students from French-speaking or English-speaking Spanish schools) or American. In summary, all French or English programs. ✏ I support students from A to Z in all stages of their learning, using a simple, new generation and effective methodology: explanation of lessons, summary of lessons, application and deepening exercises, etc. ✏ I also prepare students for exams and competitions. ✏ I also support students with their homework (homework help). ✏ All my students have made extraordinary progress and achieved their goals, with grades of 16, 17, 18 or 19 out of 20. Sessions usually take place as follows: 1️⃣ The first sessions are mainly intended to assess the level of the student in order to determine the shortcomings noted. 2️⃣ Then we make a plan to fill those gaps: number of hours of work required, parts of the lessons to focus on, lots of training and development exercises, etc. 3️⃣ We make sure to stay up to date with the student's class teacher to track their progress and align our work with what is being taught in class. 4️⃣ Then I provide exams similar to what may be offered in class. 5️⃣ Upon request, I write a monthly report to keep parents informed of their child's level throughout the course. I also adapt my methodology according to the needs of each student, which means that everyone has a personalized working method adapted to their needs! I also offer crash courses for those preparing for the start of the school year, so that they start the year well prepared 💪 and with a head start on the program.🧠 💭 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me ;)
Physics · Chemistry · Math
Trusted teacher: I am Titouan, a French engineering student completing a Master's degree in Operations Research at Columbia University! I offer private mathematics, physics, and French tutoring to students of all levels and ages. I provide personalized private lessons suitable for learners of all levels and ages, including in-depth coursework or additional assistance to strengthen homework comprehension. Drawing from my prior experience of instructing students ranging from 12th graders to undergraduates in France, I have honed my pedagogical skills and instructional approaches. This equips me to adapt and tailor my teaching methods to suit each student's unique learning requirements, ensuring optimal progress and growth. I offer the flexibility of conducting classes either via webcam or in person within the Manhattan area. My name is Titouan, a student at Columbia University in Applied Maths after passing through CentraleSupelec and the MP* preparatory class at Aux Lazaristes high school. I offer private lessons in mathematics, physics and French for students of all levels and all ages. I offer private and especially personalized lessons adapted to students of all levels and all ages. Indeed I can do in-depth courses for the purpose of a competition or out of curiosity, but I can also help to eliminate the difficulties of the students. Thanks to my previous experience of teaching students from high school to prep, I have improved my pedagogy. I adapt my teaching methods to meet the unique needs of each student, in order to achieve the best possible progression. I offer the ability to teach classes either via webcam or in person in the Manhattan area. See you soon!
Math · French · Physics
Trusted teacher: My classes are personalized and are specifically adjusted to what the student needs to reinforce or do, I can address ANY SUB-AREA OF PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS, from high school to undergraduate. I advise having 2-hour class sessions to efficiently address the concepts and problems, however, the student decides. The first class I explain the subject to reinforce in a simple way, I present basic or everyday examples, I interact didactically with the student and investigating all their class notes, DOUBTS AND CONFUSION. I propose simple problems and exercises, I solve them in detail, I give the student similar problems that increase in complexity to assess their ability to retain and develop the problem, in this way I DEDUCE WHAT FAULTS THEY HAVE and what is the best way to CORRECT THEM AND MEET YOUR GOALS. For me it is essential to emphasize the understanding and INTERIORIZATION OF CONCEPTS because they are the key to their appropriation and problem solving. With the first class session I ESTEEM, DESIGN AND PROPOSE AN AGENDA according to the student's needs to establish an EFFICIENT WORK RHYTHM. It is common for students to have FAILURES IN BASIC PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS, therefore, I also dedicate optimal time to solving them to facilitate the student's progress, their significant learning in the subject and the achievement of their goals. I have prepared students who took entrance exams to COMIPEMS, CCH and undergraduate degrees at UNAM, IPN and UAM with a high degree of assertiveness and efficiency. Thanks to this, I can guide the process in mathematics, physics and chemistry of students who have the desire to study in these institutions and maintain an EXCELLENT performance. CHEER UP AND WRITE ME! Let's solve together all those complications in physics, mathematics and/or chemistry that prevent you from meeting your goals, take away your academic peace of mind and make you feel insecure about your potential.
Physics · Math · Calculus
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Excellence Math, Physics, Chemistry - Lycee - 19 average (London)
Mounir has been tutoring my daughter for a few months (French syllabus, 3eme - Brevet level). She loves the lessons and looks forward to their weekly Zoom meeting. Mounir easily builds a good rapport with his students and makes lessons interesting and fun, building confidence along the way. He is methodical and organised in his approach and makes sure to go over any aspects of the lessons which may have been less well covered in class, leaving the student with a solid grasp of the entire syllabus. He also recommended alternative revision cards and exercise books with corrections which my daughter finds much more user friendly than the ones provided at her school. Overall a very satisfactory experience and we would recommend Mounir without hesitation to anyone looking for an excellent maths tutor.
Review by PASCALE
Excellence: Maths Courses - for College - High School - University levels (Montreal)
Mouad is a fantastic teacher. He has a very professional approach to what he is doing. He knows how to work with younger students. He can quickly position student's knowledge and has the flexibility to follow the required curriculum. He also knows how to build the confidence of the student himself what is extremely important in case of students who had bad experience with the subject in the past. Mouad communicates fluently in French and English. He is always on time and well prepared for classes. He also gives feedback after the lessons. We will definately continue classes with him. My son is making good progress in Mathematics while working with Mouad.
Review by ANNA
Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT (Brussels)
Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN