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1 latin teacher in Sutton On Trent

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Trusted teacher: Hello dear tutor, , I have capacities free again after the exam phase. I am a trained, state-certified foreign language correspondent and student teacher (Latin, Greek, major). The exam is due in autumn. I have been tutoring for around ten years and have also been teaching intensive courses since 2018. I offer support in the form of long-term tutoring (with / or HA supervision), crash courses, language courses and short-term exam preparation. I only offer online support (via zoom, Skype or any other desired medium) in the following languages: • English (5th grade - university level) • French (5th grade - university level) • Latin (all levels; also preparation for the Latinum exam or for Latinum or university-related language exams as well as help for Latin students in style exercises (styles I - IV or equivalent). • Ancient Greek (all levels; also preparation for the Graecum exam or for Graecums or university-related language exams as well as help for Latin students in style exercises (style IV or equivalent). • Italian (all levels; grew up bilingual) • Spanish (5th - 13th grade or equivalent) Lessons can be in German, English, French or Italian. We would also like to welcome those who are otherwise interested who, in the medium or long term, out of self-interest, want to learn one of these languages, especially Latin and / or ancient Greek. All materials are made available. For those who want to learn a language in the medium or long term out of self-interest, you can of course agree on a discounted rate by setting a certain number of sessions (course-like), especially if you want to learn a language with two or more people. If you are interested, I would be happy to receive a message with the relevant details showing how you would like to be supported.
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Learn Greek for everyday use, university, tourism with FUN and passion
Justyna is a graduate of the University of Athens and she is very much qualified to deliver Greek courses. She has great teaching skills and more than 10 years of experience in teaching the Greek language. Her communication skills are also commendable, and she can find the appropriate way to establish a very effective communication with the pupil. She is very meticulous and attentive to detail and she speaks always in a positive tone. The quality of her work is impeccable, and she has also elaborated here own teaching material (for example, PowerPoint presentations) to facilitate the on-line courses. I was very much surprised to see that even the Greek sounds of letters in her PowerPoint file were created with her own voice! With regard to the online courses, she has also the right technical skills to use the various online tools and software (e.g. Google tools), something which is not evident when working with other teachers. She is very flexible in terms of the time of the courses and she is accepting the various time constraints which may derive from the day-to-day schedule of the pupil. She is always in time for her courses and very accessible as well as reliable concerning all the necessary arrangements. In terms of attitude, she is very enthusiastic, an element which has a great impact on the pupil to actively follow up her during the whole duration of the course. She is also very dynamic in the way she delivers the courses, and she does not forget to praise the pupil when necessary. She is always assertive, independently of the learning pace of the pupil. Last but not least, I think she has the right ratio of humour in her courses in order to make the one hour passing with her as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend her from my experience so far.
Cogito ergo sum. La bellezza della lingua e letteratura latina (Zurich)
I really recommend Silvia as a teacher. She made me feel immediately at ease and had exactly the right blend of encouragement and guidance to make the hour worthwhile and constructive.
Review by VALERIE
Do you speak Greek? If don't, communicate and learn greek easily. (Larissa)
I am very happy with my first lesson with Valado and look forward to more.