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Hi, it's Jiwon to help you improve your Korean skill ! I am a musician from Seoul also a multimedia artist in Geneva and have been living in the French-speaking cities for 8 years. I am a person who is patient with my students and love teaching. And I have experiences of studying in a journalism study group, of learning writing skill from a disple of Prof. Hyŏn-san Hwang, one of Korea's most important literary figures. Therefore, the biggest feature of my course is that it helps your Korean text writing skills to have a smooth and logical context. However, no matter what level of class you are in, we will have a blast while learning Korean. The curriculum will be carried out according to your goals. So, don't worry. Let's learn Korean with me. :) My Korean courses are technically composed like : - Alphabet - Vocabulary (Syllable analysis/ meaning) - Fundamental expressions for beginners. After 3-4 weeks or if you already know how to pronounce or write 한글, other options are waiting for you here. - Listening + dictation - Grammar - Basic expressions From this step, I would deal with the text or context desired by the student if he/she/ze wants. E,g from K-Drama or K-Pop. Intermediate 1 - Writing - Vocabulary (meaning / Variations of phrases containing specific words) Intermediate 2 - Writing - Idiom Intermediate 3 - Conversation - Daily expressions + Slang Advanced course 1 - Writing Advanced course 2 - Conversation / Discussion + Advanced expressions Advanced course 3 - Speaking with professional pronunciation and accent If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me
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Heejin - The Hague$36
Trusted teacher: Are you interested in learning Korean but unsure of where/how to begin? Have you been using Duolingo but still finding it challenging? Are you planning to study abroad and need to prepare for the TOPIK exam? Are you interested in learning about authentic Korean culture, history, and more? If so, you've come to the right place! 안녕하세요.Hi. Привет! I am... 1. A native Korean, Hold a national teaching certificate / master's degree in Korean as Foreign Language. 2. Have over 4 years of online/Offline teaching experience 3. Use different study materials such as music clips, media clips, textbooks, news articles. 4. Proficient in English. 5. Overseas news reporter for Korean news companies. 6. Have a deep understanding of diverse cultures and languages as I have been living 8 different countries. I am a native Korean currently live in The Netherlands. I obtained a teaching certificate/ master's degree in Korean as Foreign Language and teaching various people in different places since then. I also write news articles about The Netherlands for Korean news companies - 'Asia Today News'. I am passionate, interactive, patient, and most of all - love to teach! ::: How do I teach? During the sessions, I use different study materials such as music clips, media clips, textbooks, news articles, and my students love these! ::: Who are the students? My students are varied. From total beginners to advanced, K-pop lovers, potential travelers to business professionals. ::: Open-minded, cross-cultural background teacher. My own experience as a ‘foreigner’ in S.E Asia, Central Asia to Europe over a decade gives me a great understanding of different cultures and people. ::: I feel your struggle! I speak Korean, English, and Russian and DO understand the difficulties of learning a new language! I give examples between Korean and students' language and help them to understand Korean a lot easier. ::: Custom-made sessions. I focus on each student's goal/ personal level and the session could be TOPIK preparation, a mix of grammar/speaking/vocabulary, K-pop lyrics, or high-level business conversation. Study with me and improve your Korean!
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Kay - Seoul$23
Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Kay, and I live in Seoul, Korea. I have a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and a Master’s degree in International Development. For several years now, I have been teaching Korean language. As a certified instructor, I can effectively teach any level of the Korean language, and provide the tools and habits to practice it. If you are a beginner, we can start with Hangul, the characters of the Korean alphabet. For intermediate learners, I can help you expand upon your Korean through personalized lessons. This class will enable you to: - strengthen foundational Korean language skills in all the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. - communicate a variety of essential topics with others, including greetings, family, friends, food, phone calls, daily activities, etc. - learn grammars easily with thorough explanations and abundant examples and exercises. - understand diverse Korean culture and customs. * Class content may be different depending on your goals, levels, experience, etc. I believe mastering a language can be achieved by using it as often as possible in your daily life. This class not only provides the knowledge you need to speak Korean properly, but also enables you to practice your Korean in a diverse, real-life situations. As a native Korean who was born and raised in Seoul, I will guide you by using modern vocabulary and natural expressions that Seoulers actually use in their daily life. And If you choose to have in-person sessions, I’d love to share my knowledge of local places with you. We can make our class fun together! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or would like more information. We can discuss how to personalize the class for you.
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Akos - Rotterdam$35
Trusted teacher: 여러분, 안녕하세요? 🇰🇷 Do you want to start learning Korean and do you want to do it in an organised way? 🇰🇷 Did you already get started on learning but you got stuck on a particular grammar? 🇰🇷 Are you aiming for a TOPIK 1-2 language exam and do you want to get prepared in as short and effective a time as possible? As a language tutor with over 10 years of didactic experience and a TOPIK level 5 language exam, I can help you overcome difficulties and reach your goals. My love with Korean language and culture started more than 10 years ago thanks to my amazing Korean friends that I made during my first exchange year in Japan. Fast forward to 2016, I spent one semester in Korea as part of my individual research trip abroad to collect materials for my PhD which later turned into another semester of working holiday as an English tutor. This year spent in Korea was my real motivation to start learning the language properly so that I could connect more to the locals. For me this was a very enjoyable, but at the same time challenging process. As a result, I can completely relate to your struggles. That is why I like to make sure that I teach my students in the way that I wish I had learned when I was a beginner. I can assist you with grammar, pronunciation, and script (but also hanja and cultural notes) up to a TOPIK level 1-2. If you have a favourite vlogger, comedian or song that you want to translate in class, that is also no problem: my classes are very open to your input to turn your progress into a really personal experience.
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Ran - Brussels$33
Trusted teacher: Hello dear students! My name is Ran. I was born and raised in Korea and lived in China, France. I'm currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I speak Korean, English, French and a little Chinese. I also worked as professional tour guide in France and now I'm taking a tour guide course to become a licensed tour guide in Belgium. So I'm passionate about culture, art and history etc. <My strong point> 1. To be fluent in a foreign language requires to understand not only the language itself but also the culture and history. So you are at the right address! Since I worked as tour guide, I can introduce you very unique and full of interesting Korean traditions in a fun way ! 2. I'm quite good at cooking too. So you can learn Korean while cooking Korean dishes with me in my place. We will enjoy tasty and fun time together ! (You can book my cooking class on apprentus) 3. When you learn Korean, you will realize that there are many Korean words of Chinese origin, we call those words ''Hanja''. In fact, about 60 percent of Korean words are of Chinese origin. You can learn these words easily and efficiently with me as I'm learning Chinese as well. Each lesson will be customized based on your need. To me, learning a language should be fun and I'm very enthusiastic on teaching. My lessons are structured in a way that is fun and enjoyable. You will learn practical stuff that you need for everyday life with me. I will employ various multimedia and pictures too. With my lessons, you'll realize that you're getting closer to Korean language. I can help students of all ages, from children to adults for all levels. And I give both online and face-to-face class. Please feel free to let me know what your focus is or what you would like to improve. If you have any questions about my lesson, you can send me message anytime. I'll respond you as soon as possible. I hope to see you in class soon. Thank you for reading my profile.
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Jay - Zurich$20
Trusted teacher: Why is it Jay? ❤️ Rich teaching experience Teacher Jay has been teaching Hangul for a long time while working as a regular elementary school teacher in Korea for more than 10 years. So he knows how to teach Hangul easily and fun from children to adults. ❤️Talking in Korean with Jay every day The Fastest Way to Learn Korean! It's to talk in Korean a lot! It makes you speak Korean fluently. So if you have a class with me, you can talk in Korean for 5-10 minutes every day by voice call. ❤️ Customized class Each person has a different purpose to learn Korean and the current level of Korean is different. That's why each student should use different teaching methods and textbooks, and Jay is an expert in this field 😁 ❤️ Fun and efficient classes Teacher Jay pursues a fun and efficient class. Lessons that are not fun make studying boring and even quit. I will make your Korean study interesting in a special way for you😋 🏆 Graduated from Seoul Foreign Language High School 🏆 Seoul National University of Korean Education 🏆 Working as an elementary school teacher in Seoul for more than 10 years 🏆100% English class 🏆 Many years of language education experience + more than 10,000 hours of Korean language education 🏆 Many experiences in language exchange with foreigners 🏆 1:1 customized class available 🏆 Basic Korean/Intermediate/Advanced Conversation/All levels available 🏆 Various contents such as Korean food, culture, history, etc. are available during Korean language classes 🏆 Use of textbooks used by actual Koreans to learn Korean 🏆 Living in Seoul / speaking perfect standard language 🏆 Working at the Korean language school in Zurich from 2024 🏆 When traveling to Korea, it is possible to introduce restaurants and hot places in alleys that Koreans often go to 👨🏼💼 Full-time elementary school teacher certification, all levels, 🏆 10 years of tutoring experience with students of all ages 📈 Advanced speaking, listening and writing classes from the entrance 👉 Subject of lecture 📌 Who wants to learn Korean as a hobby 📌 Who wants to speak in Korean 📌 Who wants to learn Korean consonants, vowels, grammar and conversation 📌 Who wants to correct their Korean pronunciation 📌 Who wants to learn Korean for a trip 📌 Who wants to learn Korean to get a job 📌 Anyone interested in K-pop and K-Drama 🌀 Anyone who wants to study Korean fun and efficiently! 👉 Lecture effect ✔ Systematic learning of Korean through one-on-one customized class for ️s ✔ ️ Accurate standard pronunciation ✔ ️ Learn about Korea's true culture ✔ Natural conversation with ️ Koreans in Korean ✔ Interviews available in Korean ️ ✔ Understand 100% without ️k-drama, movie, and k-pop subtitles 👉 Class Introduction ✨[Initial]✨ 🔆 Know consonants and vowels 🔆Learn the composition of Korean 🔆 Learn basic Korean words 🔆Learning numbers 🔆 Briefly introduce yourself 🔆 Learn basic grammar 🔆 Pronunciation correction ✨ [Intermediate level] ✨ 💨 Understanding Korean Culture 💨Reading complex sentences 💨 Learn difficult words 💨 Watch K-drama, movie without subtitles ✨[Advanced]✨ 💎 Pronunciation correction 💎 Watch news and newspaper articles and understand the contents, Discussing 💎Talking naturally like Koreans with various topics 💪 Beginners are welcome: 100% English classes are available. 💪 For those who like Korean culture, we welcome beginners who focus on daily life. 💪 Korean conversation / Korean grammar / beginner / intermediate / advanced all available 【Beginner】is course, students will have the opportunity for intensive practice with native tutors. 【Conversation】 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 Conversation 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 🥞 Topic-based free talk to speak spontaneously! 🥞 Culture, Travel, Work, Life, and any other topics that interest you! 🥞 Pronunciation Drills to clear up your confusions 🥞 Suffer in every small talk? Come in the classroom and make yourself at home!
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Learn Korean and Experience Korean Culture with a Qualified Teacher as a Seouler (Seoul)
This is my first trip to Asia and South Korea. Meeting and getting to know Kay is a gift from heaven for me. Kay is such a wonderful, warm, bright, considerate and open minded teacher and friend. Kay was there for me and with me from the first moment we met in Seoul. She has helped me with handling so many aspects in daily life more than I could ever have asked for. Kay's classes are very interesting and motivating, well organized and lots of fun - a great learning experience. She always pays attention to my paste while studying Korean together. Kay has especially prepared a program for me, so I am not only able to experience the language but also many other aspects of the Korean culture and living. Some experiences/moments we have shared together: - Cooking some Korean dishes - Eating Korean food (Kay took me to restaurants which I would never have been able to find on my own) - Listening to Korean classical music during two concerts - Visiting Seodaemun, Museum of National History - Wearing a Hanbok, the Korean traditional costume I can recommend Kay to anyone not only wanting to learn Korean but more so experiencing the Korean culture and living. I am and will always be grateful to have been able to meet and cross paths with Kay.
Review by CARMEN
Koreaanse cursus/Online Korean/Easy Korean/Let's have fun learning Korean!/TOPIK 1 (Hengelo)
I already had a few lessons with Sanghee and I can definitely recommend her! Her patient and interactive teaching style work very well together with her well planned, organized lessons and her nice personality. Her classes are completely in Korean so that in itself teaches you a lot and will improve your speaking abilities immediately, especially if speaking in Korean is still difficult for you. If you don't understand something she of course will switch to English. The homework also keeps my study drive going and I already have the feeling that I can express myself better in Korean. :)
Review by LILITH
Korean Language Lessons for Beginners (alphabet/vocabulary/grammar/...) (Genk)
In my head (only there just there) I already know a lot of Korean words. But when I try to talk I can't make 1 sentence out of it. That's why I wanted private lesson. What I really like about Severine is that she is very patient, she keeps up with my pace. Once I understand the material I'd like to move on, Palli Palli! She is a good explainer and because of that I'm feeling more and more confidence to talk (and write) in Korean. I already can Write my name in the sand, but soon I will be able to... Talk to myself for hours.. ..Say things that You WILL understand ;)
Review by ANNA