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436 computer programming teachers in France

"Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Computer Science, tailored specifically for young minds aged 7-17. This course is designed to ignite curiosity and passion in the field of computing, providing a strong foundation in key areas like basic programming, computer architecture, and practical skills in office software. You'll discover the magic of how computers work, from the basics of coding to the intricacies of hardware. Learn to program using engaging and age-appropriate languages and tools, understand the fundamentals of computer architecture, and master essential software applications that are crucial in today’s digital world. Beyond the basics, this course encourages creativity and problem-solving. We’ll dive into exciting projects that blend learning with real-world applications, ensuring that students not only grasp the concepts but also see their practical implications. Suggested topics include: Introduction to Programming: Learn the basics of coding with languages suitable for young learners. How Computers Work: Demystify the components and operations of computers. Fun with Robotics: Explore the basics of robotics and how programming brings machines to life. Creative Computing: Engage in projects that combine coding with creativity, like building simple games or animations. Internet Safety and Ethics: Understand the importance of being safe and responsible online. Office Skills: Get hands-on with word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation tools, essential for academic and future professional success. This course is more than just a learning experience; it's a gateway to understanding and harnessing the power of technology, paving the way for future innovations and a deep appreciation of computer science." This course will be an adventure where each class brings new discoveries and achievements, perfect for young minds eager to delve into the world of computer science!
Computer science · Information technology · Computer programming
Description: Embark on a transformative journey into the world of Full-Stack Development with our dynamic and inclusive course. Whether you're a budding developer, IT enthusiast, or professional looking to expand your skill set, this course is crafted to empower you with a comprehensive toolkit for creating robust and scalable applications. What You'll Learn: Microsoft Technologies: Master C# programming language for versatile application development. Dive into and MVC for building scalable and maintainable web applications. Database Management: Explore MSSQL and PostgreSQL for effective database design and management. Learn to model data, write complex queries, and ensure data security. APIs and Web Services: Understand the principles of API development. Create and consume web services for seamless data exchange. Front-End Development: Develop responsive and engaging user interfaces with React js. Enhance your skills in JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. Optional: React Native for Mobile Application Development: Explore React Native for cross-platform mobile app development. Build native-quality applications for iOS and Android. Real-World Projects: Full-Stack Web Application: Develop a complete web application integrating front-end and back-end technologies. Mobile App Project (Optional): Create a mobile application using React Native. Why Choose Our Course: Hands-On Experience: Apply your skills through practical projects and coding exercises. Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned developers and industry professionals. Portfolio Development: Build a robust portfolio showcasing your diverse development skills. Career Guidance: Receive insights into career paths in Full-Stack Development. Who Is This Course For: Aspiring Developers IT Professionals seeking to broaden their skills Students and Enthusiasts passionate about full-stack development Join us in this immersive journey to become a Full-Stack Development expert. Enroll now to gain the skills needed to create cutting-edge applications that meet the demands of the digital landscape!
Computer programming · Web development
🚀 Discover IT with an Expert! 🚀 👨‍💻 Are you looking to become computer literate, learn to code, or strengthen your digital skills? Stop looking around, you're in the right place ! 👩‍💻 🌟 About me: I am an experienced IT engineer, with more than 6 years of experience in large companies, innovative startups and as a freelancer. Currently, I work at the heart of a French unicorn, where innovation is our daily life. My goal is to guide you through the exciting world of computing, no matter your age or level. Can be done in person or by video. 💡 What you can expect from my courses: Lessons adapted to your level, from beginner to advanced. Personalized courses to meet your needs and goals. Hands-on projects for a real-world learning experience. Solutions to your IT problems, whether you are facing blockages or want to deepen your knowledge. A constant update on the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies. 📅 Flexibility: I adapt to your schedule. Choose in-person or online classes, whichever works best for you. 💼 Why learn computer science? Computer science is the key skill of the 21st century. Whether you're looking to enhance your career, create your own startup, or explore a personal passion, IT is the tool to help you achieve your goals. 🤝 Contact: Ready to dive into the world of IT? Contact me today to discuss your specific needs and goals. Together, we will make you an IT expert! Don't wait, take the first step towards an exciting IT adventure! 💻🌐
Computer science · Computer programming · Computer basics
Are you ready to embark on a journey of technological discovery? Look no further! I am your dedicated online tutor, armed with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, a passion for teaching, and a track record that speaks for itself. 📚 About Me: 🎓 Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. 🎙 Proven experience delivering enlightening guest lectures to college students with backgrounds in Computer Science and Information Technology. 🏆 Multiple-time champion of hackathons, showcasing expertise in the IT field. 💡 What I Offer: As your personal IT tutor, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table: 📊 In-depth understanding of Information Technology concepts and principles. 🌐 Practical insights into the world of Computer Science and IT. 🔧 Hands-on problem-solving skills honed through hackathon victories. 🤝 A commitment to your success and growth in the tech field. 🌐 Online Learning, Tailored to You: Whether you're an aspiring IT professional, a college student seeking to ace your IT courses, or simply someone eager to explore the digital realm, my online tutoring sessions are designed just for you. Here's what you can expect: 🎯 Personalized lessons to match your unique learning style and pace. 🧩 Clear explanations of complex IT topics. 🚀 Practical guidance for real-world IT challenges. 📚 Resources and materials to deepen your IT knowledge. 🌟 Why Choose Me? 💪 Proven Expertise: My academic background and hackathon victories demonstrate my IT prowess. 🎓 Teaching Excellence: I've successfully educated college students, making IT concepts accessible and exciting. 🌐 Convenient Online Learning: Enjoy flexibility in scheduling your sessions from the comfort of your home. 🌍 Global Reach: My virtual classroom welcomes students from around the world. Ready to unlock the vast world of Information Technology? Let's embark on this educational adventure together! Whether you're aiming for academic success or seeking to enhance your tech skills, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 📩 Contact me today to schedule your first session. Let's ignite your passion for IT and open the door to endless possibilities in the digital realm!
Computer programming · C - c++ · Python
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Private coding / programming lessons with python (Paris)
Highly recommended teacher!!! Matias teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. He’s helped me understand content for my master course on Python and is one of the best lecturers that I’ve had. Your passion and dedication is beyond words! Thank you for getting me through this hard quick semester, I honestly would have never passed if it was not for your help! Thank you so much once again!
Review by JURIS
Front-end development(Html, Css, Javascript) by professional and experienced developer (Geneva)
Baia has been really helpful in my coding journey. She is patient, listens to my needs and adapts the lesson to them. We go through exercises and she makes sure I understand what I do. In addition to this, she makes herself available outside of the lessons timeframe in case I have questions with my homework!
Review by OLIVIA
Math tutoring for high school students (Marrakesh)
Salah Eddine
Salah is an exceptional Math teacher! Although it was a short notice, yet he was very much considerate of our tight schedule and made time to prepare me for the assessment! Thanks, Salah for your outstanding teaching approach. I very much recommend Salah as your Math Teacher!
Review by NADIN