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Trusted teacher: Need a catch-up, tutoring, private lessons or help with homework in mathematics? In computer science ? In logic? I'm here for you! I offer you a personalized approach; because there is no one method that works for everyone, I adapt to the needs and requests of each student (and their parents). The first hour of class will be used to define the student's needs, deadlines and strengths. My courses are aimed at secondary school students of all levels, higher education students outside technical courses (engineering, physics, mathematics, etc.) and anyone wishing to refresh or strengthen their knowledge in mathematics and computer science. Through my reading and my studies in computer science at the École Polytechnique de Louvain, I have amassed a quantity of knowledge in mathematics and computer science that it would be a shame not to share :) Being a student myself, I know the difficulties that certain subjects can cause and the lack of pedagogy of certain teachers. I look forward to working alongside you and unlocking your skills :) I am a master's student in computer science at the École Polytechnique de Louvain (UCLouvain), with a bachelor's degree. Naturally curious, I supplemented my course in computer science with numerous courses in physics (classical and quantum) and logic. I have also been brought to work with people from many backgrounds in various contexts, I learned a great adaptability. I have been volunteering for a long time helping friends and acquaintances in the success of their studies and I hope to be able to use this experience for the benefit of your success :)
Math · Computer science · Logic
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone. I'm Muhammetnur. I'm 3rd year student of Software Engineering major. I love math, exact science, mnemonics, working system of brain and Information Technologies. I have attended several Mathematical Olympiads and Competitions since 2012 and gotten 8 gold, 12 silver and 9 bronze medals on both national and international level. I have started studying mnemonics since 2020 and working as a Frontend Web Developer since 2021. I have more than 6 years of experience on teaching math, preparing math competitions at school and at university and preparing math to entrance to the university. I have many students who have gotten several medals and entered to the university. I have completed successfully Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Calculus 1-2-3, Discrete Math, Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, Math Analysis. I have 3 years experience with IT, 1 year experience with Web Development and 1 year experience as a Web Development Mentor. I can teach: - All grades (1-12) - All levels of Math - AMC 8/10/12 - SAT - GRE - GSCE - GMAT - Algebra - Geometry - Number Theory - Calculus - Linear Algebra - Analytic Geometry - Probability - Web Development Dear students and parents. I'm inviting you to book a lesson. After the lesson, you can see that we can make a difference. I will give you more than what you want or your child. We will be big family and understand math simple with my methodology based on interesting games, my high experienced knowledge and mnemonics. I will teach you not only math, also teach how to think as a mathematician and mnemonist. Thanks in advance for having time for lesson.
Logic · Math
Trusted teacher: Hello! I give maths lessons, including calculus, linear algebra, and statistics, to young people and adults. In 2018 I also won a NATIONAL GOLD MEDAL 🥇 in the Ecuadorian Mathematical Olympics and obtained a BRONZE MEDAL at the IBERO-AMERICAN level🥉. I also prepare people for university admission exams for both undergraduate and master’s degrees. I have worked with students from all across the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and Peru! I am familiar with tutoring and catering to a wide range of students, including those with little to no PRIOR KNOWLEDGE or experience, and HIGH PERFORMING STUDENTS, helping them obtain outstanding results. NOTE: I DO NOT PROVIDE ASSISTANCE DURING TESTS OR EXAMS. 👇🏼👇🏼 👨‍🏫 BRANCHES OF MATH I TEACH 👨‍🏫 ✏️ PRE-UNIVERSITY MATH * Entrance exams to universities and institutes * IB Mathematics ✏️ DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS * Functions and graphs * Limits and continuity * The derivative and its applications * Methods of integration * The integral and its applications * Series and sequences SOFTWARE: MATLAB Intermediate level GeoGebra Basic level ✏️ LINEAR ALGEBRA * Matrixes and determinants * Systems of linear equations * Fields * Vector Spaces and subspaces * Linear transformations * Eigenvalues and eigenvectors SOFTWARE: MATLAB Intermediate level PYTHON Basic level ✏️ NUMERICAL METHODS / NUMERICAL ANALYSIS * Polynomials and Equations * Systems of linear equations * Interpolation and approximation of functions * Derivation and Numerical Integration * Ordinary and partial differential equations SOFTWARE: MATLAB Intermediate Level LANGUAGE R/ R STUDIO Intermediate level PYTHON Basic level ✏️ APPLIED MATHEMATICS * Calculus * Linear algebra * Operation research * Inference statistics * Math models SOFTWARE: MATLAB Intermediate level GeoGebra Basic level PYTHON Basic level ✏️ DISCRETE MATHEMATICS * Theory of sets, relations, and functions * Mathematical logic * Arithmetic * Mathematical induction * Combinatorics * Modular arithmetic * Graph theory SOFTWARE: MATLAB Intermediate level PYTHON Basic level ✏️ STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY * Combinatorics and probability distributions * Conditional probability * Random variables * Central Limit Theorem * Hypothesis testing and confidence Intervals * Regression and correlation * Introduction to time series analysis SOFTWARE: EXCEL Basic level R Studio Basic level SPSS Basic level ✏️ MATH OLYMPIAD TOPICS / MATHEMATICS CONTESTS (Basic - Intermediate level) * Abstract reasoning * Elementary geometry * Combinatorics and number theory * Inequalities * Functional equations * Miscellaneous topics There are various ADVANTAGES OF BEING MY STUDENT 👌🏼👀! As part of my services, you can expect that: ✅ I WILL PREPARE A PERSONALIZED LESSON PLAN suited to your goals and requirements. ✅ I WILL SEND YOU the MATERIAL we used in the lesson as a PDF document 📚. ✅ Please note, if you are looking for medium or long-term tutoring, I will make a specific PLAN 📅 for you to cover this period, based on your needs. ✅ You will receive lessons with PROFESSIONAL AUDIO 🎤 and a COLLABORATIVE VIRTUAL BOARD 👨‍🏫 designed exclusively for math lessons. If you have questions, send me a message. I hope to speak to you soon! Hide
Math · Logic · Algebra
A youngster taking part in chess programs develops the following skills and traits: Critical thinking skills Logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills Memory, concentration, and visualization skills Confidence and self-esteem, patience, and determination Self-expression Good sportsmanship Session details: Session 1: The session would start with an introduction, notation, pieces points, symbols, and learning about the movements of pieces. Session 2: This session would include - Attack by rook, attack by bishop, defending an attacked piece, capturing by rook, and capturing by bishop. Session 3: The class would begin with the arrangement of pieces on the board followed by Lichess id and the moving order of pieces. Session 4: The kids will be taught special moves. This would include castling and check. Session 5: The focus of this session would be on different attacks - double attack by rook and bishop, laser attack, and skewer attack. Session 6: The focus of this session would be on checks - Check by rook, check by bishop, check by knight, and check by queen. Session 7: Kids will learn how to defend themselves in chess - defend check by moving it to a safe square, defend check by capturing attacking piece, defend check by blocking check, and lastly Checkmate. Session 8: Five opening principles will be taught followed by Stalemate and Fork by knight. Session 9: The kids will be taught about the World championship guide 1-4 and the Special move pawn promotion. Session 10: The kids will learn to mate in one move by rook, queen, bishop, knight, and pawn. Session 10: The class would end with the kids learning the queen checkmate, revision, and clearance of doubts.
Trusted teacher: The lessons will start with an introduction to a C++ program, then they will advance to simple data structures, operations, and basic algorithms. Moreover, the lessons will move to more advanced data structures such as 1D arrays, 2D arrays, lists, stacks, maps, and later on, to classes and objects. There will also be tasks included in each lesson so that the newly introduced terms will be put into practice. INTRODUCTION 1) Compilers LEVEL 1 - NOVICE PROGRAMMER 1) Structure of a program / Input and output 2) Variables, Constants, Types 3) Operators 4) Basic algorithms I: a) What's an algorithm? b) Calculations (+, -, /, %, *, pow, sqrt) c) Swap algorithm 5) Instructions: a) Conditional instructions: if b) Repetitive instructions: for, while, do-while 6) Basic algorithms II: a) Maximum and minimum values from a list of variables b) Digits of an integer c) Divisors of an integer d) Greatest Common Divisor e) Prime Number Testing f) Base switch (binary, decimal, etc) g) Greatest Common Divisor of two integers 7) Documentation and debugging LEVEL 2 - BEGINNER PROGRAMMER 1) One-dimensional arrays: a) Definition and implementation b) Reading and displaying of arrays c) Inserting an element in an array d) Deleting an element in an array e) Sorting arrays f) Searching in an array: sequential search, binary search g) Merging of two arrays 2) Functions: a) Definition and implementation b) Functions with type and void functions c) Recursive functions d) Algorithms III (A combination of Algorithms I and Algorithms II, but using functions this time) e) Applications LEVEL 3 - INTERMEDIATE PROGRAMMER 1) Matrices (Two-dimensional arrays): a) Definition and implementation b) Reading and displaying of matrices c) Square matrices and operations on matrices 2) Character sequences: a) Definition and implementation b) Predefined functions on character sequences c) Applications 3) Struct data types: a) Definition and implementation b) Applications LEVEL 4 - UPPER-INTERMEDIATE PROGRAMMER 1) Lists: a) Definition and implementation b) Applications 2) Stacks: a) Definition and implementation b) Applications 3) Queues: a) Definition and implementation b) Applications LEVEL 5 - ADVANCED PROGRAMMER 1) Introduction to STL (Standard Template Library) and applications 2) Undirected graphs: a) Definition and implementation b) Traversing graphs c) Partial graphs / Spanning subgraphs d) Depth-First Search Algorithm e) Paths f) Cycles g) Hamilton cycle h) Hamilton graphs i) Eulerian cycle j) Eulerian graphs k) Applications 3) Directed graphs: a) Definition and implementation b) Traversing graphs c) Partial graphs / Spanning subgraphs d) Depth-First Search Algorithm e) Paths f) Cycles g) Hamilton cycle h) Hamilton graphs i) Eulerian cycle j) Eulerian graphs k) Applications 4) Graphs with costs: a) Definition and implementation b) Traversing graphs c) Prim's Algorithm d) Applications LEVEL 6 - EXPERT PROGRAMMER 1) Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) a) Classes and properties of classes b) Fields c) Methods d) Protection levels of classes e) Applications
Computer programming · Logic · Computer science
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Intro to Programming and Computational Thinking with Python
Daniel has been tutoring my 10-year old son on Python. The lessons have gone very well. He has kept my son interested and engaged in what they are doing. He is very keen to continue learning with Daniel.
Review by ROBERTO
After Effects and related software (Cinema 4d, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.) (Barcelona)
Gaetan is a strong communicator, and managed to guide me through the fundamentals of 3D composition in After Effects in our first one hour session. Highly recommend.
Review by VAN
Quantitative Research Methods and Tools in Studies and Dissertations. (Amsterdam)
Haralambie was prepared for our lesson and clearly has the breadth of knowledge to handle any math questions a student might have.
Review by AUSTIN