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Trusted teacher: Teaching physics courses for university majors A simplified and detailed explanation of university courses in the physics course such as Electronics Electricity Magnetism Solids Spectra General physics Electronics: A course that introduces the basic concepts of electronics, such as electric current, voltage, and resistance. Students learn about the different components of electronic circuits, how they work together, and how to design and build electronic devices. Electricity: A course that covers the principles of electricity, such as voltage, current, and resistance. Students learn about the different types of electricity, how it is generated, and how it is used. Magnetism: A course that covers the principles of magnetism, such as magnetic fields and forces. Students learn about the different types of magnets, how they work, and how they are used. Solids: A course that covers the properties of solids, such as their structure, composition, and behavior. Students learn about the different types of solids, how they are formed, and how they are used. Spectra: A course that covers the emission and absorption of light by matter. Students learn about the different types of spectra, how they are produced, and how they are used. General physics: A course that covers the basic principles of physics, such as mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism. Students learn about the laws of physics and how they can be used to explain the natural world. تدريس المقررات الفيزيائية للتخصصات الجامعية باللغة الإنجليزية يتم شرح مبسط ومفصل للمقررات الجامعية في مقرر الفيزياء مثل إلكترونيات - كهربية - مغناطيسة - جوامد - أطياف - فيزياء عامة
Electronic circuits · Physics · Electrical engineering
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Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Microcontroller Projects
Monther provided instruction to supplement first-year UK university curriculum in Electronics and Electrical circuits. His instruction was provided via Zoom over the course of about 5 weeks. All instruction was performed in English. Monther was an expert in the topic and found creative ways to improve knowledge and to explain difficult topics. Monther’s instruction absolutely contributed to successful completion of these challenging courses for a first-year UK university student. I would highly recommend Monther for these technical topics.
Review by MARK
Private coding / programming lessons with python (Paris)
Highly recommended teacher!!! Matias teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. He’s helped me understand content for my master course on Python and is one of the best lecturers that I’ve had. Your passion and dedication is beyond words! Thank you for getting me through this hard quick semester, I honestly would have never passed if it was not for your help! Thank you so much once again!
Review by JURIS
⭐ French lessons for students, adults, children or anyone interested ⭐ (Brussels)
Marko is an amazing teacher and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! He is very patient, organized, kind and smart. Every class he provides the material and it is very useful, because in this way I can repeat from it after the class. Our online lessons really helped me improve and I became so much better! He also used a digital board which is very convenient and helpful. I loved also how he challenged me in order to work on my skills and improve them. Keep up the great work Marko! :)
Review by LUCA