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Marina - Paris$33
Trusted teacher: I am a professional full-time Chinese Mandarin teacher from the North of China where Mandarin comes from. I have been teaching for about 10 years as a teacher. I have my own school and website for studying Chinese. Student's ages are from 3 to adults. They are from all over the world. You can study with me online or come to my office. Classes can be 1-to-1 and a group class. I have been helping numerous people learn to speak Chinese and do exam HSK. Children always have fun learning Mandarin with me. I teach Mandarin for business purposes, traveling, YCT (for Children and teenagers),BCT (business Chinese), Conversational practice, Advanced level Chinese classes, etc. Any levels are all welcome. Classes type: HSK class: Level 1--Level 6 HSKK class: HSK speaking test (Beginner to advanced) Chinese grammar class Daily Chinese BCT / Startup Business in China: Business Chinese (Beginner to Advanced) Easy steps to Chinese: 3-15 years old children Middle schools to University courses There are some other classes that welcome to messages me. I grew up and had educations in China. I moved to Europe for teaching Chinese last year. I am fun, active, very patient, and responsible. I have never come late to all of my classes for more than 10 years. For children's classes I prepare songs, videos, cartoons, teaching and explaining at the same time, They learn really fast and never feel bored when they excited with a fun teacher and materials. I believe that interest is the best teacher. So I try my best to prepare before classes and send materials after classes to students. The classes can be taught in Chinese, English.
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Trusted teacher: 🙋‍♀️About me (Teacher DongDong) 👀 Taiwanese with master degree 🔊working in China for 5 years. 👀 Simplified and traditional Chinese. 👀 Teaching the Chinese language to non-Chinese. 👀 Business background and worked in big four in Shanghai, China. 👀 Language lover ➡ TOEIC scored 880(English) & DELF B2(French). The basic knowledge of Japanese, Spanish and Korean. 💻About the course 🎙 I could help you prepare the HSK exam and offer the material for free. 🎙 I will send your personal note (vocabulary with Pinyin or Zhuyin) to you after the class immediately. 🎙 Our lessons will always be well-organized, well-planned and well-structured. 🎙 All the lessons are tailored exactly to your individual needs to help you succeed. 🎙 I am focused on result and in our lessons will incorporate very interesting multimedia, photos, videos, power point presentations, and maximum conversational activities. 🎙 I will help you to achieve the necessary level of communication in the shortest possible time. 🎙 We will learn correct Chinese grammar, vocabulary, speaking. 🔮Atmosphere 🔔I guarantee positive and relaxed atmosphere in our lessons. 🔔We will talk like a friend but I am sure that you will learn the new things. 🎓By the end of the course You Will❗ 📌You will begin to speak fluently in Chinese. 📌Get to the next level of Chinese. 📌Significantly improve your Chinese pronunciation. 📌Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in Chinese. 📌Learn tons of Chinese words and phrases on many different topics. 📌Feel confident speaking Chinese. 📌Understand native Chinese speakers with ease. 🚩Attention 📎I only accept the adults right now. No kids. 📎I will wait for 20 mins. If you are still no show, I won't refund the money. 📎If you want to cancel the class or change the time, please kindly inform me before. (At least 4 hour❗) I look forward to meeting you 💗 🌈My Introduction in article I am taiwanese but I have worked in China for 5 years. I could teach you both traditional chinese and smplified chinese. However, I will base my teaching on the books for preparing HSK. A lot of foreigner to learn Mandarin for this exam. I'll be glad to help you if you want too. I like traveling, culture exchange and meeting mew people. I am a person who loves to learn language! I speak Mandarina, English (TOEIC 880) and French (DELF B2). I also learn the basic Japanese, Spanish and Korean.
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Trusted teacher: I am a Chinese teacher. Currently, I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands🇳🇱. I can offer online and offline classes at all ages and levels. The offline class is only for students based in the Netherlands. 🎓 master degree in linguistics certificate of teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages 🇨🇳 two years’ teaching Chinese to adults in China 🇫🇷 two years teaching children (5-15yrs old) at an international school in France 🇳🇱 currently teaching children from 4 yrs old at a Chinese school in the Netherlands ❤️ languages 🇨🇳🇬🇧🇫🇷🇳🇱 travel theatre music museum My teaching approach is to integrate the stories of Characters into lessons because I believe that the most powerful element of Chinese is its characters and they are the root of this language. The basic characters were originally drawings, which are closely related to their origin, culture, and history. Therefore I have a special interest in telling stories of Chinese characters and more importantly encouraging students to discover its beauty and build a relationship with them. If you learn some stories or even tell some stories by yourself, it'll be easier for you to understand the language and culture. Apart from learning characters, the purpose of the class is to enable: - beginners to communicate in Chinese for daily use purpose and read and write in short paragraphs; - intermediate students to communicate easily with native speakers and read and write short articles; - advanced students to communicate fluently with native speakers over a wide range of topics and read and write long articles. Learning materials including homework are designed/selected by myself based on students' level and needs. If you'd like to learn Chinese with me, please feel free to contact me or book lessons directly!
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Mandarin Chinese Language & Culture course - Learn Chinese in a systematic and fun way! (Rotterdam)
I was thinking, that learning Chinese is extremely difficult, however, thanks to Shan,  this language becomes more and more clear for me. Every lesson is very productive and I feel, that I progress fast! Today, there are numerous teachers, who can teach you Chinese. However, only a few of them can make the educational process so interesting and enjoyable. Luckily for me, Shan is one of them and I am very happy, that I found her. Shan is very precise and corrects every my mistake. She can easily explain how to properly pronounce words with different tones, how to write syllables, the grammar and many more. I like, that with her, I am not just memorising Chinese language, but I do really understand it. Overall, without a doubt, I can say, that Shan is a great teacher! 心💕
Review by DARIA
Mandarin Chinese (all levels, all ages, all purposes) (Roosendaal)
Ruijiao works very professionally, the contact with her is excellent, she prepares thoroughly for the lessons and sends me the material in advance. Her pupil is my 9 years old daughter - she finds the lessons with Ruijiao so interesting that she can barely wait to have the next one. My daughter also manages to take her notes and to repeat what she learned to me:) I did not know how to tackle the idea to start learning Chinese in case of a child and now I see that we are in best hands. Thank you Ruijiao and we continue working with you!
Review by ELZBIETA
Tutoring Chinese mandarin and Cantonese, Chinese cuisine for family/home (Mechelen)
I am very happy with my first class and with Yujin as a teacher. She's very outgoing and talkative, which is great for a teacher in conversation. Her pronunciation is very clear and her answers to my questions were very helpful. I feel like she's a very positive person who likes to motivate her students, so I'm looking forward to the next lesson.
Review by L