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Trusted teacher: Have you always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt? Have you always dreamt about learning more about the mysteries of this fascinating ancient civilization? Then this is the course for you! Warst du schon immer vom Alten Ägypten fasziniert? Hast du schon immer davon geträumt, mehr von dieser faszinierenden und geheimnisvollen Kultur zu lernen? Dann ist dieser Kurs genau das Richtige für dich! Sei sempre stato affascinato dall’antico Egitto? Hai sempre sognato di conoscere meglio i misteri di questa affascinante civiltà? Allora questo è il corso per te! 𝙏𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙖𝙘𝙝: I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, and during my studies of Foreign Languages and Literature at Turin University, I took Egyptology for one year. I studied with Professor Silvio Curto, a well known Egyptologist who was the Director of the Turin Museum for many years. Since my studies I have kept reading Egyptology texts and enriching my knowledge, my main interest and specialization being ancient Egyptian mythology, deities (and especially goddesses), as well as magic. 𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙨𝙚 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙢: Turin is the city in which I was born, raised and where I lived for a long time. This city is closely linked to ancient Egypt, since it houses the oldest Egyptian Museum worldwide, and still one of the most important collections in the world. In this course we are going to visit the Museo Egizio in Turin virtually, and we are going to read and discuss interesting texts written by Egyptologists, discussing many fascinating topics, such as ancient Egyptian magic, mythology, gods and goddesses, women in Ancient Egypt and many more. And if you visit Turin, a live lesson in the Egyptian Museum in the form of a guided visit can be arranged! In diesem Kurs werden wir das ‚Museo Egizio‘ in Turin virtuell besichtigen, und wir werden uns über viele faszinierende Themen unterhalten, wie z.B. ägyptische Magie, Gottheiten, berühmte Pharaos, Amulette, altägyptische Kunst und vieles andere mehr. Wir werden auch interessante Fragen beantworten: Wann begann das alte Ägypten? Wie alt wurden die Ägypter? Waren Frauen gleichberechtigt? Welche Farben gab es in der ägyptischen Sprache? Und falls du Turin besuchst, gibt es auch die Möglichkeit, einen Live-Unterricht in Form einer gemeinsamen Besichtigung des Ägyptischen Museums zu organisieren! In questo corso visiteremo virtualmente il Museo Egizio di Torino e parleremo di tanti argomenti affascinanti: dalle piramidi ai templi di Abu Simbel, dagli amuleti alle divinità egizie, dalla Valle dei Re e delle Regine al ruolo della donna nell'antico Egitto. E se visiti Torino potremo anche organizzare una lezione dal vivo sotto forma di visita guidata al Museo Egizio!
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Hello, future thinkers and aspiring philosophers! I'm Ollie, and I'm honoured to invite you on a journey into the realms of Politics and Philosophy. Armed with a passion for critical thinking and a comprehensive academic background, I hold a degree in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Sussex, complemented by A-level qualifications in the same subjects. 🎓 Academic Journey: During my university years, I delved deep into the intricacies of political theory and philosophical inquiry. My dissertation, a labor of intellectual love, explored the pertinent question of whether the 'New Left' bore any responsibility for the rise of right-wing populism. This investigative journey allowed me to navigate the complex intersections between ideology, society, and political movements. 📖 Key Modules: My academic journey was enriched by a diverse range of modules, each contributing to my comprehensive understanding of the subjects. Some of the key modules that have shaped my perspective include: Existentialism: Unraveling the profound questions of existence and individuality. Phenomenology: Exploring the structures of consciousness and the nature of experience. Philosophy of Religion: Investigating the fundamental questions surrounding faith, belief, and existence. Epistemology: Delving into the nature and scope of knowledge and belief. European Politics: Analyzing the political landscape of Europe, its challenges, and its evolving dynamics. American Politics: Examining the intricacies of the American political system and its global impact. French Politics: Unpacking the unique political landscape of France and its historical context. 💡 What to Expect: In this tutoring class, you can anticipate engaging discussions, thought-provoking analyses, and a nurturing environment for intellectual growth. Whether you are grappling with political theories, philosophical quandaries, or the intricate dance between the two, I am here to guide you through the intricacies of these captivating subjects. 🤝 Let's embark on this intellectual journey together. Join me for a transformative experience where we navigate the rich tapestry of Politics and Philosophy, unraveling the threads that shape our understanding of the world. Enroll now and let the exploration begin!
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Audrey - Paris, France28€
Methodology course · Political science · History
I offer tutoring in History for GCSE and ALevel students. History has been my passion for years and I would hope to pass on some of that passion to my students. One to one lessons that can greatly benefit those who struggle in a large classroom environment and can make a large difference between grade outcomes. I base my lessons on the specific needs of each student and can offer the expertise of someone who has personally sat the new-style GCSE exams. Lessons are specifically tailored to the individual needs of the student and will involve supporting the student with their understanding of course materials and different historical time periods. It will also include practical tasks such as analysing historical sources and answering questions both verbally and in written format, depending on what best suits the individual and their goals/learning style. I am more than happy to provide tutoring for both exams and coursework. The first lesson will typically consist of a quick chat to establish what the student hopes to gain from tutoring and what requirements they have to meet to continue onto their next step (e.g needing a 7 to study history at A Level, or getting a particular grade at A Level in order to go to their top choice university). We will also discuss the course content to assess what level the student is currently at. We will then get started with some specific questions or topics. Further lessons will continue based the specific needs of the student as discussed in the first lesson. I do occasionally set work (usually due in for the next lesson), but I will never set more than 40 marks worth of work (GCSE)
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Private French lessons for adults and teenagers with native French speaker in Co. Mayo (Newport)
It is always a pleasure to meet Phil for our weekly online French classes. He is a patient and kind teacher and always full of energy for our class. Phil is interested in a wide range of topics, so we always have something to talk about based on an article he selected as 'homework'. What I really appreciate about his way of teaching is that he corrects me during our conversation without breaking the flow of our talk, so I can really feel my confidence in speaking French increasing each class. I woulf highly recommend Phil if you are looking for a French tutor :)
Review by KELLY
IB Higher Level Biology and Chemistry. GCSE Level Biology and Chemistry.
Very good! The session was adjusted to the needs of the student and it was easy to ask questions. Very well structured and goal oriented. Super good at explaining tings in depth but also outlining. I got loads of useful revision and exam tips. She definitely knows the curriculum well. Very kind and passionate as well.
Review by VIKTORIA
English as a Second Language and English Language/Literature Tuition Online. Tuition for all levels. (The Hague)
We appreciated the great help of Courtney to our daughter. She is very kind and has great teaching methods. She has been really professional the whole time. She made lessons about what our daughter loves so she was always excited to see her! Strongly recommended!
Review by WAFA