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Trusted teacher: Python is universally recognized as one of the most suitable, if not the best, languages for programming beginners. It also occupies a prominent place in various innovative fields such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, making it one of the most widely used languages today. With Python's growing popularity comes constant evolution. Featuring a plethora of free tools and libraries, it offers exceptional flexibility and diversity for developing IT projects. As a software engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge, I have found true satisfaction in teaching and motivating others. My varied experience with learners of all ages and levels has allowed me to gain valuable expertise. I believe in the importance of personalizing lessons for ease of understanding, using visualizations to track progress, setting clear goals and encouraging regular practice. However, I recognize that there are no hard and fast rules or universal method that will work for all students. Each individual is unique, and my goal in private lessons is to adapt to the specific needs of each learner. I am committed to discovering what motivates and helps my student, providing personalized support. My method is flexible, aiming to create a stimulating learning environment adapted to everyone. By opting for my courses, you will benefit from teaching focused on Python, a powerful and widely used language. You will have access to my passion for teaching as well as an individualized approach that highlights your strengths and meets your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact me to deepen the discussion and begin this exciting adventure in the world of Python and programming.
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Trusted teacher: I teach computer programming. My favorite language is Java when it comes to object oriented programming. However, I have already had the opportunity to work a lot with Python (Jupyter Notebook and Pycharm IDE) and its open-source libraries such as numpy, pandas, scipy, skicit-learn, bokeh, matplotlib etc. I also master web development (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT) whether it is front-end or back-end. Student in IT Management Engineer for 4 years now, I am keen on computer sciences and their complexity. Computer science, and more precisely the art of programming, is not a discipline that can be learned overnight. In other words, it is a fairly abstract subject, which is unlike anything else and whose entities / objects, their functions and the relationships between different agents must be learned to fully understand. I would end up saying that it is a science that cannot be learned but rather understood and assimilated. WHAT IS ABOVE ALL PRIMARY IS TO AVOID THE SUPERIOR / UNIVERSITY PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH (IN MY OWN TOO FORMAL AND NON-INTUITIVE) BY DECONSTRUCTING IT IN TERMS AND CONCEPTS MORE EASILY, FAMILIAR, UNDERSTANDING AND UNDERSTANDING !!! Regarding the course itself, everything depends on the student using my services. I would expect the student to tell me exactly what the problem they are having (if they are able to do it, which is not always the case when we are lost in a topic), what is the goal to be achieved and if he preaches one way to another to achieve it. With me, the student is king and it is therefore he who totally opts for the pedagogy he wants (I am open to really everything!). Second, I myself have always been quite a slow learner to understand, which makes me a very patient and emphatic teacher. I obviously don't promise to have the answer to everything, all the time, right away. I even hope that the pupil gives me a glue from time to time, so that we think about it for a while together and that I too learn something in my turn. EXPERIENCE -> + 3rd Bac support: Business Engineer: Object Oriented Programming (Java 8) + Support in 2nd Digital Marketing: Web Development (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT) + Support for the 2nd master's degree in Political Sciences: Manipulation of the R language in R-studio for research work + Support in 1st Bio-Engineer Bac: Introduction and handling of the Python computer language. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information :)
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Trusted teacher: Private Web Development and Design Course for Beginners - Dive into the Digital World with Confidence! As a dedicated instructor, I offer a private course with no prerequisites to introduce you to web development and design, even if you have no previous experience. This personalized course is designed to meet your specific needs and guide you through the fundamentals of the exciting world of web development. Course content : Introduction to Web Development: Understand the basics of web development and its importance in today's digital world. HTML and CSS Simplified: Discover the essential web languages, HTML and CSS, through practical examples for creating and styling web pages. JavaScript for Beginners: Explore the basic concepts of JavaScript and learn how to make your websites interactive in a fun and easy way. Web Design Principles: Learn the fundamentals of web design to create visually pleasing and intuitive interfaces. Responsive Design: Learn how to make your designs compatible with different devices to provide an optimal user experience. Personalized Practical Project: Apply your knowledge to a concrete project adapted to your interests and objectives. Pedagogical Approach: Personalized sessions adapted to your learning pace. Concrete examples and practical exercises to strengthen your skills. Constructive feedback after each session to guide you in your learning. Schedule flexibility: Sessions will be scheduled based on your availability, providing optimal flexibility to balance learning with your commitments. Continuous Support: I am available between sessions to answer your questions and provide ongoing support. Ready to start your web development journey in an exciting and stress-free way? Contact me now to reserve your place!
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Mathematics tutoring from secondary school to master's level by a French master's graduate (Schoten)
Han is very professional and friendly. He does a fantastic job at preparing lessons and support that is tailored perfectly to the student. He goes over and above to ensure that students receive quality support that is appropriate for their level and that provides a framework for their exam success. I would definitely recommend taking Han's classes!
Review by JORDAN
Math tutoring for high school students (Paris)
Salah Eddine
Salah is an exceptional Math teacher! Although it was a short notice, yet he was very much considerate of our tight schedule and made time to prepare me for the assessment! Thanks, Salah for your outstanding teaching approach. I very much recommend Salah as your Math Teacher!
Review by NADIN
Maths, Data Science and AI, Computer Programming, Physics classes – Online or In-Person. Mathematical and Engineering background. (Brussels)
Pavlos is a great teacher. He taught me discrete math and comes with his own suggested material, although tailored to your needs. He goes over the material, making sure you understand it before he continues. He also provides extra exercises if you need them.
Review by GÉRARD