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1703 math teachers in Switzerland

Trusted teacher: Homework help & MATH lessons on La COLLE / St PAUL & SURROUNDINGS - By PROFESSOR & PROFESSIONAL COACH On the 06 (ALPES MARITIMES) Hello, First of all, I wanted to wish you an excellent return to school, as well as a peaceful year in order to achieve your goals, aware that the economic situation can prove to be delicate at certain times. This is why I propose to accompany your child through his school career with more ease and serenity. To date, it is different contexts that lead me to exercise my profession of Graduate Teacher & Graduate Professional Coach as well. Until last year, in front of a whole class as well as in Private Lessons. And since this year, in face-to-face mode in Private Lessons at Home as well as in videoconference mode, moreover practiced for ten years with our Students at the University. Besides that, my teaching environment has changed greatly, especially since the appearance of the Covid. This had the positive consequences of making our young secondary school students evolve in this brand new mode of learning and communication that is videoconferencing for them. What turned out to be a great success even if our less mature young people are still very demanding of attention and psycho-emotional connection in order to build their autonomy in peace. Over the past two decades, I have implemented proven methodological approaches. For some, borrowed from Theater, the Davis method (mind mappings / colors), Professional Coaching (my specialty) in order to boost your child's motivation ... My main goal is to develop a certain agility in your child, in all subjects. For now, as for his future, when I will no longer be present by his side ... In the end, working on a subject in order to gain points does not seem to me to be a sufficiently nurtured objective; convinced by the fact of exercising alongside the profession of Mental Coach with our young Athletes between Nice and Cannes, as well as in Europe (by videoconference), as part of their preparation for the French Tennis Championships ... Finally, Professor in General Education, mainly in scientific subjects, I suggest you support your child, to gain agility in the construction of his school career, in this period so unique but oh so rich in its opportunities and challenges. For the rest, I am at your disposal if you wish, in particular to facilitate the procedures which will allow you to quickly obtain a tax deduction of 50%. See you soon Corinne-Mer. Teacher and Professional Coach Courses offered: Mathematics / Sciences / Biology French / French as a Foreign Language History geography 💼 𝟏𝟎𝟎𝟎 Trained professionals 🎓🏆 𝟏𝟎𝟎𝟎 Students and High Level Athletes in 11 Universities, Sports Clubs and Schools 🎧 𝟓𝟎𝟎𝟎 Hours of collective training carried out in person and E-Learning 🎤 𝟏𝟎𝟎𝟎 Face-to-Face and E-Learning Conference Hours 👫 𝟔𝟎𝟎𝟎 Individual Training Hours | Personalized support My hourly rate differs in Primary & High School as well as in Superior; also within the framework of the declarative CESU. Please contact me for more information regarding the different situations.
Science · French · Math
Trusted teacher: Mathematik, Geometrie, Statistik, Physik, Financial Accounting, Rechnungswesen, Wirtschaftsmathematik, Chemie, Elektrotechnik, Passerelle, Gymiprüfung, Aufnahmeprüfung, IB, Matura, ZHAW, Apprenticeship, Kaufmännischen Berufsmaturitätsschule ►►Flexible Terminvereinbarung◄◄ ►►Total über 4500 Stunden Erfahrung im Unterrichten◄◄ ►Ich habe gerade den Master’s von Fachhoch Schule Schweiz erfolgreich abgeschlossen (Hauptfächer Mathematik, Physik und Informatik). Ich habe seit mehrere Jahren Nachhilfe für Schüler bis auf Niveau Uni gerne geholfen ►► TUTORING-ANSATZ ◄◄ ►Ich bin in der Lage das Fach Intuitiv und mit viele Beispiele beizubringen, was in der Schule/Uni nicht immer passiert. Ich betone immer das vollständige Verständnis von Problemen und nicht nur das Erlernen von Methoden: Damit Sie maximal vom Nachhilfeunterricht profitieren. ►Ausserdem kann ich für Prüfungen vorbereiten, insbesondere Gymiprüfung, Zentrale Aufnahmeprüfung Langgymnasium Mathematik, HMS und FMS, Quantitative Analytik, Uni/ Fachhochschule Mathematik, Physik und Rechnungswesen ► Der Grund für meinen Erfolg liegt in meiner Fähigkeit, meinen Lernstil zu ändern, um den Anforderungen der Schüler gerecht zu werden ►Ich biete praktische und lebendige Beispiele, um Konzepte in den Bereichen Mathematik, Physik und Chemie zu erläutern ►Ich bin sehr geduldig und bemühe mich, das Problem in den wichtigsten Konzepten durch die Vereinfachung scheinbar komplexer Verfahren zu beseitigen ►Ich bin fest davon überzeugt, eine gute Arbeitsbeziehung mit meinen Schülern aufzubauen ►Intensive Prüfungsvorbereitung (z.B. in den Ferien), fachspezifische Themen Ausarbeitung oder Überwindung von Prüfungsangst für alle Altersstufen ►Ich bin auch ein sehr erfahrener Online-Tutor und kann mithilfe eines interaktiven Whiteboards so effektiv wie möglich persönlich eine Lektion erteilen. Dokumente können auch in Echtzeit über die Online-Plattform geteilt werden ►Standorte:- Bei Sie zuhause oder online oder nach Absprache
Chemistry · Physics · Math
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Homework help & MATH lessons on COLLE / St PAUL & Surroundings - 06 By PROFESSOR OF TRADE & PROFESSIONAL COACH (Vence)
Corinne, is a very kind, warm and experienced tutor. My children feel very secure with her and have been looking forward to her visits. I would recommend her as a French tutor and would considering using her again in the future.
Review by HELLE
Math and Chinese lessons for all people up to 7 years old. (Geneva)
Edward very much enjoyed his last lesson and we are appreciating the structure you have very clearly taken the time to put together. Thank you
Review by BOBBY
English, Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology)- ONLINE (Milan)
Victor Santiago
Recommendable and professional tutor. Has helped our 14 year old son with his study IGCSE English language (first language). 👍
Review by CAROLINA