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Hi, I'm a native and professional Indonesian language tutor who can help you to improve or master your Indonesian language skills. Through my experience tutoring students across a range of capacities and skill levels, I have honed my communication, creativity, and motivational skills. I have been teaching Indonesian for the past 5 years both online and offline classes. It taught me how to adapt my teaching style to suit the student’s respective cultural background, social requirements and specific needs. I have the opportunity to teach Indonesian language for both children ranging from 4 years to senior people as much as 30 years. Although there is a great gap in the teaching style that should be used to teach this wide age range, I find it a challenge to match my techniques of teaching Indonesian with the students’ capabilities. My lesson and teaching style, I always adjust my teaching methods and materials based on the level and goal. Practical grammar lessons use text document along with the examples. It will help you to practice the grammar rules in natural setting. We don’t have to do writing at whole session, we can discuss or have daily conversation to improve the speaking skill while we’re learning the writing. It will be useful for developing confidence, fluency, and naturalness in speaking. I also create quiz and homework assignment to review the previous lesson. I am very committed to helping Indonesian language learners learn further about my language according to their needs. I can help you with all the language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), grammar, pronunciation, and also colloquial words. Since language cannot be separated with culture, we will also talk about Indonesian habits and cultures that might be different from yours. If you want, I can teach you not only Indonesian, but as well as a little Javanese, my local language. It will be interesting. You can also practice your Indonesian with me. We can talk about a wide range of topic and learn more vocabulary.
English becomes a key skill that everybody is expected to have when it comes to the modern world. It is a way for company and individual to communicate in the free market. Mastering the language is not only beneficial career-wise but it also opens up opportunity for you as a person to grow and understand more about the power of language in general. I believe learning English shouldn't be burdening. By using what I believe as a fun and comprehensive lesson, I hope I can deliver to you English as simple as possible. Thus, helping you to master the language in a matter of months or even weeks! Here's a key point of what you will get from joining the lesson (beside the four dimension of english fluency): 1. Learning language is fun 2. Grammar mastery 3. Expanding vocabulary 4. Skill maintenance and that's just the core value, there are much more to explore by joining the lesson! so what are you waiting for? let's hop in and I hope to see you soon! Bahasa Inggris di masa modern ini menjadi salah satu kemampuan penting yang wajib dimiliki setiap orang. Bahasa Inggris menjadi jalan untuk berkomunikasi bagi perusahaan dan individu terutama di globalisasi pasar bebas Indonesia akhir-akhir ini. Dengan menguasai bahasa Inggris, kita tidak hanya akan diuntungkan di dalam dunia perkariran kita, tetapi kita sebagai individu juga akan berkembang dan memahami lebih dalam mengenai keajaiban sebuah bahasa secara umum. Saya percaya bahwa mempelajari bahasa inggris itu seharusnya tidak membebani. Dengan menggunakan apa yang saya pikir sebuah metode pembelajaran yang komprehensif dan menyenangkan, saya berharap saya dapat memberikan bahasa Inggris se-simpel mungkin. Dengan begitu, akan membantu anda untuk memahami bahasa Inggris dalam hitungan beberapa bulan atau bahkan dalam beberapa minggu saja! Berikut adalah pokok kunci dari pembelajaran yang saya berikan (selain empat dimensi kefasihan bahasa inggris): 1. Mempelajari bahasa itu menyenangkan 2. Kemahiran tata bahasa 3. Memperluas vocabulary 4. Merawat kefasihan dan itu hanya merupakan nilai utama dari pembelajarannya, masih banyak sekali nilai lain yang akan kita pahami lebih dalam dengan mengikuti kelas saya! Jadi, mau tunggu apa lagi? Ayo bergabung dan saya berharap akan bertemu dengan anda sekalian!
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Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia), Informal and Formal
I have great class with miss Pipit. She is very friendly and punctual. Thank you miss Pipit. I really enjoyed your class :)
Review by SANTI
English for Children (TEFL Certified Teacher) Tilburg (Tilburg)
The lesson for child was very interesting, it,s see that teacher is professional. Highly recommended.
Review by NATALIA
IELTS Preparation Class and Indonesian Language Class (Leiden)
She is really helpful, professional and friendly
Review by FLORIANA

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