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Your French Classes in Beijing Are you ready to embark on a language journey to discover the beauty of French? Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, my one-on-one French tutoring sessions are designed just for you! Who Can Benefit? My classes are open to anyone interested in learning French. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or simply a language enthusiast, my tailored approach will help you achieve your language goals. Flexible Learning Choose the learning format that suits you best. My classes are available in person in the Haidian district of Beijing, allowing you to immerse yourself in the language. Alternatively, I offer online sessions via Skype, WeChat, or WhatsApp for added convenience. Sessions typically range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, offering flexibility to fit into your busy schedule. Conversation-Based Learning My approach is conversation-based, focusing on real-life communication. I believe that the best way to learn a language is by speaking it. Through engaging discussions, you'll build confidence in your speaking and listening skills. No Materials, Just Conversation No need for textbooks or workbooks. My classes are material-free, centred around authentic conversations that bring the language to life. Whether you want to improve your conversational fluency, work on pronunciation, or discuss specific topics of interest, my sessions are tailored to your needs. Experienced Native Instructor I am a native French speaker with fluency in English, ensuring clear communication and effective guidance throughout your language journey. Flexible Scheduling I understand that life can be hectic. That's why class scheduling is flexible. Discuss your availability with me, and we'll find a suitable time that works for you. Start your French language adventure with me today. Contact me to book your first session or ask any questions you may have. Let's explore the world of French together!
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Amel - Seoul$21
Trusted teacher: Hi, my name is Amélie, I'm French, from the North of France. For the past 9 years I lived in Montreal, in the beautiful province of Québec in Canada and I recently moved to Seoul. So if you are interested in the Canadian culture, I'll be happy to teach you ;) I have been teaching French online for few years now from beginners to advanced and helped some students prepare for the TEF/DELF exams. My main goal is to help you achieve your own learning goals. So the class is really custom made, according to your needs and adapted to your level, whether you want to focus on conversation, grammar practice, listening or reading comprehension, it will also be adapted to your interests. All types of material will be available, like newspaper articles, novels, TV series, youtube video etc.. We will really work according to theme that you enjoy. Because learning a language should not be a burden but on the contrary be a fun time. I know exactly what it's like to learn a new language, the difficulties that you can encounter, all the efforts that are required, but also the fear of talking to people in the beginning, having myself learn English and Spanish to reach a proficiency level. And I've also been learning Korean for the past 3 years now. Also, since I have some experience in language learning, in addition to our classes, that are either once or several times a week, I definitely recommend self-study. So if you're down, I will give you writing and reading exercises to do, regardless of the level you are at, and I will correct those and we can discuss together at the beginning of each class. I promess i'll make it fun. A bientôt :)
-French classes for false beginners, intermediate or advanced speakers. English description below. - Hello, I am Loïc, a 27-year-old Frenchman, recently residing in Taipei. Graduated in industrial engineering/sustainable development from Grenoble INP in 2020, I also worked as a mechanic on vintage cars (pre-war Bugatti, Porsche, Volkswagen, all other brands...), for the love of mechanical. Having myself a vibrant passion for languages and their learning, I would now like to help you progress in learning my mother tongue, French! My course is aimed at advanced beginners or false beginners, as well as people of intermediate or advanced level. Don't worry, the lessons will be adapted to your level! We will progress together, at your own pace, towards attainable objectives in the short and medium term. As for the learning method, we will adapt to your favorite mode of assimilation, using all the media available (written, audio, video, conversational) and favoring some of them so that you are easy. The courses will also be personalized around the issues and subjects that interest you, such as: sports, French or European culture, traveling in France, having a practical/survival guide in France or even developing a professional language for your work. .. The goal is that you can have fun while learning French, see your progress and keep your motivation unfailing! If you want to know more, come and chat with me, we can meet beforehand to define your needs and see if I am the right teacher for you! :) To say a little more about me... Having taken many language courses, in English (level C2, TOEFL at 965/990), German (B2, formerly C1), Italian (beginner), given by all types teachers and currently learning Mandarin as an autodidact, I am well aware of the difficulties of learning a foreign language. I will encourage you to try, to speak, to write, to make mistakes... Because that's how you learn best! - FRANÇAIS - Hello, I am Loïc, a young 27 yo Frenchman, freshly settled in Taipei! I graduated from Grenoble INP as an industrial/sustainable development engineer in 2020 and have also worked as a classic car mechanics (old Bugatti, Porsche, Volkswagen and many other brands...), following my love for beautiful mechanic pieces. Having myself a vibrant passion for learning languages, I now wish to help you progress in my mother tongue, French! My classes are ideally aimed at false beginners, intermediate and advanced level speakers. Worry not, my classes will be adapted to your level. We will progress together, at your own pace, towards short and mid-term goals that we will have set together. Regarding the teaching method, we will adapt ourselves to your preferences, using all the means at our disposition (listening, writing, reading, talking) and focusing on the most efficient one for you, to make you more comfortable. The classes will be revolving around subjects of your interest, for instance: sports, French culture, traveling in France, making a survival guide, or acquiring a professional vocabulary... Our goal being that you can have fun learning french and see yourself progress, thus keeping your motivation high! If you are interested in my classes and wish to know more, please feel free to reach me to talk about them. We can even arrange a meeting beforehand, to see if I am the right match for you as a teacher! :) To tell a little more about myself... Having had a lot of language classes in my life, of various formats and teaching methods, in English (level C2, TOEFL certificate of 965/990), German (B2, former C1), Italian (1 year of learning only, sadly...) and now learning Mandarin on my own, I know the struggles one faces while learning a foreign language and can help you overcome them! I will encourage you to try, to practice, to write, to talk and make mistakes... Because it simply is the best way to learn!
Trusted teacher: "Literary Triptych: The Box of Wonders, Antigone and The Last Day of a Condemned Man" Immerse yourself in an in-depth and strategic exploration of the three major works of the 1er Bac program. Designed specifically to ensure your success on the regional exam, this course provides you with careful analysis of each work, enriching not only your literary understanding but also your analysis and writing techniques. What you will discover: - Detailed Dissection: We break down each work, chapter by chapter, highlighting key themes, characters, major events and literary techniques used by the authors. - Analysis Strategies: Learn to quickly identify points of importance, formulate relevant arguments and effectively structure your answers during the exam. - Cultural & Historical Contextualization: For each work, we explore the cultural and historical context, providing a deeper and nuanced understanding of the texts. - Exam Simulations: Put into practice what you have learned through regular exam simulations, followed by constructive feedback to continually improve your performance. - Interactive Discussions: Enjoy debate and discussion sessions on major themes, characters and motifs, stimulating your critical thinking and refining your speaking skills. The additional advantage: - Revision Guides: At the end of the course, participants will receive compact but comprehensive revision guides for each work, ideal for effective revision before the exam. Don't wait any longer and put all the chances on your side to shine in the 1st Baccalaureate regional exam. With rigorous preparation and proven methodology, this course is your key to unparalleled literary mastery. Join us for an enriching intellectual adventure and ensure your academic success.
French · High school entrance prep
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! My name is Wendy, I am French and I would love to help you learn this exciting language! I am a Curator and Restorer of Sculptures, and I am settling in Kyoto to train in Japanese craftsmanship and learn your magnificent language. I spent 1 year in England and I frequently gave French lessons! I noticed that I really liked sharing and contributing to the learning of my students. Through discussions, help with homework, learning new vocabulary, I will help you improve together! I'm also learning a foreign language, so I can easily understand the difficulties of learning a new language. I offer French lessons for beginners, intermediates and people with an advanced level. I can also help you in English! Looking forward to learning with you! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks and hope to see you soon! Wendy ------------------------- こんにちは皆さん! 人です。このエキサイティングな言語を学ぶのをぜひお手伝いしたいと思っています。 私は彫刻のキュレーター兼修復家で、日本の職人技を学び、素晴らしい言語を学ぶために京都に定住しています。 私はイギリスに1年間滞在し、フランス語のレッスンを頻繁に受けていました。私は生徒の学習に共有したり貢献したりするのがとても好きなことに気づきました。 ディスカッション、宿題の手伝い、新しい語彙の学習を通じて、私たちはあなたが一緒に上達できるようお手伝いします。 私自身も外国語を学んでいるので、新しい言語を学ぶことの難しさはよくわかります。 初心者、中級者、上級者向けのフランス語レッスンを提供しています。 英語でもお手伝いします! 皆さんと一緒に学べることを楽しみにしています! ご質問がございましたら、お気軽にお問い合わせください。 ありがとうございます。 またお会いできるのを楽しみにしています! ウェンディ
Grammar · Tutoring · French
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone, A French language teacher, perfectly trilingual (Arabic,French and English) , pedagogue, and accustomed to a French & English-speaking public, offers personalized and quality courses. The courses are aimed at a very large audience, adults and children. I split my lessons between grammar and vocabulary practice using various media. I teach thoroughly and aim to leave nothing unclarified as well as to adapt my method to the individual needs of each pupil. My aim is to find a perfect balance between theory and its application in a creative and stimulating way. Whatever your objectives (professional, tourism, personal ...) and your level (perfectly beginner, false start, intermediate or advanced ...) My classes are diverse and often fun. I adapt particularly to the needs of each one in order to help achieve the targeted objectives regardless of the level. -Dynamic, creative and enthusiastic tutor who strives to provide the best support to his student. -Engaging and interactive tutorials. -Attractive lessons tailored to each student’s needs and abilities, taking their personal interests into account to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment of the content material. -Flexible methodology and implementation of differentiated instruction for students with learning difficulties or disabilities. -Lesson materials e-mailed to the student in advance and systematically e-mailed back after the lesson with notes, written homework and grammar points. -Use of a broad range of authentic audio, video and text material in the target language selected with care in order to stimulate oral participation, develop critical thinking and make the most efficient use of the student’s thoughts. -Professional evaluation and monitoring of the student. -Positive and constructive feedback. -A serene and constructive tuition space that facilitates student’s communication and self-confidence and in which all mistakes are valued as an essential source of progression and used as platforms to learn and build understanding. ========== Please watch my PRESENTATION VIDEO HERE ========== Each lesson includes FREE: - 1- All the educational materials that I use PDF. 2- All the audio that accompanies the written documents. With me, Guaranteed results! French/Français Bonjour à tous, Un professeur de langue française, parfaitement trilingue (arabe, français et anglais), pédagogue, et habitué à un public francophone & anglophone, propose des cours personnalisés et de qualité. Les cours s'adressent à un très large public, adultes et enfants. Je partage mes cours entre la grammaire et la pratique du vocabulaire en utilisant divers supports. J'enseigne de manière approfondie et vise à ne rien laisser de flou ainsi qu'à adapter ma méthode aux besoins individuels de chaque élève. Mon objectif est de trouver un équilibre parfait entre la théorie et son application de manière créative et stimulante. Quels que soient vos objectifs (professionnels, touristiques, personnels...) et votre niveau (parfaitement débutant, faux départ, intermédiaire ou avancé...) Mes cours sont variés et souvent amusants. Je m'adapte particulièrement aux besoins de chacun afin d'aider à atteindre les objectifs visés quel que soit le niveau. -Tuteur dynamique, créatif et enthousiaste qui s'efforce d'apporter le meilleur soutien à son élève. -Tutoriels engageants et interactifs. -Des cours attrayants adaptés aux besoins et aux capacités de chaque élève, en tenant compte de leurs intérêts personnels pour assurer une participation et une jouissance maximales du contenu. -Méthodologie flexible et mise en œuvre d'un enseignement différencié pour les élèves ayant des difficultés d'apprentissage ou des handicaps. -Matériel de cours envoyé par e-mail à l'élève à l'avance et systématiquement renvoyé par e-mail après le cours avec notes, devoirs écrits et points de grammaire. -Utilisation d'un large éventail de matériel audio, vidéo et textuel authentique dans la langue cible sélectionnée avec soin afin de stimuler la participation orale, de développer la pensée critique et d'utiliser au mieux les pensées de l'élève. -Évaluation professionnelle et suivi de l'étudiant. -Commentaires positifs et constructifs. -Un espace d'enseignement serein et constructif qui facilite la communication et la confiance en soi des étudiants et dans lequel toutes les erreurs sont valorisées comme une source essentielle de progression et utilisées comme plateformes pour apprendre et construire la compréhension. ========== Veuillez regarder ma vidéo de présentation ICI ========== Chaque leçon comprend GRATUITEMENT: - 1- Tous les supports pédagogiques que j'utilise PDF. 2- Tout l'audio qui accompagne les documents écrits. Avec moi, résultats garantis ! Arabic/Arabisch أهلا بالجميع، مدرس لغة فرنسية ، يتحدث بثلاث لغات (العربية والفرنسية والإنجليزية) ، ومعلم ، ومعتاد على الناطقين بالفرنسية والعربية والإنجليزية ، يقدم دورات مخصصة وعالية الجودة. تستهدف الدورات جمهورًا كبيرًا جدًا من البالغين والأطفال. قسمت دروسي بين ممارسة القواعد والمفردات باستخدام وسائط مختلفة. أقوم بالتدريس بدقة وأهدف إلى عدم ترك أي شيء غير واضح وكذلك تكييف طريقي مع الاحتياجات الفردية لكل تلميذ. هدفي هو إيجاد توازن مثالي بين النظرية وتطبيقها بطريقة إبداعية ومحفزة. مهما كانت أهدافك (المهنية ، السياحية ، الشخصية ...) ومستواك (مبتدئ تمامًا ، بداية خاطئة ، متوسط أو متقدم ...) فصولي متنوعة وممتعة في كثير من الأحيان. أنا أتكيف بشكل خاص مع احتياجات كل شخص من أجل المساعدة في تحقيق الأهداف المستهدفة بغض النظر عن المستوى. - مدرس ديناميكي ومبدع ومتحمس يسعى لتقديم أفضل دعم لطالبه. - برامج تعليمية تفاعلية وجذابة. - دروس جذابة مصممة لاحتياجات وقدرات كل طالب ، مع مراعاة اهتماماتهم الشخصية لضمان أقصى قدر من المشاركة والتمتع بمواد المحتوى. - منهجية مرنة وتنفيذ تعليمات متباينة للطلاب الذين يعانون من صعوبات التعلم أو الإعاقات. - يتم إرسال مواد الدرس بالبريد الإلكتروني للطالب مسبقًا وإرسالها بالبريد الإلكتروني بشكل منهجي بعد الدرس مع الملاحظات والواجبات المنزلية المكتوبة ونقاط القواعد. -استخدام مجموعة واسعة من المواد الصوتية والمرئية والنصية الأصلية في اللغة المستهدفة المختارة بعناية من أجل تحفيز المشاركة الشفوية وتطوير التفكير النقدي والاستفادة القصوى من أفكار الطالب. - التقييم المهني والمراقبة للطالب. ردود الفعل الإيجابية والبناءة. - مساحة تعليمية هادئة وبناءة تسهل تواصل الطلاب وثقتهم بأنفسهم ويتم فيها تقييم جميع الأخطاء كمصدر أساسي للتقدم وتستخدم كمنصات للتعلم وبناء الفهم. ========== يرجى مشاهدة فيديو العرض التقديمي هنا ========== يتضمن كل درس مجانًا: - 1- جميع المواد التعليمية التي أستخدمها بصيغة PDF. 2- كل الصوت المصاحب للوثائق المكتوبة. معي نتائج مضمونة!
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Intensive course of French as a foreign language online to quickly improve oral expression by webcam in a group (Geneva)
I have been learning with Anne for almost 8 months now. I cannot even begin to thank Anne for her amazing teaching skills and how much she has helped me. I have struggled with French for years and I finally found a teacher who both pushed me but is also patient and accommodating to my needs. I was also hesitant at first to have an online teacher, but her teaching methods and skills actually made it easier that she was online, also in terms of managing my time and schedule with her, I did not feel that anything hindered my progress having her online. Her great personality and experience as a teacher overall further helped with my fear and difficulty in learning French, and having her as an online teacher. And finally, she has a great teaching structure and a curriculum and material (which was important for me) to provide for the student through structured classes, while taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Thank you very much Anne for everything.
Review by MAISAM
Cours d'allemand pour tous les niveaux à domicile ou en ligne (Tunis)
I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
Private (online) french lesson. experienced teacher in Paris. (Paris)
It has been a great pleasure learning French with Mathieu. He is very experienced in teaching French and he has developed his own systematic way of teaching. Mathieu also adapted the teaching to my level quickly from speaking, listening and writing perspective, and was able to find the best way to help me improve my French. On top of that, he speaks very good English and Chinese, which makes my understanding some French grammatical rules much more solid. I would highly recommend Mathieu who wants to learn French.
Review by WILSON

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