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58 chemistry teachers in Geneva

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Narayan - Geneva$39
Trusted teacher: Mathematics course taught by an engineering graduate who has more than 14 years of experience in teaching mathematics (up to undergraduate level), and more than 3 years of experience in teaching and guiding standardized tests (GRE and SAT). I will help you to learn standardized courses (GRE, SAT, and even TOEFL) more effectively. Mathematics lessons are available for the students up to pre-university level including IB (Math SL and Math HL) students, A-level students, European S6 and S7 level students, GCSE students, and IGCSE students and lower levels (primary) students. Science (Physics and Chemistry) course is available for the students up to European upper secondary level, IB and A level. Science (Biology) lessons are available up for the students up to European Secondary level, GCSE level, and IGCSE level. Currently, I am teaching: 1. GCSE Students 2. IGCSE Students 3. IB students 4. European School Students 5. AS/A level students 6. Lycée Vauban students 7. Athénée de Luxembourg students Homework help will also be available for school students. Student's progress can be seen from the periodical tests in all of the above courses as per the requirements of parents or the student himself/herself. Please read the note. Note: 1. Though some of my students have a course in french/german/ Swedish, my teaching language is English. As the subject is mathematics, it is easy to figure out what is the task about (as I have a general knowledge of some language as well.) and hence I explain the answer in English.
Physics · Chemistry · Math
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Mouad - Geneva$29
Trusted teacher: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hi there ! 👋 👨‍🎓 With 3 years of experience in distance education, I am a Mathematics teacher, specialist in support courses and private lessons. I also teach physics and chemistry as well as science subjects in general. I hold a Master's degree in Operational Research (Applied Mathematics) and I have been teaching private lessons for more than 3 years, mainly mathematics for College and High School levels. ✏ I have taught students from public, private, French Program (Mission), Belgian, Swiss, Spanish Program (students from the Spanish school who are French or English speaking), American Program... In short, all French or English programs. ✏ I accompany students from A to Z, in all stages of their learning with a simple, new generation and effective methodology: Course explanation, course summary, deepening application exercises etc... ✏ I prepare for exams and competitions ✏ I help with homework. ✏ My students have all evolved in an extraordinary way and have all achieved their goals. 16, 17, 18, 19 out of 20. Sessions usually take place as follows: 1️⃣ The first sessions are mainly intended to gauge the level of the student in order to highlight the shortcomings observed. 2️⃣ Then comes the establishment of a plan to fill the gaps: Number of hours of work required, The parts of the lessons to focus on, Several training and development exercises... 3️⃣ We make sure to do all of this while staying up to date with the student's class teacher. 4️⃣ I then provide exams similar to what is likely to be asked in class. 5️⃣ I draw up a report on demand, usually monthly, in order to keep parents informed about their child's level throughout the course. I also adapt my methodology according to the needs of each student, so everyone has a personalized working method adapted to their needs! I also do crash courses for those who are preparing for the start of the school year so that they start the year strong 💪 and know the program in advance. 🧠 💭 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me ;)
Physics · Chemistry · Math
*****Deutscher Text weiter unten***** About myself: My name is Manuele and I am 30 years old. I'm good-humoured, creative person and if my lab is not blowing up into my face, I'm also very calm and hearty. Currently, I am working as a PhD in an interdisciplinary field of chemistry and physics. I have a Masters degree in chemistry as well as a Bachelors with a major in chemistry and a minor in physics. In the past years, I had the privilege to acquire fundamental knowledge in chemistry, physics and mathematics at a top academic institution. For my accomplishments, I was honoured three times by the faculty of Chemistry with the Werner price and for my dissertation I was awarded the semester price. My Philosophy: My objective is to provide individual approaches to convert weaknesses into strengths and to face challenges with the certainty of success. In the past four years, I have been able to acquire an extensive repertoire of experience in this area. I now try to pass this experience on to my students in the best possible way My personal goal is that students no longer worry after an exam about whether the exam was passed or not, but that they are annoyed if the best possible grade was not achieved. In order to guarantee improved results, I only accept 2 students within the same time period (in english and/or german). I'm looking foreward meeting you! Liebs Grüessli Manuele *****Deutscher Text***** Über mich selbst: Mein Name ist Manuele und ich bin 30 Jahre alt. Ich bin eine gut gelaunte, kreative Person und wenn mir nicht gerade mein Labor um die Ohren fliegt, sehr gelassen und herzhaft. Zur Zeit arbeite ich an meinem Doktorat im Fachbereich Chemie und Physik. Ich besitze einen Masterabschluss in Chemie, sowie einen Bachelor mit Major in Chemie und einem Minor in Physik. Während meiner Ausbildung habe ich mir ausgezeichnete Kenntnisse in den Fachbereichen Chemie, Physik und Mathematik angeeignet. Für meine ausserordentliche Leistung während des Studiums, wurde ich von der Chemischen Fakultät drei Mal mit dem Werner Legat ausgezeichnet, sowie meine Abschlussarbeit durch einen Semesterpreis geehrt wurde. Was dich erwarted: Meine Philosophie ist, mit einer individuellen Herangehensweise, fachliche Schwächen in Stärken zu transformieren. In den letzten vier Jahren habe ich mir in diesem Bereich ein umfangreichendes Repertoir an Erfahrungen aneignen können. Diese Erfahrung versuche ich nun bestmöglich meinen Studenten mit auf den Weg zu geben um Sie optimal vorzubereiten. Mein persönliches Ziel dabei ist, dass sich die Studierenden nach einer Prüfung nicht mehr darüber Sorgen machen ob die Prüfung bestanden ist oder nicht, sondern dass sie sich darüber ärgern, wenn nicht die bestmöglich zu erreichende Note erzielt wurde. Aus diesem Grund unterstütze ich höchstens 2 Studierende oder Schüler/innen im selben Zeitraum (Auf deutsch und/oder englisch). Ich freue mich dich kennen zu lernen! Liebs Grüessli Manuele
Physics · Chemistry · Math
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Excellence: Maths - Physics - Chemistry - Technology courses for College - High School levels (Montreal)
Mouad is a fantastic teacher. He has a very professional approach to what he is doing. He knows how to work with younger students. He can quickly position student's knowledge and has the flexibility to follow the required curriculum. He also knows how to build the confidence of the student himself what is extremely important in case of students who had bad experience with the subject in the past. Mouad communicates fluently in French and English. He is always on time and well prepared for classes. He also gives feedback after the lessons. We will definately continue classes with him. My son is making good progress in Mathematics while working with Mouad.
Review by ANNA
Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT (Brussels)
Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN
Tuition in Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Math), Mathematical Part( GRE and SAT) (Luxembourg)
Narayan is a really good teacher. I urgently needed someone to teach me physics for two different medical school entrance exams. He was able to do it very fast and well. Every lesson started with him explaining a specific concept, and then he gave me practice questions to ensure that I was confident in solving them. Additionally, after every lesson, he shared his notes with me to study from them later on. I truly feel confident and prepared for my exams. Thank you so much!!
Review by KATERINA