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Welcome to our Introduction to AutoCAD for Beginners online class! This course is designed for individuals with little experience in computer-aided design (CAD) software. If you have always wanted to learn how to create precise and detailed drawings for various engineering, architectural, and design projects, this course is perfect for you. Course Highlights: In this class, you will: Explore the Basics: Gain a comprehensive understanding of AutoCAD's user interface, tools, and commands. Learn how to navigate the workspace and customize settings according to your preferences. Master 2D Drafting: Dive into the fundamentals of 2D drafting and detailing. Understand how to create and modify basic shapes, lines, arcs, and text. Explore techniques for accurate dimensioning and annotation. Create Advanced Drawings: Progress to more complex 2D drawings by working with layers, blocks, and hatches. Learn how to manage drawing elements efficiently and improve your drafting skills. Understand Basic 3D Modeling: Get introduced to 3D modeling concepts in AutoCAD. Learn how to create 3D shapes, modify objects in 3D space, and visualize your designs from different perspectives. Practical Applications: Apply your skills to real-world projects. Work on exercises and mini-projects that simulate industry scenarios, enhancing your problem-solving abilities and creativity. Collaboration and File Management: Learn how to organize your drawings, collaborate with others, and share your work effectively. Understand best practices for file management and version control. Interactive Learning: Engage in hands-on exercises, quizzes, and interactive discussions. Benefit from personalized feedback from experienced instructors to enhance your learning experience. Support and Community: Join a vibrant learning community where you can interact with fellow learners, share your progress, and seek help from instructors and peers. Access additional resources and tips to excel in your AutoCAD journey.
Cad software · Digital arts · Interior design
Trusted teacher: Hello, Let me introduce myself, Marylène, professional storyboarder, graduated in animation cinema. I offer serious drawing lessons adapted to the level of the student, from the beginner to the young professional through the animation student. During the first lesson, we will talk about the student's expectations and set the artistic objectives by defining a personalized program. I would assess the level of the student, his strengths and weaknesses for a tailor-made course, taking into account to nourish his universe and his sensitivities with a background both cultural and technical. I teach both the basics of solid drawing to beginners (perspective, proportion, composition, volume, anatomy, gesture, posing, principles of animation ...) as well as to students / future students in animation cinema, to young professionals who want to specialize in storyboard or who have questions about how to develop a TV pitch. For the storyboard part, my specialty, I will teach the basics of cinematographic language (types of framing, transitions, camera movement ...) and I will follow with basic exercises to be able to make parts of portfolio. Indeed, I can also support the student for the realization of a portfolio / demoreel for animation schools. I could guide him to feed and build his book taking into account the expectations of schools and studios. I travel to Lyon for a travel fee, and also give online lessons via Webcam and screen sharing on Skype. Students will have free follow-up by phone, email, whatapps or facebook as well as personalized feedback on the exercises. My teaching areas: - Academic drawing - Preparation for entry to art schools - Dynamic Posing / Gesture - Storyboard - 2D animation - Pitch TV series - Integration into the professional world (portfolio / demoreel / CV) French and English.
Drawing & sketching · Digital arts · Animation
Trusted teacher: Unlock your creative potential and dive into the exciting world of 3D animation with our comprehensive "Mastering Blender 3D" class. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore the fundamentals or an intermediate student seeking to enhance your skills, this class is designed to take you on an immersive journey through the versatile capabilities of Blender. In this course, you will learn the essential techniques of 3D modeling, shading, materials, rendering, animation, and physical simulation. Our experienced instructor, [Your Name], will guide you step-by-step, ensuring that you develop a solid foundation in each aspect of Blender's powerful toolset. Highlights of the class: Introduction to Blender: Familiarize yourself with the interface and navigation, and gain confidence in using Blender's powerful features. Modeling: Learn to create stunning 3D models, from simple objects to complex scenes, using various modeling techniques and tools. Shading and Materials: Master the art of applying textures, materials, and realistic lighting to bring your models to life. Rendering: Explore different rendering techniques to showcase your creations in high-quality images and animations. Animation: Dive into the world of animation and learn how to bring your models to life through keyframing, rigging, and character animation. Physical Simulation: Discover the realm of physics-based simulations and create realistic effects such as fluid dynamics, cloth simulations, and particle systems. By the end of this class, you will have gained a deep understanding of Blender's capabilities and developed the skills to create visually stunning 3D artwork, animations, and simulations. Join us now and unlock your creativity with Blender 3D!
Computer animation · Computer modeling · Digital arts
Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is William. As of today, I’ve been working for 11 years in the animation series and film industry as Lead and Senior Character artist, Lead and Senior Environment artist, CG generalist and CG supervisor. I understand the challenges associated with getting noticed by studios as a beginner who want to step into the industry and I’d like to provide my help. This is a consulting and supportive course for students and artists interested in breaking into the animation, video game, VFX and commercials industry. This is not suitable for any professional work, as I am surely not going to do any 3D work for you :) The course will be tailor-made, which means that I will assist and advise you with the best possible hints and tips based on your current skills and current portfolio. I will provide you with personalized feedback to help you boost your demo reel as close as possible to the standards of the industry for you to catch the attention of recruiters and hopefully getting you a job. The software does not really matter, the general idea is to provide a large and accurate knowledge for you to keep progressing with your preferred software of choice. This course is suitable for perfect beginners too as I can guide you through the numerous software out there and help you pick an industry standard and advise you on the skills you need to grow in order to create or boost your portfolio. I am a calm person with a good temperament, let’s have fun and create together!
Digital arts · Computer graphics · Video games
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Blender 3.x, by Linkedin learning trusted instructor. (Tournai)
First two hours done with Martin. It was a chill environment and he is someone easy to interact with and you can feel he have experience giving lessons. I learned what was the purpose of this introduction to blender and the lesson was custom to my needs. We have planned another one and so should you, as he is a good teacher take time to listen to your needs and assess what should help you in your learning.
Review by VINCENT
Art & Creativity: From basic skills to elaborating narratives (Amsterdam)
Just had my first lesson and it has been an eye-opener. I had so many questions and still she helped me with each of them. I inmediately booked a bunch of lessons with her and will recommend her to whoever is looking to learn, improve or refine their painting skills.
Art classes for kids and adults for beginners and advanced ! Learn how to create wonderful drawings, sketches, paintings with all materials. (Luxembourg)
Diana is a very good and talented teacher. My daugher (who si 10) enjoyed very much the lessons and the result (i.e. the drawings made during the class) were outstanding.!
Review by CÉCILE