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19 computer science teachers in Casablanca

Trusted teacher: Do you need office training (Excel training, Word training, PowerPoint training ...)? Today, whatever the position you occupy in your company, the mastery of Office Pack Office software (Excel, Word ...) has become indispensable. Moreover, you have certainly noticed that more and more job offers specify it. In fact, companies are looking for employees who are quickly operational and productive. Do not master Excel or Word has become a real handicap that will close doors or slow significantly progress within your company. The good news is that there are many tools today to acquire these skills: books, videos, forums ... The most effective remains, undoubtedly, the courses provided by a professional: it will adapt to your goals and your pace, answer all your questions, promulgate various tricks ... With a professional experience of nearly 12 years in office training, I offer my services so that you can acquire in the best conditions, the knowledge necessary to master the Pack Office software. We will define a tailor-made program tailored to your needs. You will also have access to the parts of work already done in order to use files specially designed for my students to revise the courses. I also offer remote aids (Via Mail, watsup, video) that includes all the functions commonly used in business. This training carried out with the greatest care, will allow you to acquire at your pace the essential knowledge to become autonomous on Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Access.
Computer science
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Trusted teacher: Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and we rely more and more on computers for everything from cooking to organizing our taxes. An understanding of computer basics is compulsory nowadays. The goal of this course is to give you a solid foundation on basic IT and computer knowledge. Once you understood these basics, you will have a clear understanding on which to build your future knowledge of an skill with computers and the Internet. COURSE OUTLINES: KNOWING COMPUTER - Introduction and objectives - What is Computer? - Components of Computer system - Concept of Hardware and Software - Concept of computing, data and information - Applications of IECT - Bringing computer to life OPERATING COMPUTER USING GUI BASED OPERATING SYSTEM - Introduction and objectives - Basics of Operating System - The User Interface - Operating System Simple Setting - File and Directory Management UNDERSTANDING WORD PROCESSING - Introduction and objectives - Word processing Basics - Opening and closing Documents - Text Creation and manipulation - Formatting the Text - Table manipulation USING SPREAD SHEET - Introduction and objectives - Elements of Electronic Spread sheet - Manipulation of Cells - Formulas and Function INTRODUCTION TO INTERNET, WWW AND WEB BROWSERS - Introduction and objectives - Basic of Computer Networks - Internet - World Wide Web (WWW) - Web Browsing Softwares - Search Engines - Understanding URL - Surfing the web COMMUNICATIONS AND COLLABORATION - Introduction and objectives - Basics of E-mail - Using E-mails - Document collaboration - Instant Messaging and Collaboration MAKING SMALL PRESENTATIONS - Introduction and objectives - Basics of Making small Presentations - Creation of presentation - Preparation of slides - Presentation of slides - Slide show FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR BANKING SCHEME AND APPLICATIONS - Introduction and objectives - Why Savings are needed? - Drawbacks of keeping cash at home - Why Bank is needed? - Banking products - Banking Service Delivery Channels - Various Schemes - Bank on your mobile - Insurance
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Physics course / tuitions for beginners and intermediate level (Gouda)
I took some classes of Physics of University level from Mahmood. The problem at my University was that the teachers assume that you know everything from basics and they start teaching immediately from high level. The thing I really liked about Mahmood's classes is that he teach every high level topic by firstly explaining all the basic concepts related to them which made it very easy to understand. Also he explained each and every topic into very much detail. Therefore I can really recommend Mahmood for beginning as well as higher level classes.
Computer Science: Algo; C; Java; Python; Web; Resaux .... (Kenitra)
He is an amazing teacher, the explanations are very helpful and everything becomes much more clear after the lessons. I am really grateful, and I have learned a lot.
Review by NINA
Computer Science, Programming, Mathematics Tutoring (Zurich)
Matthew was very nice and certainly very knowledgeable. We unfortunately had issues getting the correct syllabus.
Review by JULIETTE