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Jiwon - Geneva43Fr
Trusted teacher: Hi, it's Jiwon to help you improve your Korean skill ! I am a musician from Seoul also a multimedia artist in Geneva and have been living in the French-speaking cities for many years. I am a person who is patient with my students and love teaching. And I have experiences of studying in a journalism study group, of learning writing skill from a disple of Prof. Hyŏn-san Hwang, one of the most important literary figures in Korean literature field. Therefore, the biggest feature of my course is that it helps your Korean text writing skills to have a smooth and logical context. However, no matter what level of class you are in, we will have a blast while learning Korean. The curriculum will be carried out according to your goals. So, don't worry. Let's learn Korean with me. :) My Korean courses are technically composed like : - Alphabet - Vocabulary (Syllable analysis/ meaning) - Fundamental expressions for beginners. After 3-4 weeks or if you already know how to pronounce or write 한글, other options are waiting for you here. - Listening + dictation - Grammar - Basic expressions From this step, I would deal with the text or context desired by the student if he/she/ze wants. E,g from K-Drama or K-Pop. Intermediate 1 - Writing - Vocabulary (meaning / Variations of phrases containing specific words) Intermediate 2 - Writing - Idiom Intermediate 3 - Conversation - Daily expressions + Slang Advanced course 1 - Writing Advanced course 2 - Conversation / Discussion + Advanced expressions Advanced course 3 - Speaking with professional pronunciation and accent If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me
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Jay - Zurich18Fr
Trusted teacher: Why is it Jay? ❤️ Rich teaching experience Teacher Jay has been teaching Hangul for a long time while working as a regular elementary school teacher in Korea for more than 10 years. So he knows how to teach Hangul easily and fun from children to adults. ❤️Talking in Korean with Jay every day The Fastest Way to Learn Korean! It's to talk in Korean a lot! It makes you speak Korean fluently. So if you have a class with me, you can talk in Korean for 5-10 minutes every day by voice call. ❤️ Customized class Each person has a different purpose to learn Korean and the current level of Korean is different. That's why each student should use different teaching methods and textbooks, and Jay is an expert in this field 😁 ❤️ Fun and efficient classes Teacher Jay pursues a fun and efficient class. Lessons that are not fun make studying boring and even quit. I will make your Korean study interesting in a special way for you😋 🏆 Graduated from Seoul Foreign Language High School 🏆 Seoul National University of Korean Education 🏆 Working as an elementary school teacher in Seoul for more than 10 years 🏆100% English class 🏆 Many years of language education experience + more than 10,000 hours of Korean language education 🏆 Many experiences in language exchange with foreigners 🏆 1:1 customized class available 🏆 Basic Korean/Intermediate/Advanced Conversation/All levels available 🏆 Various contents such as Korean food, culture, history, etc. are available during Korean language classes 🏆 Use of textbooks used by actual Koreans to learn Korean 🏆 Living in Seoul / speaking perfect standard language 🏆 Working at the Korean language school in Zurich from 2024 🏆 When traveling to Korea, it is possible to introduce restaurants and hot places in alleys that Koreans often go to 👨🏼💼 Full-time elementary school teacher certification, all levels, 🏆 10 years of tutoring experience with students of all ages 📈 Advanced speaking, listening and writing classes from the entrance 👉 Subject of lecture 📌 Who wants to learn Korean as a hobby 📌 Who wants to speak in Korean 📌 Who wants to learn Korean consonants, vowels, grammar and conversation 📌 Who wants to correct their Korean pronunciation 📌 Who wants to learn Korean for a trip 📌 Who wants to learn Korean to get a job 📌 Anyone interested in K-pop and K-Drama 🌀 Anyone who wants to study Korean fun and efficiently! 👉 Lecture effect ✔ Systematic learning of Korean through one-on-one customized class for ️s ✔ ️ Accurate standard pronunciation ✔ ️ Learn about Korea's true culture ✔ Natural conversation with ️ Koreans in Korean ✔ Interviews available in Korean ️ ✔ Understand 100% without ️k-drama, movie, and k-pop subtitles 👉 Class Introduction ✨[Initial]✨ 🔆 Know consonants and vowels 🔆Learn the composition of Korean 🔆 Learn basic Korean words 🔆Learning numbers 🔆 Briefly introduce yourself 🔆 Learn basic grammar 🔆 Pronunciation correction ✨ [Intermediate level] ✨ 💨 Understanding Korean Culture 💨Reading complex sentences 💨 Learn difficult words 💨 Watch K-drama, movie without subtitles ✨[Advanced]✨ 💎 Pronunciation correction 💎 Watch news and newspaper articles and understand the contents, Discussing 💎Talking naturally like Koreans with various topics 💪 Beginners are welcome: 100% English classes are available. 💪 For those who like Korean culture, we welcome beginners who focus on daily life. 💪 Korean conversation / Korean grammar / beginner / intermediate / advanced all available 【Beginner】is course, students will have the opportunity for intensive practice with native tutors. 【Conversation】 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 Conversation 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 🥞 Topic-based free talk to speak spontaneously! 🥞 Culture, Travel, Work, Life, and any other topics that interest you! 🥞 Pronunciation Drills to clear up your confusions 🥞 Suffer in every small talk? Come in the classroom and make yourself at home!
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Sejong Institute teacher offers private Korean lessons (Basel)
I've been doing Korean language lessons with Jo for some time already and really enjoy them. My goal is to be able to use Korean in everyday situations as I am interested in Korean culture and modern life. Jo's methods of teaching are structured, systematic and effective. I like that Jo gives me homework and checks it all the time. There is a good mix of speaking, listening, grammar and writing exercises. Jo encourages me to speak Korean and I feel more confident about it.
Review by YULIYA
Korean class for all levels in Geneva! Cours de coréen pour tous les niveaux! (Geneva)
Ji Soo
I always look forward to Ji Soo`s Lessons, since they are fun and interesting. Not only is she great at teaching you the different nuances and delicacies of the Korean language, but she also has a very good understanding of Korean culture and history. She is creative and motivational, fun to be around. Last but not least, she is very patient, friendly and upbeat. I highly recommend her.
Review by JENNIFER
Learn Korean (all levels) and culture with native in funny way ! (Biel/Bienne)
Kyung Min is a really good teacher. Eventhough my level of korean was unclear, she managed to adapt the lesson on the spot and gave me really good talking exercises as well as grammar explanations. I look forward our next lessons ! I would definitely recommend her.
Review by LYN