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8 clarinet teachers in United States

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I teach the clarinet, flute and saxophone for more than 30 years and proudly can say that I helped to improve and gave a new professional path to the hundreds of students in US and overseas. I am holding a Master’s degree from St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia), where I studied clarinet and saxophone. St. Petersburg State Conservatory, where I picked up saxophone in addition to studying clarinet. Simultaneously, I worked as a principal clarinetist at the St.Peterburg Symphony Orchestra. Not long after, I won second place in the All-Union USSR Clarinet Competition. Upon graduating from the Conservatory, I worked as the principal clarinetist in Kiev’s State Opera House and soon after was offered a position as a clarinet and saxophone professor at my alma mater, Kiev State R.M. Gliere Higher College of Music. If you want to learn to play the clarinet, flute or saxophone - and more so if your daughter or son does - the most promising way is to find a good teacher and take lessons. Learning to play a musical instrument like the clarinet, flute or saxophone is more than an intellectual process, that you may manage by abstract learning. Very much alike when learning to play the instruments there are a lot of things (how to sit, hold the instrument, your embouchure, how to breathe and move relaxed, how to control a tone) to train simultaneously and these things ought to be checked. The beginning can be difficult, and you can do a lot of things really wrong (and get used to that). Especially for the first hours it is worth to have a good teacher. I am looking forward to teaching you music!
Clarinet · Flute (recorder) · Saxophone
Music theory · Saxophone · Clarinet
Trusted teacher: SPECIALISED IN TEACHING ADULTS. Would you like to learn one of the instruments which have more style possibilities? Would you like to know why many composers say that is a very powerful instrument because it fits in may situations? Did you know that in the Klezmer history clarinet substituted the violin for projection reasons but also because perfectly able to imitate the human voice, crying or laughing? Would you like to discover the fascinating world of clarinet? One of my priorities as a musician is the sound. I believe that with a beautiful and personal sound you are able at every level to transmit emotion and meaning, it doesn’t matter the difficulty or the level. So I try to focus first on awareness of what’s beautiful for the student and what’s not. Then through technique and repertoire (suggestions of the student or suggestions of mine that can help to grow the student curiosity), we develop the student knowledge. Always helping the student to understand -depending on his/her the theoretical level- what we are doing, putting together music and theory. And giving tools to expand the border, at all levels. I have knowledge and experience in Jazz, Classical, Klezmer, Choro Music and Improvisation. You just need a precious element! • Music Theory I focus on having a good basics, spending as much as we need to understand every single thing, because then with times it becomes more easy. I try to help the student simplifying the material because then, we only with ourselves with a good procedure of the basics to solve any problem. Only with one lesson, you will understand what I mean. I have experience in preparing students for exams, the ones for the semester as well as any official exam; doesn't matter if you have an intermediate theory level and you want to improve, or if you would like to be stronger solidifying the knowledge you have (which is always the best option), or if you don’t know anything about notes and music concepts and you would like to be familiar with them. Maybe you are an adult who always wanted to improvise but doesn’t know where to start...? The only thing you need is a good organization -which I can provide- to reach any goal!
Music theory · Clarinet
I teach saxophone, clarinet, flute, harmonica, and bass guitar online(virtually). I think it's very important from the beginning to find your individual voice on your instrument. Technique is important, but it will be taught simultaneously with artistic voice. One of the great things about music is being to express your version of yourself on your instrument. What's the point in learning scales if you can't play the song you want to play? From day one, we will focus on all aspects of learning, and of music, at the same time. I'm super patient and I love to teach, and I'll cater my teaching style to the individual student. I look forward to teaching you! About me: I started playing music when I was I ten. I was awarded a partial scholarship to the University of Idaho's Lionel Hampton School of Music where I majored in Classical Saxophone Performance, where I won the Outstanding Jazz Soloist award (2004). I then received a partial scholarship to the Berklee College of Music and studied there with a principal instrument of saxophone, and graduated with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production in 2009. I've spent the last ten years performing full-time, on cruise ships (Carnival, Princess, Holland-America, Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, The World), land tours (iLa Mawana national tour), theatre productions (For The Record: The Brat Pack, Broadway's After Midnight), and independent bands (Samsaya Trio, Vivian Clement Quartet). My performing experience has taken me to 70 countries and all seven continents. I've self-recorded and self- produced multiple albums. I've been featured as an arranger in many settings, including Robert McFletcher's LOVE. I have three of my own shows (A Public Saxophone and other Bedtime Stories, Just Sax, and CBSAXLIVE). While I studied saxophone as my primary instrument, I also play flute, clarinet, harmonica and bass guitar at a professional level. My degree is in composition and recording/production, so I would love to help anyone getting started in that area. I also teach music theory for those interested in learning theory.
Saxophone · Transverse flute · Clarinet
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Clarinet and bass clarinet lessons in Brussels for everyone. (Brussels)
My first lesson with Carlos was great! Not only is he a skilled clarinetist, but he has a very hands-on approach to teaching that is especially helpful for those just beginning or starting up again after a long break. Though I remembered very little of the clarinet before our first lesson, he immediately made me comfortable getting back into the swing of things and gave me many helpful pointers to regain my bearings. I look forward to continuing my lessons with him. Thanks Carlos!
Review by QUAID
Clarinet lessons! I am a clarinet teacher for all levels! (Geneva)
We are just getting to know Nuno, who started teaching my son (age 15) and preparing him for grade 6 ABRSM a few weeks ago. Nuno is a friendly, helpful and enthusiastic teacher who is professional in his approach and delivers enjoyable lessons. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with him over the coming months.
Review by KATE
Learn clarinet and / or music theory at home (Brussels)
Arthur is very enthusiastic and are able to teach music in a very engaging manner. I am very satisfied after my 10 year old sons first lesson. I have also started taking lessons and Arthur is equally adept at teaching a 49 year old adult as he is when giving lessons to children. I highly recommend him.
Review by JØRGEN