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Ona - Barcelona, Spain21€
Trusted teacher: Classes particulars per a tot tipus d'estudiants, en matèries de "lletres", des d'història, geografia o història de l'art, passant per català, castellà, anglès o francès. Preparació d'exàmens i selectivitat, posada al dia i revisió de les bases, pràctica oral de llengües estrangeres, acompanyament al treball personal, assessorament i correcció de treballs de recerca, etc. Sóc una professional amb un sòlid recorregut com a professora particular. He preparat alumnat per a la selectivitat, el Baccalauréat (França), exàmens d'universitat, oposicions (llengua estrangera), entrevistes de feina i beques. Estic acostumada a adaptar-me a les necessitats i ritme de cada alumne/a, a respectar les seves particularitats i fer brillar els seus punts positius. M'agrada pensar que no només ajudo al meu alumnat pel que fa a les matèries que estudiem plegades, sinó que també sóc capaç de contribuir en una millora de l'organització del treball personal i les tècniques d'estudi. Tinc anys d'experiència com a professora particular i per a grups, en el sistema educatiu català i a l'estranger (França). També com a investigadora, correctora, redactora, transcriptora, auditora, guia turística en diferents idiomes. Distinció de les Proves d'Accés a la Universitat. Premi extraordinari de Llicenciatura (Història, UB). Accèssit al XI Certamen Universitario Arquímedes de introducción a la investigación científica (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte).
Tutoring · History · English
Having been home-tutored (as opposed to attending a regular school) throughout GCSEs and A Levels, I have a deep personal experience of works and what doesn't in regard to tutoring. The most important aspect of teaching for me is flexibility: I strive to adjust my teaching style according to how you like to learn, whether that is through images, through debate, through listening, or through games (which is still totally possible at A Level!). I think the best way to teach is to start with the student. What do you find difficult? What do you enjoy? What motivates you? Having answered these questions, I will then tailor the subject matter to the student. I can cater for almost any historical interest you may have, whether that is the ancient Spartans, the history of medieval Islamic philosophy, or twentieth century Indian politics. The average length of a lesson is around an hour. The first few minutes will centre around getting to know you or your child, followed by a a tailored lesson on an area both of us feel best suits your needs, and finally ending in a game-based revision of what has been covered. How do I help with GCSEs? I teach the general historical narrative in an engaging way through interactive games to provide the general background to students. I help students develop the core elements required in an A* IGCSE/GCSE performance: an understanding of causation, historical analysis, and historical evidence. In basic terms, why stuff happens and how we can judge if it really did happen! I also tackle the most common barrier to excellent exam performance: essay-writing technique. Throughout I ensure that students become or remained enthused by history through including unusual characters and stories that would not be included in the classroom, often the icing on the cake that secures an A* grade. How do I help with A Levels? I negotiate the difficult transition from GCSE to A Level History by encouraging students to dive deeper into the past and the issues one confronts when studying it. I help students with the hardest element in the transition, essay-writing technique, by giving detailed feedback on their essays and tips on planning. I advise students how they can quickly and effectively respond to complex primary and secondary sources. I also can teach more specifically to ancient history (having achieved an A* in Ancient History A Level alongside the standard History A Level), covering Sparta, Athens, and Rome. How do I help with Oxbridge applications? I encourage students to reflect deeply on the study of history in a way that I have learnt while at Cambridge. I inform students of the type of questions they will be asked at interview and how they can tackle them. I help students preparing for the Aptitude Tests by broadening their horizons of study to areas and times that excite Oxbridge fellows.
Philosophy · History · World history
Trusted teacher: German: Hello, my name is Jael, 23 and I look forward to helping people in their endeavors to learn to speak, write and read English. Of course, I also offer tutoring for other subjects and can also try to help out with other subjects on request. I spent over two years in the center of the UK - the West Midlands - as a youth and school social worker and teaching assistant. During this time I discovered my love for the English language and culture and for teaching in general and I hope to instill this love in others too. Learning a language should be fun and exciting. Difficulties you may have are easier to overcome together, and being able to speak the language together is very useful to become fluent and improve your pronunciation. In class, I focus on what suits you best and what you need - help with homework, exam preparation or training in spelling, grammar, speaking and more. Depending on your specialization or language level, we may choose to work through specific exercise books that can be purchased online, or we may work based on free resources or your own school supplies. I strive to individualize the teaching and methodology to best serve you and the teaching will always be a two-way relationship. I hope to get to know you soon and make progress together. English: Hi, my name is Jael (23) and I'm looking forward to helping people along in their efforts to learn to speak, write and read English. However, I also offer support and tuition with other subjects on request and will try to help out with homeworks, exams and more. Regular students will be able to discuss individual needs for tuition wth me and we can work on a plan together. About my experience: I have spent over two years in the United Kingdom - the West Midlands - as a youth and schools worker and as a teaching assistant. In this time I have discovered my love for the English language and culture and for teaching in general and I hope to awake this love in others as well. Learning a language should be fun and exciting and I hope to make it that way for you. Struggles you might have can be easier overcome together and it's very useful to speak together in the language you're trying to learn to become fluent and improve pronounciation. In lessons I follow what best suits you and what you need - help with homework, exam preparation or training in spelling, grammar, speaking and more. Depending on your focus or level we might decide to work through certain exercise books available to buy online or work based on free english resources or your own school material. I strive to individualize the lessons and methods to best help you and teaching will always be a two-way street. I hope to get to know you soon to discover the joys of speaking English.
History · Geography · English
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IB Higher Level Biology and Chemistry. GCSE Level Biology and Chemistry.
Very good! The session was adjusted to the needs of the student and it was easy to ask questions. Very well structured and goal oriented. Super good at explaining tings in depth but also outlining. I got loads of useful revision and exam tips. She definitely knows the curriculum well. Very kind and passionate as well.
Review by VIKTORIA
Online SPANISH LESSONS with Certified Native Teacher - ALL LEVELS! (Barcelona)
Ona is an amazing teacher. She will help you reach your goal with the learning method that suits you well. She keeps giving me so many ideas on how to work with the language that keeps me motivated to dive deeper. Ona is kind and patient and a truly experienced teacher!
Review by JULIE
English Literature, History and Exam/Essay Tutoring
My son finds the classes from Jenny very useful. It has been very easy to communicate with Jenny and her feedback on how the student is doing the class is helpful. I have re-booked her classes multiple times already and continue to find it very helpful. Thanks a lot
Review by SAJITH