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Hello, my name is Araceli. - Spanish is mother tongue - I studied Translation and Interpreting, so I have knowledge about teaching languages - Large experice in differente countries: Spain, Belgium, Russia - Personalised and focused lessons If you want to know more, please, do not hesitate!

Flexible and organized US Licensed Teacher in Secondary Mathematic with more than 16 years of experience in education process with ability to explain mathematics concepts in an easy understanding manner. Talent for creating unique teaching strategy for effectively improve students’ studying ability. Encouraging and patient provide individual and extracurricular support for students that are struggling with mathematical learning concepts. Quickly develop excellent rapports with students, staff members and parents to provide friendly and supportive school community.

Learn to speak and write Chinese from a native speaker in English. !!
I speak fluent English. And I m in Beijing for a few months then go back to states. Now I have lot of free time I was born in Beijing and I have taught a few friends before about Chinese learning. I graduated from parsons for fashion design last year. I’m 26 years old. I m also good at photoshop

private tutoring: english and german for all levels, beginner to advanced
I am German, and I have lived in the United States. I offer tutoring in German and English, two important languages. I have teaching experience and have worked as a private tutor in the past as well. I am happy to provide help in learning grammar, improving writing skills and practicing conversational skills.

French Tutoring, Conversation & Classes - from a Native Teacher
Hello! I'm proposing French tutoring course. I can help you with french grammar but also practise with you your oral comprehension. I am from Aix-en-provence a little town in Provence and for a long time I have given French tutoring to foreigners (I backed some Korean in France.). I can speak Russian (intermediate level), English (experimented level), Korean (beginner level), Chinesse (beginner level) and indeed French which is my native tong. As you see I really like learning and discovering different language and I would be glad to help you to improve your French.

English, Physics, Maths and Test preparation Tuitoring
Physics is a fascinating subject especially for those who are truly interested in. I have got an Masters in Physics and Computational Techniques from University of Hyderabad, India. All the studies till post-graduation are done in English medium. I am currently pursuing PhD in thermal physics at Tsinghua University Beijing. I am interested in students who are looking for tuition classes in English or Physics or Maths in the vicinity of Tsinghua University.

Practical English lessons with a 22 year veteran English teacher.
I've been an English teacher for 22 years. It's my profession, and I'm very good at it. My method of teaching is to first test my student, discover how best they learn, where they are strong, where they are weak, and teach them what they need to learn in the way that's best for them. There are many different methods that can be that can be used to teach a student. It is not enough to understand the subject you're teaching. you also must know "how" to teach, and how to discover how a student best learns. This is what separates me from the majority of foreign teachers in China. I'm a professional English teacher, and I know what I'm doing. If you study with me you will earn everything you need to know. grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, usage. All taught in a practical, pragmatic, easy to understand way. If you're looking for a professional to teach you who knows what he's doing, and also makes classes fun, and interesting then look no further.

Targeted customized classes for children and grown up.
Learning English is a path full of interesting facts, stories, legends and games. Forget the old styled boring class that repeats over and over again. I customize each class according to whom I have in front. My students hobbies and interests will determine there personalized class flow. Languages are alive and so they have to be learned and enjoyed.

Teaching english, any school subject ex. Math, science.....
I am a fluent english speaker. Studied English in school as my first language and studeied at the english department of faculty of law in university. I am a teacher, i would love to help out with any english material.experience tutoring elementary students.

Students will learn Spanish, English and Creative writing
Hello! I'm a Spanish native speaker with a long background in the writing and publishing fields in English. I've been in steady contact with the United States and United Kingdom for 25 years to the resent days. I can guarantee that the language you choose to learn wheter is Sapnish or English, you'll have lots of fun in the making. See you soon!

Private English lessons in Shanghai at student’s location
I have one year teaching English experience in Poland. I was working with children between 9-13 years old. I have an HSK 3 certificate and two completed courses CAE:Clan4you language school and FCE: Britam language school. I’m communicative, patient and flexible person . I can prepare lessons depending on students needs.

ESL teaching, Business English, Intensive Conversational Course
There's a wise saying “You live a new life for every language you speak. So the more languages you know the more lives you will live.” Besides, with the new language you will open many new doors in the corridor of life. I'm Andrew and I offer to make learning of English not only efficient but also exciting and extremely informative. Being equally fluent in English, Spanish and Russian I have vast experience in teaching languages with due regard for specific requirements of students of any English level, their desired progress and areas of particular interest including preparation for IELTS and TOEFL exams. For two years I was an organizing host of English amateur speak-up club aimed at mastering English through entertainment, including arranging quizzes, intelectual competitions, debating and playing English table games. Having degree in management/ economics as well as the relevant working background I have competences in teaching Business English enhancing skills of trade negotiations, product promotion, logistics as well as comprehending economic and financial information. I give particular emphasis to proper accent/pronouncation training, auditioning skills and ability to maintain fluent and confident conversations. I prepare and review essential complimentary home assignments aimed at strengthening the best results.

French, Spanish, Italian tutoring and test preparation
I specialize in tutoring French, Spanish and Italian for school and for adults. My goal is to keep students challenged and I want them to enjoy the language and have fun. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. I can also teach adults who work in the business field, so if business French, Spanish and Italian is your goal, I can adapt my lessons. I also provide lessons for French, Spanish and Italian for people who are going to travel and need to focus on speaking and the every day life language.

English and French tutoring from basic to advanced
Bonjour! Hello! My name is Richard, and I am here to offer all of you my tutoring services for those who desire to learn English or French. Whether you are just a beginner or prefer to brush up and increase your level of confidence in using these beautiful languages, I am here to cater and personalize your tutoring classes to your needs. As a proud CBC (Canadian born Chinese), I can assure you that all my communicating skills (oral and written) in either languages, are compared to none than native. Born and raised in the city of Montreal, Canada, I have studied and graduated with a bachelor degree in Arts and Letters, and have immense experience in tutoring children with their homework assignments and exam preparations. I have all the right tools to make your learning experience a sucessful one.

Class of French by a French girl with experience and motivation !
I am a private french teacher. I got a diploma of French literature and usually help French students with their French homework. I studying Fashion, luxury and design in a Private School in Lyon, then I moved to Shanghai for 4 months for an internship in luxury design interior. I offer French tutoring, you just need a paper and a pen or a computer. I can adapt with what you want if you are studying french for business, your degree, or just because you really like the language. I focus on making you speak and really practicing french from day one, I have experience, and I am really passioned about French and our culture. After each class I will send you a recap of the new vocabulary used during the lesson and also exercice you can make and video for helping you to improve your french ! I teach at home and in public places (as silent coffee shops). I am available for any questions you have.

English Tutoring for Beginners to Advanced Learners
I am a native English speaker, who is passionate about the nuance of grammar. I studied Latin, German, and French during high school, which greatly ameliorated my English understanding. My goal is to help anyone in their English pursuits, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner.

Custom English Tutoring From Native English Speaker for All Levels
I have two years experience teaching English as a second language in my home of Sydney, Australia. I am especially equipped to help beginners and young learners as I have been studying Chinese for 6 years and have an HSK 4 so I can bridge the gap between Chinese language and English if required. In addition I am business owner of some years and can help those who have a desire to learn Chinese for a professional setting. Our lessons will be custom made for you and your needs.

Learn Spanish with a friend and enjoy learning. (Begginers to advanced)
Hola! If you are looking to learn or improve your Spanish in a friendly environment, stop looking arround :) I am from Spain and I can help you with this beautiful language. I will adapt my lessons and make them special for each of my students, focussing in your interests and needs. I have had the chance to teach all ages, so no matter how old you are, come on! Now it's the time. Feel free to contact me, I'm waiting for you!

Finance (金融), Business and Actuarial Studies (精算师)
I have worked as an actuary in NZ and have an honours degree in finance. My lessons are intended for students wanting to gain a deeper understanding of finance, and business and in particular any students looking to begin a career as an actuary (精算师). Experience tutoring with a high success rate. I can help you prepare for exams, or create a program for you that will help you prepare for a future career in finance, business or actuarial. I can speak Mandarin at a conversational level, but the lessons will mainly be in English.

80% of Korean 한자 comes from 汉字. English / Korean / Chinese learning made fun and "make-sense"
I'm currently teaching English at Webi English and doing private Korean tutoring to a Canadian student. Language is a hobby for me (learning Python coding now). I speak English, Korean, and Chinese. With a Chinese language school, I'm also developing more efficient ways to study Chinese characters and retain them in the memory (similar to mnemonics). My background is finance and I incorporate both quantitative and qualitative method to learning.

English for all levels, as well as Academic and Legal English.
I have a TEFL certificate, a BA in English, and experience in teaching English at all levels and believe that I can help you become fluent if you are interested in improving your English conversation skills. My BA and Law degrees enable me to assist you with academic writing. If you work in the legal field and need to learn or improve your legal jargon, contract creation, or ability to understand foreign legislation, I can assist you due to my experience in the legal field.

Our students in China say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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