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Tutor for English/Latin/Greek, Proofreader, SAT prep
I am beginning a new job in Chengdu in January as an English teacher. I have a semester's experience and a CELTA, and my IELTS prep got a Russian student into the Master's of her dreams. I am a published academic author with a degree in Classical Languages and Linguistics from a flagship American state school (the University of Oklahoma). I can teach from beginners to advanced, and specialize particularly in teaching speaking. I can also do proofreading. I can also do SAT prep, as I got a 2340 on my SAT in 2012, and Latin or Greek.

Easy Steps with Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English
I specialize in tutoring Chemistry, Physics, and mathematics for levels ranging from primary school to high school for all different boards, such as IB and IGCSE. The class will focus on creative ideas to critically think and relate complex concepts to simpler exemplified process in our daily life. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress report.

Spanish tutor , class with a native speaker from south america
Spanish lenguage is one of the most powerfull lenguage around the world, for bussines with South America (Chile,Peru,Bolivia,Ecuador,Spain) Lets have a meet ... Spanish Beginner At the end of the course the student should be able to identify himself/herself and others (origin, occupation, physical features and personality characteristics). Express emotions, state of mind and possession. Talk about daily activities using regular -ar ending verbs. Spanish Intermediate Learn to confidently discuss your daily activities. This class focuses on expressing past experiences by reviewing the Preterite tense (learned in Beginner 4) and introducing more ways to talk about the past using the imperfect and present perfect tenses. Topics will review and expand vocabulary about people, places and habits.

Arnoux Robenson
French and English for Beginner and Intermediate level
I specialize in teaching french and english at the youngest age, based on the level of the learner, my lessons are really easy and simple to learn. I provide some book for references, and keep my students always motivated and interested, by the surprises and the suspense of each one of my lessons.

Français/English lessons speaking writing and reading
Hi I'm here to help you learn French, English ore Dutch. Speaking, writing and reading. I'm from Belgium 🇧đŸ‡Ș my dad is Dutch and my mother is French đŸ‡«đŸ‡· I'm in Beijing since April and I only speak a little Chinese. If you need my help just ask. You can come to my place or i can come to your place if it's not to far. See you soon! 😬

French - English - Spanish private lessons for students and adults
One to one language lessons in Shanghai for people of every age and level. I am an experienced tutor with both students and adults, applying the language according to points of interests and learning objectives. I can also prepare students to language levels, exams and certificates.

English Conversation, Pronunciation, Understanding and Listening
I am expert at teaching English Conversation, how to understand Native English speakers, how to grow your vocabulary, and to raise your English conversation level. I teach all ages. I can also teach you to play guitar, I can also teach you to sing, and I can also teach you to cook New Zealand and British meals and recipes. All in English.

1-on-1 French Lessons with Native French Speaker (Speaking - Reading - Writing)
Bonjour! My name is Fabien, I'm coming from Brittany in the north-west France and settled in Beijing since 6 months now. If you want to start learning or simply practice your French, I'm the private teacher you need! I'm willing to help you better speaking, reading and writing French and teaching you about the French culture, business environment, cuisine, places, etc. depending on your level and topics that interest you. My goal is simple, but clear: to make you happy by always meeting your needs. - My mother tongue is French but I can also speak fluently English and German if needed -

Spanish Lessons by native speaker for adults and students
Spanish teacher (native speaker) Bachelor degree of Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid. CAP of Spanish Language (an academic degree that is necessary to teach in the Spanish. schools) Experience teaching Spanish as foreign language.

English and spanish teacher for everyday life or technical work environment focused
I teach spanish and english everyday life and work orientated (for engineering fields) for those students that are eager to learn the language for a good use. Taught people from different places of the world at international house previously, and had good feedback for my teaching methods mixing humor and lessons

French and English Tutoring for beginners or intermediate
Native French speaker and very proficient in English (C1-2), I am a Chinese but was raised in Belgium (did all my scolarity there). I've got a bachelor degree in translation in French-English-Chinese and a master degree in multilingual communication in French-English. As a tutor, I will help review and explain in depth the material seen during school hours. I will also give more exercises according to the different topics, such as grammatical exercises or spelling dictation. I will also give reading materials and also improve the student's speaking abilities. I will leave homework after each class which i expect to be done before the next one.

French Lessons given by a native French Speaker !! 1
The best way to learn French is to practice it with someone speaking French. I am from Québec, Canada, so my mother tongue is French and I am looking forward to help you in your learning of this beautiful language. It will also be a great pleasure for me to share about the Canadian and the French culture!

Gabita Muñoz
Spanish Lessons given my a native Spanish speaker!
If you want to practice your Spanish or begin from zero I'm your best option!!! I'm from Mexico and I'm willing to teach you about Mexican culture, Mexican most wonderful places, it's gastronomy, people, and places.

French lessons / Cours de français grammaire/vocabulaire/structures...
Bonjour, Etudiant d'une grande école française, et français natif, je propose des cours de français et m'adapte à votre niveau. Hello, I am a native French student who's staying in Shanghai for some months. I can teach you the basics of the French language as well as more complicated sentences. Just let me know what you want to learn and I'll do my utmost to help you progress as quickly as possible.

French Tutoring, Conversation & Classes - Native Teacher
Bonjour ! I'm offering French tutoring classes and French conversation classes! A little about me: I'm coming from Paris. I'm living in Shanghai since 2012. I love the city as I love China. I'm able to speak Chinese, English and obviously my native French. I can teach French from beginners to proficients, or I can also simply do conversations. I can host the class or come to your place as well.

French class for children students adults for exams or speak
Hello, I'm currently a student in a business school in France and my mother tongue is also French. I'm in shanghai for an internship and it will be a pleasure to help you to learn how to speak the Moliere language! I can help you for your exams or just discuss it is like you want!

French class Private tutoring (with native speaker)
Hi, My name is Guillaume, 30 years old, from Paris. I've been living in Shanghai for more almost 1 year now. I have a Bachelor and a Master's degree in Business Management and I am currently studying Chinese at the Shanghai university (SUES). I enjoy giving private French/English lessons on my free time. I am also fond of fitness, cocktails and traveling the world! My mother tongue is French, I'm also fluent in English and speak basic chinese (improving to intermediate soon:). I live in the Jing'an temple area, close to Yanping/Wuding lu corner but I'm willing to meet you at your place or in public places (silent coffee shops). TEACHING PROPOSITION: I can teach you both French speaking and writing for: - day to day life - business knowledge - exams - job application in France - I can also teach you the french history, culture, customs, and etiquette so you will be at ease while traveling in France. We will first have a discussion to identify your areas of needs and define the class objectives together: - For the oral part, we will have exercises as role-playing, discussions, simulations of a real life situation and also work on your accent and pronunciation. - For the writing part, the approach will focus on our grammar and orthography via song lyrics, TV, newspapers or even books. Contact me for any further information, I would be pleased to discuss your goals and your needs.

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel in a easy way .
Hello, I am Linn. I have studied Leadership after that I have creat my own company where I do all the financial part. Nowadays I am continue studying so in my free time a like to show the people all the power full tool I have learn in a practice way. Sincerely Linn

Conversational Spanish ( beginners / intermediate / advanced )
If you want to improve your Spanish conversational skills don't hesitate to contact me. I'm a Spanish woman who's willing to help you improve your Spanish in a friendly way. If you want to know more about the language, the culture, and the people, let's have a COFFEE and a TALK :)

Business English for Working Professionals and Students
This class is for intermediate and advanced English speakers who are looking to improve upon their current skill set. Lessons will cover oral, reading and written aspects. Additional this class can cover speech and presentation preparations, email writing and other professional skills as requested by the student.

Intensive, results-driven and fun English lessons in Shanghai
Hello and welcome to my English Classes! I have long experience teaching both adults, teenagers and kids. I have the CELTA teaching certificate and, above all, teaching is my passion! Depending on your needs and motivations, we will arrange the best learning path for you. Our lessons will be intensive and results-driven, but also they will be fun! Looking forward to our first lesson!

Our students in China say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
CĂ©cile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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