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Trusted teacher: EXPERIENCED TEACHER - I BEGAN TEACHING OVER 35 YEARS AGO ! HOME - SCHOOL - UNIVERSITY - BUSINESS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most teachers find the Electric Motor difficult to teach - I used to be like this. Now, I never need to revise much of it again ! Using a different far MORE ACCURATE WAY TO TEACH it, I will show you how to never forget it and to understand the real processes happening in it ! To do this, 1 - I dismiss the Conventional Current ; I will show you by the REAL CURRENT so no more confusion for you ! 2 - I will show you what everyone is scared to explain - the SPLIT RING COMMUTATOR functions - including how MOMENTUM SWINGS the magnetic wire loop at 90* to the parallel magnetic bar poles ! Can you find any other teacher who will show this to you ? 3 - I will show you step by step WHY and HOW the loop moves ! 4 - THEN, later as a bonus, I WILL make ANOTHER COMPLEX CONCEPT very EASY by using the same model I gave you to show you what exactly is AC / DC , alternating current and how it is made the easy ways ! Nota Bene Before I had this method, I was like most teachers finding it difficult. The number 1 reason why my teaching makes things so very easy is because the Lord Jesus Christ gives me all this wonderful insight, so that I CONFIDENTLY AM ABLE TO MAKE MANY STUDENTS - OF EVEN LOW GRADES - AIM JUST FOR TOP GRADES - from the 1st day of tuition - if they wholly follow my methodology properly ! Testimony --------- 92% Mathematics - By A Girl NOT In Top Sets - ca 7 Lessons ONLY !
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